Shy Away From the High Way

Hi friends! How’s your Thursday going? Not too shabby here. A little late in posting here, but I ran out of time earlier.

This morning before heading into work, I got my yoga on! Thursday mornings are generally reserved for my long short run. It’s usually between 5 and 6 miles in duration, which is a little longer than my typical 3-4 mile mid-week runs.

Today, however, started out with some yoga. Since I’m planning on doing my long run tomorrow due to the race on Sunday, I figured it’d be the perfect morning to take it easy and get in some hip opening stretches. It was quite nice!



Now I’m about to head to the gym to train a couple clients. Since I had some time to stop by home, though, I did some serious dinner prep:

IMG_9753 IMG_9752

Veggies galore! Chopped and coated in EVOO and S&P before leaving so all I have to do when I get home is stick ‘em in the oven. Two points for saving time 😉

Sidenote: whenever Niko hears me peeling anything, she darts over to me in hopes that I’m peeling a sweet potato that she can snag:


hahah silly dog 🙂 Well, I guess not so silly – she got a slice of sweet tater!


So tomorrow I’ll be leaving for Cheee-caaa-gooo! I’ll be staying with my girl Destiny for the Frank Lloyd Wright 10K on Sunday. I’ve been to Chicago more times than I can count this year alone, but this will be the first time I’m driving up by myself – ever. I’ve always either ridden along as a passenger or taken the train up because I am horrible at driving in high traffic. The nerves get to me! The one time that I did drive up myself I had my mom in the passenger seat, and she might be the only other person who’s worse than I am at driving through traffic-y areas (sorry mom.) Oh and, um, not to mention I almost got us killed. Ha…


Needless to say, the husband is a little worried for me. I plan to drive the speed limit, give myself PLENTY of time to be in the correct lane for exits, and place my phone in the back seat. Oh, and to give myself ample time to make a Lululemon stop along the way 😉 I know it sounds like I’m being a baby, but that’s just because I am one 😉 I really just don’t like driving at all anywhere, and try to get out of it when I can. Ask my friends! When it’s my “turn” to drive somewhere, I’ve been known to provide my car, but have them drive, haha. Wish me luck!

As far as packing goes, here’s what’s on my list. It’s always a bit more comprehensive when there’s a race involved.

-running tank

-long sleeved running top to go over tank

-Nike tempo shorts

-Running tights in case it’s super cold


-iPod and headphones


-running socks and shoes

-outfits for going out



-chargers: phone, business phone, laptop, iPod


Am I missing anything? I’m sure I’ll be packing about 5 minutes before I leave too. It usually works out that way for short trips 😉

OK! Gotta go get people into shape!! 😀


Are you a good driver in high traffic areas? As much as I declare that I’m really a city girl, I don’t think I could handle the traffic. I definitely wouldn’t own a car if I lived in Chicago or another big city.


15 Responses

  1. I’m a terrible driver, traffic or not!

  2. That race is really close to my friend’s house! I hope you have fun!

    A tip – go with the speed of traffic on Chicago highways – NOT the speed limit. That will get you killed.

    I am a good driver in high traffic areas. Living in the Chicago suburbs has turned me in to an aggressive driver. I have to tone it down when I go back to Iowa.

  3. I am worse passenger than a driver…or so I think! Ha. I’ll drive just about anywhere. I’ve driven a pickup truck through NYC. It was loaded with furniture, too – interesting adventure to say the least!

    Good luck with your road trip. Stay calm and have a great race!

  4. I use to freak out driving in a lot of traffic but after living in the chicago burbs for over a year I have gotten used to it.
    I would not suggest driving the spped limit omce you get around the city or you will get run over even in construction. If the speed limit is 55mph you better be goin at least 65 in the right lane.
    Plus don’t freak out if people honk at you. I think people just do it every few minutes out of habit not because you did something wrong.
    Don’t forget change for the tolls or if you can swing it get your friend to put you on her IPass just for the weekend. It will make it a lot easier for you!!
    Good Luck!! You will do fine. Plus I am 100% positive there are a lot worse drivers than you in Chicago alone!

  5. I enjoy driving! If I can drive I will. This works out great because the husband prefers to sleep while the car is in motion… You’ll be fine, just take it easy, know where you are going and try not to freak out on the Idiot drivers you are bound to encounter! Good luck driving and with the 10k!

  6. I actually love to drive. I’m usually comfortable driving anywhere…except San Francisco..that place DOES make me nervous!

  7. I grew up around NYC, and my utter fear of driving in metropolitan traffic made me put off getting a license until I was 20. These days, I’ve conquered San Francisco, Chicago, Boston, DC, Montreal and LA – all without killing anyone, though anxiety has caused me to scream in the confines of my vehicle on more than one occasion!

  8. dare i say im a great driver…better knock on some wood! i can safely navigate 12 lane So Cal roads while going 85-90. I admit to it 🙂

    Thank you for your comment today about posting, stress, and that you’d always read…means more to me than you know 🙂

  9. Aww Paige you’ll do great. Do you have an I-Pass? That’s one thing that has changed my experience with those Illinois tollways.
    I am a weirdo and love driving in big cities. I especially love Chicago because you can drive like 75 mph just to go with the flow of traffic. My family is involved w/ auto racing, perhaps that’s where my lead foot comes from 🙂

  10. Don’t be sorry. I am way, way worse than you in traffic. And it wasn’t you who almost got us killed; it was those idiots who would not let us merge. I grew up in Chicago, and they have different rules of the road, I think. Did you ever see cars without dents or scrapes in Chicago? If so, the license plates were probably from out of town.

  11. I’m a terrible driver, but my boyfriend an even MORE terrible driver when it comes to big cities. He gets so stressed out and angry lol. I hope your drvie goes smoothly and safely 😀 Can’t wait for the recap on the 10K!

  12. I drive in heavy traffic to and from work. The morning commute is what I like to call organized chaos. I am early enough that there isn’t any stop and go, but there is plenty of volume and free for all speeds on I-94 through downtown Mpls. I like to think my bobbing and weaving lane changing skills are top notch 🙂 That and you have to be very defensive and on high alert for bad drivers and/or distracted drivers. I’m looking at you texters while driving.

  13. I am a HORRIBLE driver. I never drive if I’m with someone else. I grew up in a small town, so small town driving is totally doable…driving in the city? SCARY. I’m in Dallas now, and I literally get off the freeway before it gets downtown and take back roads to work-just so I don’t have to go into downtown-scary traffic. Luckily, I have learned to handle normal rush-hour freeway traffic…that in itself was a really big deal

  14. Enjoy Chitown! Good luck with your race!

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