Choose Your Shoes

Morning! 🙂 Happy Thursday! What makes today exciting for you? I’m pumped up because I get to go to my favorite power yoga class tonight that I haven’t been to in AGES! Woo hoo!!

It sounds like a lot of us have to deal with cooking for those who live with us and have different appetites. I’m glad I’m not alone, and you guys offered some great tips! The commonality was compromise – work with what we’ve got 🙂

That’s exactly what I did last night for dinner. The meal I cooked up involved both paige-food qualities and husband-food qualities.

Whole wheat pasta (Paige – I)


Insane amount of cheese (Shane – I…ok Paige I, too)


Veggies (Paige – II)



Rich flavors (Shane – II)


…So how’d it go?




We came out even! And both thoroughly enjoyed this delicious pasta that I put under the broiler as a bake so the cheese would get all golden 🙂 mmmm



A delicious meal all around – for both of us!



Choose Your Shoes

While discussing running the other day with my cube mates (who, me?) the topic quickly turned to injuries. I was very surprised to hear that two of my cubies have experienced plantar fasciitis, the issue I’m currently dealing with. That’s when the only male of the group was quick to say that women get plantar fasciitis because they all wear high heels and this shortens the calf muscle. I won’t get into that entire statement (hello, generalization) but he did make a good point – that the shoes we wear can have a huge impact on our feet.

However, wearing flat shoes with no support can have just as detrimental of an effect on our feet as super high heels can. This is actually what put my feet over the edge. During the Healthy Living Summit, I trucked around Chicago in my $10 Target flats, which killed my feet.



I know that being female is sometimes synonomous with being a shoe lover. But for me, I’m not a shoe girl. A jeans, jacket, or purse girl – sure! But stick me in a shoe department and you’ll find me covertly making my way to the least grandma-ish grandma shoes. I choose comfort over cuteness.

These are actually some of the favorite shoes I own:


Dansko’s, baby. Protecting my feet since 2007.

These are some faves, too, but only make it out of the closet if I’ll be wearing them 3 hours or less.




How about you? Are you a shoe person? What ranks higher when picking out a shoe, fashion or function? I wish I could wear super cute and edgy shoes, but I’d rather have pain free feet, too. And that trumps the situation.

Have a great Thursday, everyone!! 🙂


20 Responses

  1. What Not to Wear, Shoe Edition needs to FLAG me. I work in an office for about half of my work time, but for the rest I am walking around on a manufacturing floor. I wear sneakers (with business casual attire) almost every day…I am such a fashion rebel! I would rock slippers in my office area if I could get away with it bahaha 🙂

  2. I have a closet full of 4″ heels that I NEVER wear anymore. I started developing symptoms of plantar fasciitis last fall so I stopped wearing high heels for a while. And while it doesn’t seem to be coming back, I think I’ve lost my taste for those shoes. If I wear heels now, they’re typically less than 3″ in height and most of the time, I wear cute Danskos or Born shoes.

  3. I kinda sorta agree with that high heeled statement! It’s at least another thing to consider, like you pointed out here. I’m like you, in terms of fashion, shoes are always the last thing on my list. My friends always make fun of me when we go out to the bars and I’m dressed up in a nice shirt and jeans, then have ugly hiking shoes on my feet. If I know I’m going to be trucking around, I want to protect my feet so they can carry me along pain-free while I run and be active. Priorities!!! 😛

  4. I’ll admit- I’m a total heel girl. I know how bad they are, but wear them anyways. They’re a guilty pleasure of mine! 🙂

  5. I’m half and half (at least in my head). I think I’m a bit of a late bloomer when it comes to dressing nicely and shoes are the last component of that.

    I usually wear older running shoes or other sneakers on days when I know I need to do a lot of walking and nicer cuter shoes on the days I know I can get away with it. I have an adorable pair of Indigo by Clarks which are very comfortable and ballet flats. Still working on finding the most comfortable cute shoes out there!

  6. I’m glad I’m not the only 20-something with a Dansko collection. I’m on my feet all day. I swear by them! Painful feet is just not worth it for me.

  7. I live in my Rainbow flip flops. Even though they don’t give the absolute best supports, it’s the best I’ve found for flip flops. I’m with you when I only wear heels or cute flats if it’s for a short short time! Wearing heels out at night for 4-5 hours KILLS my feet the next day – my bunion throbs and that’s actually what sparked my foot pain last time!

  8. I have to say that I’m all about the heels – I’ve been wearing them routinely since high school! At this point my feet are just numb and don’t really notice the pain, lol

  9. I confess that I usually choose cuteness over comfort but I did recently purchase a pair of heels under 4 inches to wear to work and it’s been a wonderful decision so far 🙂

  10. Yummy looking meal!
    Uh, I hate buying shoes. Everything else, except jeans of course, I love, but shoes and jeans, despise shopping for them!

  11. I bet this has a lot to do with the fact that you’re tall. I, on the other hand, NEED shoes to help my poor height! But, yes, I am a total cute or comfort girl, as evidenced by the heels I’m wearing right now.

  12. I’m 6 feet tall so tall heels are only worn for special occassions- I do love how they look, but I have so say comfort is more important on a daily basis.

  13. I’m a teacher, therefore I own Danskos. Nothing else keeps my feet happy!

  14. I’m about function first. But I won’t buy them unless they’re fashionable. As a result, I’m fairly terrible at being a shoe person because it takes me so long to buy a pair.

    I’ll basically wear anything (high or low) as long as it doesn’t hurt my arches or give me blisters. I’ve noticed since becoming a running person that I care far more about those nasty side-effects.

  15. The food looks so good. I’m a total pasta girl and I love my veggies.

    I’m a total shoe girl but I do pick my shoe out depending on what I’m doing for the day. If I’m going to be walking around the city I will wear flats. If I’m going to be taking cabs than I will wear high heels.

  16. I’m way too much of a shoe person – my closet is overflowing right now! I try to compromise between comfort and cuteness – you’ll usually find me in flats of some sort, but I love to break out the heels if I’m not going to be on my feet long.

    Right now I’m all about the tall boots though:)

  17. I try my best to find a compromise between good looking and comfortable shoes. I really do like shoes (tend to have a bit of a love for somewhat ugly ones for some reason…) but now that I work from home, I’m relegated to wearing slippers every day. Not that that’s a bad thing (and I think I’ll invest in a nice pair of LL Bean-type moccasins) but I feel like I have less of an excuse to buy shoes 😦

  18. As a runner and shoe freak I have not let go of my heels. In fact, most people comment that they rarely see me without heels, really only running or when I have my Uggs on. I event busted out my heels post Chicago Marathon. My secret comfort weapon is I do have a lot of wedges. Wedges give my feet comfort and stability with the fashion look I’m going for. I mix in wedges through out the week and I’m on my feet a lot at work for up to 10 hours in a day. My personal faves for fit are Coach, Jessica Simpson and Nine West.

  19. Your meal looks great! I could go for some pasta with a cheesy sauce, and what better to pair it with than roasted Brussels? Mmm.
    I used to be a shoe person… I wore ridiculous stilettos all of the time, and would always splurge on cute designer shoes. Now that I have more financial responsibilities (hello, mortgage payments), I don’t really have as much spending money nor do I have as much interest in shopping. Now, I call myself a “cute top” or “accessory” shopper… pieces to complement my existing wardrobe. Not that I don’t lust after cute shoes or boots, though!

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