I Surrender and a Makeup Brush Washing Tutorial

Afternoon! Thank you guys for all your understanding and supportive comments about backing out of tomorrow’s race. I hate hate hate backing out of things, so your kind words helped to reduce some of the guilt 😉

This morning’s spin class was off the [bike] chain!!! I hadn’t been to a spin class since June, and everyone in the class was super friendly about getting my seat and handle bars adjusted to my height. Also, it was intense!!! 45 minutes of sweaty bliss later…


I can run for miles. Tempo runs, interval runs, long runs, let’s do it. A 45 minute kick-butt spin class?! *waves towel over head, surrendering* Isn’t it crazy how you can be SO fit in one realm of cardio, but another form can be completely booty-kicking?! Word to the wise – cross train it up.

Before the class, I did a tricep/back/chest workout as well. The class time works out perfectly too. I had a client 30 minutes later, so after class I just drove on over to my gym to train.

The busy-ness continued with a trip to the vet for Niko (she did SO good) and some grocery shopping.

In between the vet appointment and my client, I made a quick snack – one that I haven’t had in FOREVER.

It only has two ingredients:



Just a basic protein shake!



I used to drink these ALL the time a while back. I should have owned stock in BSN Lean Dessert protein powder. Though now I’ve switched to Jay Robb and Sun Warrior, it’s still a great snack when you’re in a pinch and need to feed your muscles:)

Lunch was courtesy of Fresh Market



tomato, onion, and goat cheese on focaccia.


There’s focaccia under there, see!!




I made a little kale and arugula side salad with some seasoning and evoo to go along with it. This lunch was filling to the max!


OK. I know I have some male readers, but I am addressing the rest of this post to all the female readers. Because we’re talking makeup brushes.

How to Quickly, Cheaply, and Effectively Wash Your Make Up Brushes



Unless I have some tranny readers, in which case, read on guys! 😉

Namely, we’re talking about keeping your makeup brushes clean – the easy and cheap way! All you need is one dirty makeup brush (above) two paper towels, and one bottle of baby shampoo.


Yep BABY shampoo! No fancy brush cleaners from makeup counters – gentle baby shampoo. Make sure you get the good stuff though.


Kroger’s brand represent!!!

Run some water at a luke warm temp



Now wet your brush under the running water, bristles pointed downward. About 30 seconds.


Pour on just a little of the cleanser and work into the bristles with your fingers




Run under the running water until the water that washes out is clear again.

IMG_0081 Lay flat to dry.




That’s it! When I’m washing multiple brushes at once, I like to do it assembly style. Wet one brush, move to the next through the last. Massage in the cleanser, and let sit while massaging in the next to the last. Then rinse. Yadda yadda. Voila!!

This honestly takes only about 5 minutes for me to wash my whole set of brushes (about 7) but somehow, it’s always SO hard for me to remember to do it! Usually a little bump on my face has to remind me 😉


OK so it’s already 3:00 pm and I just now showered! I should probably get a move on!

Have a great Friday night, guys!! 🙂

What’s one form of cardio that can be guaranteed to be a booty kicker? Spin is that for me. But I’m thinking maybe if I start taking it regularly, it’ll get easier 😉



9 Responses

  1. thank you so much for this post! i’m so glad to know i don’t have to buy the MAC brand cleaner! woohoo for baby products being awesome!!

  2. I love spin class. It really is a booty kicker kind of workout, but it’s so fun!

  3. Spinning for suye kicks my butt big time.

  4. Most definitely spinning. But I haven’t done it in forever because of race training!

  5. i think I would die in a spin class 😀 It just sounds soooo hard, probably because I have problems with my knees, so I’m dreading exercise that is so hard on them.

  6. Hey hey! Glad you got in such a great workout. I feel that way about Body Attack. Love love teaching that class. The focaccia looks amazing. I make my protein shakes with almond breeze and jay robb- simple and delicious.

  7. Spin class definitely makes me sweat, and I find it way easier on my knees than running. I’ve got to get back to that class this winter.

  8. I washed my brushes today (I use my shampoo). How often do you wash yours? Great tutorial!

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