Two-Cup Tuesday

Hi there 🙂

Having a good Tuesday so far? As you can see, I have not been blown away by the wind yet, thankfully. When I got to the BIC, I found out I was in the majority of those who didn’t get much sleep. Sounds like the howling wind kept most up all night, too. Craziness I tell ya.

Though I’m not windblown, I did need a little help this morning. It was definitely a Two-Cup Tuesday:



Sucked ‘er dry. IMG_1376

Much betta.       

OK. So let’s talk pumpkin rice pudding. I made the recipe a la Ellie Kreiger in my latest cookbook, So Easy. And this lived up to the name of the book!



It called for aborio rice, and I immediately got scared. I’ve been reading some blogposts lately who claim making risotto out of Aborio rice is "easy" BUT involves standing at the stove stirring for more than 20 minutes. I was happy to find out this require NO stirring. Hooray!

As a dessert, you can whip up some fresh whipped cream to top it off.



Or for a tasty afternoon treat, such as I am making it today, you can add a little Greek yogurt!

But can you guess what the best topping for Pumpkin Rice Pudding is??



Oh yeahhhh 🙂

The recipe is didn’t involve heavy creams like many rice pudding recipes do.

It’s delicious! Not too sweet.

Back to work I gooooo! Continue to have a fab day, guys, kk?


Have you ever eaten rice pudding before? I hadn’t made it before this – let alone eaten it!! 🙂


9 Responses

  1. Oh i feel ya girl, I need a second cup right now!

    I don’t think I’ve ever had rice pudding but sounds great.

  2. Just got some of the TJ’s pumpkin butter last week on my first ever trip there! I didn’t like it quite as much as I thought I would – it’s just different than I expected.

    Your recipe looks awesome though. I’m sure it would be delicious no matter what you put on it!

  3. I love TJ’s pumpkin butter! They also have a yummy cran-apple butter 🙂 i know the feeling of two-cups Tuesdays, sometimes my whole weeks seem like that!

  4. Never tried or made it! 😉

  5. […] Hey guys! Have a good Tuesday? For being such a long day, it went by extremely quick. I’m not quite sure what happened to my afternoon post yesterday, but it’s somewhere…out there…and it’s about needing coffee in a bad way and pumpkin rice pudding! […]

  6. Haven’t ever made or even tried rice pudding. That looks delicious though.

  7. lovelovelove rice pudding. it’s my sweet weakness! i used to only eat the plain kozyshack kind, but the rice pudding shop down the hill from me has a killer coconut one (and i’m not even a big coconut fan)!

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