Second Runner Up Race

Hiiii there! What? Two afternoon posts in a row! Who knew I had it in me 😉 Let’s see if I can keep this up.

When I made my pumpkin dip, I wasn’t too sure how I would use it. Usually I have some sort of graham or cinnamon crackers to dip it in. So for lunch I had to get creative 😉IMG_9736

Between a whole wheat pita, I stuffed some dip, along with a wee bit o pb + a sliced banana!


Along with an apple and a red bell pepper, tis lunch tiiiime!

As some of you know, my third to last race is this Sunday. My second runner up race, if you will.  

The Frank Lloyd Wright 10K:


I ran this race last year, and it remains to be the most beautiful race I’ve ever done to date. What made it even more special was my husband and my BFF Destiny watched me run it.


But this year, it’s even MORE special – because not only is BFF Destiny going to be watching again, but BFF Kim is going to be running it with me!


Honestly, my plan for this race is to enjoy it. I’m planning to run alongside BFF Kim for the whole race (unless she prefers to run solo) and just take in the sights of the Frank Lloyd Wright houses, beautiful Oak Park in the fall, and my bestie at my side.


Should Kim prefer to run it alone, I’m still going to take it easy. I’ve been training for a 15k for some time now, and I think I’ve gone a little overboard on the training – for me. Running 5 days in a row is just not something my legs like to do. From now on, three is my max, and honestly, I think I’m going to strive for just running every other day. It will help to ease me into the off season anyway.

With that said, my plan is to do one speed work session this week (tomorrow) and one long run – on Friday- since the race is on Sunday. Friday’s long run will be around 9 miles before I take off to Chicago. And if my hip gives me any pain at all, I stop and just walk. Scouts honor 😉 Better to take it easy than not take it at all!!


When it comes to races, do you prefer to run alongside someone? Or run it on your own? I’m a run it on my own person. I’ve only run one other race completely with someone. It’s fun, but I’m usually striving for a PR. My mom always told me about how she’d always pair up with someone during the race, and they’d run and chat the entire time!

PS – Wanna talk flashback’s? One year ago today I posted a virtual RAN house tour!


9 Responses

  1. How exciting that Kim will be running with you, what a great thing for you to share!
    I’ve never ran a race before…I would love to though!

  2. I remember when you ran that race! I guess I’ve been reading for a long time 🙂

  3. Good luck on the 10k! I’ve heard good things about that one- sort of wish I had signed up for it!

    My legs don’t go 5 days in a row, either. Learning the hard way currently… (elliptical is being preferred over the runs at the moment for various reasons)

    I prefer running solo on races. I like having a training buddy- but the race is always all me. I tend to zone and have my zen moments… 😉

  4. I’m all about the running solo. For some reason running alongside someone else is just too much pressure – I can never hit my stride and I feel like if I have to slow down or stop to listen to my body that it’ll come across as wimping out. Yep, I do much better when it’s just me!

  5. I love, love, loveeee Oak Park!!! I lived there for two years during grad school and I miss it so much. I never did the Frank Lloyd Wright race, although the FLW house/neighborhood tours are a lot of fun if you are ever in the neighborhood 🙂

  6. I think it sounds like u have a good plan! I bet that race is really pretty 🙂 I like to run with Jason during races for the support and what- not . But when he doesn’t run with me, he is usually waiting for me at the finish line! That just makes me want to run faster 🙂 P.S. Loved the house tour! You have a beautiful place

  7. When I’m training and doing long runs, I like to run with someone I know so that I don’t quit. During races, I like to run on my own, but am more than happy to chase a pacer 🙂

    So jealous that you get to run past all of those pretty houses, lady!

    I’ll send good vibes to your hip!

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