Guerilla Warfare Guilt

Good morning 😀 I know I mentioned the crazy tornadic winds going on in Illinois yesterday (I was afraid Niko would blow away!) but it seems like there’s crazy weather all over the place based on everyone’s comments! And did you all see that there’s snow already around Janetha’s neck of the woods?! Cra-zay.

Yesterday’s good decision to log an extra hour of sleep proved to hold true. After training at the gym, I just hopped on the treadmill and cranked out a 5 mile tempo run. It worked out great because I was already at the gym, and my body was much more rested and healthy to get it done.

After the tempo run, I was starved!

Makeshift Pizzas for Two – His and Hers Style


Look who made an appearance agaaain 🙂 I used the last two pieces of naan for the husband’s makeshift pizza by spreading a little olive oil, tomato sauce, and cheeses on one piece, and then garlic, butter, and cheeses on the other.


And for mine, I took some whole wheat pita, spread on a little olive oil, sauce, tempeh, cheese, and tomatoes, and baked them all in the oven at 425 degrees for about 10 minutes. So easy!


Overdone (sometimes the tastiest way!) veggies – roasted cauliflower and brussels on the side.


This was a fantastic meal. But it didn’t keep me from taking a couple bites of this coconut ice cream.


OK. A couple bites turned into a whole serving, which turned into a half serving.


Truth be told, I felt pretty guilty when I put this back in the freezer. That hasn’t happened in a while! Typically I think it’s good for us all to practice not giving into guilt when indulging, but for some reason I really felt it. And that’s totally wrong! It really isn’t that much ice cream any how. Additionally, it’s OK to indulge (and even over indulge accidentally) sometimes. And honestly, I didn’t snap out of this guilt-ridden frame of mind until I woke up this morning. Guilt attacks when you’re not looking, right?!


Hope everyone has a good day!

How do you deal with unnecessary guilt about over-indulging?

When does guilt do a surprise attack on you most? I know it’s rare for me to feel guilty after overindulging much anymore because I usually know when it’s going to rear its ugly head. If we can ID why and when guilt is most likely to occur, we can typically absorb and then reflect the feeling. So for me, I know I used to feel a ton of guilt after eating ice cream because I was never able to stop at one or two servings! This way, as soon as I start eating ice cream, I know it’s very well possible that I could eat 2 or 3 bowls going in!


8 Responses

  1. I feel ya on the guilt thing. The other night I started eating straight out of the peanut butter jar…not a smart move. Next time I’ll remember to take out the serving size I want rather than eat out of the container, it’s much easier to stop that way 🙂

  2. I get the guilt thing. I usually save my sweet treats for the weekend but last week was just one of those weeks where I needed a little…okay a lot of extra chocolate to make it through the week. By Sunday I was feeling pretty down on myself for giving in to my cravings that I usually ignore until Friday night.
    I felt super guilty by Sunday but I just told myself one week wouldn’t make or break anything and I had a whole new week coming up full of chances to make healthier choices.
    I just kept reminding myself of that and the guilt slowly disappeared. 🙂
    Nobody’s perfect and I bet that ice cream tasted amazing.
    “everything in moderation-even indulgence”

  3. For me, most of my overindulging happens in the evening. I think it has something to do with the fact that I’m still in eating mode from dinner, tired, and yeah…

  4. I tend to overindulge at night, too- usually when I get home from work and am too tired and hungry to wait for a good dinner to cook. I would say the food I most often find myself feeling guilty after is chips. I can stop when I’m eating something sweet, but I’m like a bottomless pit in front of a bag of chips!

  5. I always eat too much ice cream…sometimes I feel guilty for a hot minute then I think, hey, we only live once!! 🙂

  6. ughhh..the guilt monster..boooooo. I’m glad you snapped out of it, but also sorry that it took so long. Sometimes I feel that way about missing a workout :/ Sometimes I feel guilty about eating a carby dinner and then having a beer with it, but usually I snap out of it by the next morning!

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