Bumming Around

Happy Halloweeeeeen 🙂

When I was a little girl, every once in a while on weekends where not much was going on, my dad and I would spend the day together. It’d start out with a breakfast at the local diner, and where we’d go from there was up to the wind. We’d take off in the car and meander around town until we’d come up with somewhere to go. Popular ventures included garage sales, neighborhoods with grand or interesting houses, local antique shops, and other places weren’t on a to-do list or included in a list of errands. We’d just go to go.

We called it “just bumming around."

Yesterday reminded me of those days.

Nothing was on my to do list. Well, there’s always something on my to do list, but it wasn’t urgent yesterday.

It started out with breakfast at a [very] local kitchen table:





And from there, I bummed around to the Farmer’s Market. It’s the last one of the year [tear] and I wanted to fill up on some local organic produce:




IMG_0752Sweet potatoes??

I left with an abundance of greens and some heirloom tomatoes I bought purely for the sake of clinging the end of summer with a death grip.

IMG_0753 IMG_0754

And from there, I bummed on over to Von Maur to meet my friend Heidi – just to say hello…

But we all know that isn’t possible for me to do at Von Maur. I picked the darker one, by the way. Thanks for your opinions I solicited on Twitter yesterday 😉


It just called out to me!

And from there, the bumming around went to Fresh Market, where I picked up even more fresh produce and some coffee.

I meandered home to pick up the husband to join in on the bumming around, and needed a snack. After stocking up on all that delicious and nutritious produce, I decided on a twix, naturally.


Shane and I had no place in mind to go, but found ourselves at Friar Tuck for a wine tasting, where we were persuaded to pick up a couple bottles, and then to a certain dealership looking at a certain car that I may have in my future come January (!!) 🙂

To a Starbuck’s where we both ordered a salted caramel hot chocolate:


BAD idea. I drink, therefore I am addicted now.

When we ran out places to bum around, I found myself back at home, with my dirty floors looking at me a little too hard.

So I baked.


An apple pie!

Using this recipe, I baked up the first apple pie of the season, and according to the husband, the best homemade apple pie ever!



How perfect of a Saturday. It was the first one where I didn’t wake up with a plan or have things to get done. In fact, I can’t remember the last time Shane and I had the “What do you want to do today?”-“I don’t know what do you want to do?”-“What is there to do?” conversation. I didn’t think about working out today. I didn’t think about work today. Heck, I didn’t think about taking a shower today until it was after 2:00 p.m. and even then I waited two more hours.

I just bummed around!


And now I’m off to RUN around:) Got a 9 miler ahead of me today – so long as the plantar faschia agrees with me. Then maybe a lunch date?

Happy Sunday!!! And Happy Halloweeeeeen!

Where do you go when you bum around?


11 Responses

  1. Haha I hate when I taste something really good then I have to have it all the time. Starbucks is usually a culprit 😉

  2. When I was little and we were bumming around, Mom called them “pajama days.”

    Bumming around for me involves laying on the couch, reading/blogging and generally speaking, no effort to leave the home 🙂

  3. For me, bumming around entails staying in my pajamas all day, reading, watching TV, and doing nothing productive 🙂

  4. Love it! I’m totally bumming around today..still in my pj’s, watching cartoons and sipping on coffee that was made 2 hours ago lol 😀 I’m totally jealous of your hot chocolate! I need to get some ASAP..and some Halloween candy too 🙂 Hope you have a great run!

  5. I’m pretty sure nothing could be better than shopping, salted caramel hot chocolate and apple pie. It looks like you had the perfect day! Happy Halloween!

  6. Happy Halloween!!
    a carmel salted hot chocolate…oh my!! that would definitely be an addictor! I must try! 🙂
    the best days are the bum days! especially after a long week!
    I hope you’re enjoying your sunday!

  7. I find myself ended up at Target more times than not.

  8. I am dying to try that salted hot chocolate from Starbucks! It’s gotta happen!

    Bumming definitely equals Target, Redbox and maybe a wine shop 🙂

  9. […] Simple as pie. A store bought pie, not a homemade apple pie. Which actually isn’t too bad to make […]

  10. […] On the actual Thanksgiving Day, we’re going to my aunt’s house. She always makes the most delicious feast, so this year, I’ll have a glimpse of what she goes through every single year! To help her out, I plan to bake this apple pie: […]

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