Work Day Time Savers

Over the weekend, I had a friend come up to me and ask me how she could start eating better. She finds herself running through fast food lines at lunch, where a wholesome meal is hard to find.

For this I recommend implementing some time-savers into her meal planning!

There some days during the week, where it’s 7:00 a.m., and I should have left the house 5 minutes ago. Instead, I’m in the middle of desperately trying to find something edible and somewhat tasty to put in between two slices of bread to call it lunch, so I don’t find myself from looking to other options, such as paying for a meal from somewhere come lunch hour.

Fortunately, these days are far and few between because of some time-savers I implement into my meal planning for the week!

Each weekend when I have a few free hours, I’ll pre-make a few dishes that can be refrigerated and reheated up again.

A few dishes that are always good make-ahead candidates:

  • a big batch of brown rice for the following week’s dinners
  • a dozen or so veggie burgers that I can stick in salads or make a quick sandwich with
  • A huge pot of lentils to stick in salads or pasta for extra protein throughout the week

IMG_8630 - Copy

  • Steel cut oats – I’ve found this variety of oats do the best job as leftovers
  • Cooking several chicken breasts for the husband
  • Washing chopping any veggies I plan to use the next few days to cut down on prep work


  • Casseroles or lasagnas


Like I mentioned in this morning’s post, this past weekend, I spent some time in the kitchen making a big polenta casserole and well as a gigantic batch of quick and easy veggie burgers, and some lentils.

Today since I’m working at the gym all day long, I had to pack a lunch and snacks. I only had an hour after my morning spin class to get ready and be at the gym, so I needed to make my food in a snap.


*snap* – done! I pulled out a veggie burger from the fridge, spread some hummus on an Arnold Sandwich thin along with some arugula, and put it together in less than a minute.


I ate the veggie burger cold – it’s just as good this way!

Add an apple and the rest of my TJ’s pb pretzels – and voila! A super quick and simple lunch.





Hope you guys are having a good Monday! I gotta get back to work for a few more hours…and then later tonight I’m playing in a volleyball game! It’s gonna be a late night for this kid 😉

What are some time-savers you do when you have a couple free hours to spare yourself frustration during the work week? I’d love to know!! I hate feeling rushed.


8 Responses

  1. I use similar strategies to make my week a little smoother. I usually make a batch of chili, soup, or some other dish in the crockpot that gives me lunch for the whole week!

  2. I always buy a bag of baby spinach and romaine hearts for salad during the week. I chop all the veggies up ahead of time. I also rinse a can of beans at the beginning of the week and add them to my salad each day. If salad isn’t an option, I’ll gab a Greek yogurt, piece of fruit, some cereal and nuts. It’s a mess, but it’s quick!

  3. I can’t think of a better Monday post than one about preparing for the week. I just made a tomato/potato/oregano bake and a huge batch of roasted cauli. Brown rice is a must for me, too, to eat during the week. It really helps to have big batches of things all prepared for Monday.

  4. Great ideas! I’m a big fan of steel cut oats – I’m with you, I make a few batches for the week and I’m good for breakfast. For lunches, the veggie burger thing is huge, or I’ve really been digging egg salad, random, I know. But huge protein source! Or sometimes I’ll grill up a few super-lean turkey burgers with half a baked sweet potato for lunch, sticks with me so well! Yum.

  5. I always try to pre-chop my salads the night before or throw some soup in the fridge to defrost. To that end, I usually pick a salad theme for the week or make a crock of soup to freeze, so that I can have lots of choices ready to go.

    Thank you for sharing yours – I always need more lunchtime inspirations.

  6. If I know I have a super busy week, I’ll make up a batch of soup, a carb like rice as you mentioned, and a few servings of a baked good like muffins, cookies, or biscuits.

  7. Great post! I really don’t have any time savers other than I try to make workday dinners something simple to assemble. Thanks for the tips!

  8. Great tips! I love leftovers for my lunches, it’s just so easy and comforting to have something I cooked waiting for me.

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