The Last Supper

Happy Friday! Weee!! Usually the weeks pass by at the speed of light for me, but for some reason this one seemed to take its time. That’s really OK by me though. It’s passing by too fast! 🙂

Yesterday when I got home for the day, I was reminded that there are more things that are guaranteed in life besides death and taxes.

For example, Illinoisans are guaranteed construction, corn…and giant breaded tenderloin…


And then they’re also guaranteed the day the thermostat switches from “off” to “heat.”


Yesterday was that day, my friends. Twas a sad day.

Have you had to turn on your heat yet? Or have you already had it turned on for a while now?

After shaking my fist in defiance, I retreated to the kitchen, stewing about what would make the-day-we-turned-on-the-heat a little better…


And by stewing, I mean I opened a pumpkin beer for Shane and I to try.


Favorite pumpkin beer alert!!! This one is from Trader Joe’s, and sadly, I only had this one in my fridge. My friend Destiny sent it home with me to try out. Winner winner! Although the husband said it was too pumpkiny and spicey. I say BLASPHEMY!

Thankfully, a coworker saved the day by bringing in the most delicious smelling organic green peppers into the office.


These pepper taunted me the whole day. Each time I’d turn around, I smell the fresh, spicy green pepper smell 🙂 I simply had to put these to use in the kitchen last night.

The Last Summer Supper


Stuffed peppers, no matter what’s in them, turn out great, don’t you think?! They’re pretty much the easiest recipe or un recipe ever! For these, I just cooked some brown rice, and then added in taco seasoning to the rice during the last 5 minutes. After hollowing and boiling the pepper, I stuffed it with the seasoned rice, some black beans, a chopped tomato, and salsa and popped ‘em in the oven! During the last 5 minutes of baking, I topped the peppers off with the spiciest cheese ever and called it good.


But it was more than good!


Stuffed peppers must be eaten in a bowl, too. Because once you cut open the first little pepper door, there’s no stopping the delicious mess that’s going to spill out.


And with that, summer, I bid you farewell.

Bring on the pumpkin scented candles, scarves, boots and hoodies!


Today’s mission: find a Halloween costume! We are so behind!! What are you all being for Halloween??

Have a great Friday, guys!!


16 Responses

  1. Aaawww…. last night was the first night I broke down and turned on the heat. According to facebook, this was the trend. :p

  2. My Trader Joe’s doesn’t have any pumpkin beer! Grr.

  3. Aw man stuffed peppers are the BEST. I can never get them to taste the same as my Mom’s though hah. I need a costume too!! I want to be a crazy lady gaga outfit or rachel from glee (easy way out)…ideas are welcome!!

  4. That’s it. I need to make stuffed peppers today. WITH SPICY CHEESE ! 😀

    easy costumes this year –> Jason is wearing a camo jacket and black pants, I am wearing camo pants and a black top… we are UPPER AND LOWER G.I.s !

  5. We turned on our heat on Tuesday as the crazy hurricane like storm hit.

    I must look for that pumpkin beer at TJ’s! I have only had Blue Moon’s Harvest Moon this season so far.

    No costumes for us. I will be at a hockey game!

  6. I made stuffed peps last night for dinner, too. This weather is weird- it’s been almost 80 but today it’s cooled off… finally!

  7. Your stuffed peppers look so amazing that I’m gonna make some next week!

  8. Not a fan of bell peppers (though I’m getting better with them!), but AM a fan of pumpkin ale.

  9. Ah yes, turning the heat on is a sad day to me to. Ours has been on for a few weeks now. So, Trader Joe’s is where I can get my hands on that glorious pumpkin beer, thanks for the tip!

  10. I’ve turned on the a/c, but we’re still getting 80 degree days here so no heater yet. The peppers looks so good!

  11. As you can guess, our heat has been on for a bit now! That pumpkin ale looks good, wish I could try it!!!

    Peppers look delicious.

    Have a great weekend!

  12. Yay for pumpkin beer! We’ve turned on the heat a couple of times, but not all day yet! Oh and today, I am wearing a scarf, and I drank a pumpkin coffee AND lighted a pumpkin candle to go along with my breakfast 🙂 Hooray for pumpkin, I mean fall!

  13. I am so ready for fall – scarves, boots, pumpkin – the whole bit!

    I just turned on our heat this morning for the first time. I tried to hold out as long as possible, but I came to my breaking point when I rolled out of bed this morning and my feet hit the cold wood floors.

    Love stuffed peppers! I make ’em almost just like you too:)

  14. I recently bought that beer and actually wasn’t quite a fan!! As much as I love pumpkin, I’ve yet to find a pumpkin beer I love. Although I’ve only tried 2….haha

  15. No costumes for us. I’m making healthy pumpkin muffins and I got Rob pumpkin beer. Now we just plan to throw sugar at the neighborhood kidos and chill with our neighbors and enjoy chilli. 🙂

  16. The weather here is so weird. I turned on the heat a few weeks ago and then last week, it was in the 80s. I’m wearing a sweatshirt and under a blanket right now. I live in Georgia, oddly enough.

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