Detox to Retox

Morning! It’s Friday – heck yes 🙂

Thanks so much for all your tips on Chicago driving. Here are my takeaways (ew, office term):

I got this! 😀

One of my clients ended up cancelling on me last night, so I took it as a chance to sneak in another yoga session! I’m on a roll. This time just a 20 minute detox session – to cleanse the spine, so they say. I yoga’d while a yumtastic dinner was cookin’ away…



Actually, after yoga, I still had another 20 minutes of cooking, so it was time to re-tox 😉



And anti-ox? 😛

I was so excited when I found okra at the store the other day. The last couple times the husband’s asked me to pick it up, I came home with baby zucchini squashes! (oops!)



blech! This is NOT okra!

This time however, went over much nicer!



Okra, asparagus, sweet potato, and black beans in a tamari + apple cider + sea salt + stevia marinade.




Perfect dinner for a chili night!



I just gobbled down some toast and jam and now the plan is to get my long run in today. I’m actually going to start out on the treadmill and then take it to the streets when I deem it time. Then it’s time to hit the road to Chicago!! Weeee!! 😀


What’s on tap for your weekend? I have a bazillion things I need to get done before taking off – packing (yup, still need to do it,) errands, and cleaning!


9 Responses

  1. awwww…. but the baby zucchini is so cute! 🙂

    Have fun in the city!

  2. Loving all the veggies! 🙂 Hope your long run goes well and your trip too! No major plans for me, except I get to see my mom on Sunday! yay!

  3. I love okra! Yum!

    I am hopefully going to run 18 miles, go to a Greek Fest, maybe Oktoberfest, maybe a Halloween parade. Hopefully sleep too! Haha.

  4. weekend = cool runs + warm baking 🙂

  5. I have yet to find fresh Okra here on ‘the Island’, but I am constantly on the lookout!

    This weekened = CRAZY excitement! My boyfriend is coming home after a five month deployment!!!

  6. Yay! You should be here by now! I hope you had a great trip! I am excited to hear about the race!

    I had dinner with a friend tonight, am meeting a friend to run tomorrow, and have dinner plans with family in the evening. Fun weekend!

  7. Your okra looks great! Mine always comes out all mushy and gross. I’ve yet to figure that out.

    Have a fantabulous weekend!

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