It Must Be Halloween

A pumpkin cookie




A spiced candle




A baby lady bug in a running store?IMG_1384It must be Halloween


A puppy witch?



Or a witch’s broom?


Or a pouting puppy who’s about to attack a kitty for taunting her


It must be Halloween.


Spiced [and spiked!] apple cider wine



Warmed up and served in a mug



It must be Halloween.


A watchful broom dog




And a dwindling candy bowlIMG_9953  


It must be Halloween.IMG_9958 It must be Hall-o-ween!


Weigh in – what’s the protocol when handing out candy? One piece? Two pieces or three pieces? I say two, but the husband says one! But he also wasn’t very subtle in taking advantage of the only time year round that I buy “real candy” hahah

Did you get many trick-or-treaters this year? I’d say we had around 50!


8 Responses

  1. Apple cider wine? Is that good? I love apple cider so I’m definitely intrigued…

  2. We are at 55, down from last year’s 75. We bought a lot of mini twizzlers and dum dums anticipating more kids this year. I’ve been giving out big handfuls since we have so many lollipops left over.

  3. we only had about ten trick-or-treaters this year. I give out 2-3 pieces of candy per kid, depending on what we’re giving out. Since we had three types of candy in our candy bowl this year, each kid who came by got one of each type :-).

  4. We dont have that many trick – or – treaters in my neighborhood, but we always buy candy and my mom usually give two to three peices to each kid. 🙂

  5. Yayy! Hope you guys had a great day. I love Halloween. We had a little party and handed out candy- it was so much fun. I give out like four… 😉 We had a gazillion trick or treaters- I lost count!

  6. I’ve had hard cider, but never apple cider wine. Sounds tasty!

    We get a lot of trick-or-treaters! They drive into our neighborhood from all over town. We used to give a couple pieces of candy to each kid, but now we let them choose one of their favorite kind. That way we can be sure to have enough.

  7. I let them take a handful, but I only had 6 trick or treaters last night, and that is a record high. We usually get one or two, I think its because there are no sidewalks in front of my house and our street is kind od busy with wacko drivers.

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