Sickey Mickey

Hey guys! Happy Saturday!! 🙂 It’s a dreary one over here, but I don’t mind because

A) yesterday was incredibly gorgeous. I mean, I went for a four mile run in a tank top and shorts and sweat like it was July!! Truly awesome.


B) I’m a sickey mickey.

All night long last night, I tossed and turned feeling feverish, achy, and with an upset stomach. My “coffee” this morning didn’t come from coffee beans.



I wanted nothing to do with coffee. That’s how I know it’s official.


Go enzymes, Gooooooo

Sleeping in a lofty three hours later than usual is pretty telling, too.

And not wanting breakfast for another three hours after that is just blasphemy!! And when my stomach did finally get symptoms that it was empty and needed food, all I wanted was toast. The thought of oatmeal actually made my stomach churn.


Ezekiel cinnamon raisin English muffins w/ raw almond butter and TJ’s jam were OK on it, luckily.

And of course, I was just bragging about my immune system. Why does that always happen?!

I should have known something was up when I turned down a mini pumpkin spiced birthday cake after dinner last night:



Me!? Turn down dessert?! On a weekend?! And it was pumpkin spiced cake?!

Yep. I’m a Sickey Mickey.

Unfortunately, I’m also working at the gym for a few hours today. I wasn’t scheduled to work, but a few days ago the other girl asked me if I could watch the gym for her – and I was feeling fine then!! 😉

Yesterday the husband’s birthday celebrations were a complete success (and a blast!) but my brain’s a little foggy to go into detail just yet. For now, keep on sharing your current obsessions as well as what natural beauty products your loving!! 🙂

Peace out, friends 8)

How many times per year do you get sick? I usually only get sick to the point of being knocked flat on my butt once a year – and I don’t even feel that bad now. So hopefully this sickness will take the place of the yearly knock-me-on-my-ass one 😉


9 Responses

  1. I hope you feel better soon! I get sick about once a year. Do you get a flu shot? Rob and I have been getting them now for a few years.

  2. Aww, feel better girlfriend!

  3. Aw, and that piece of cake looked beyond fantastic!

    Feel better soon, lady!

    I get sick about twice a year…once in the fall and once in the spring. Since we’ve made it to mid-November, I’m kind of hoping that I’ve gotten past it for now.

  4. poooooor Mickey (paige) 🙂 feel better lova xoxo

  5. Hope you feel better! I don’t get sick too often, maybe once every year or two (that’s not including colds thought).

  6. Aww, poor thing! I hope you feel better ASAP!!! I swear that working with kids has given me an immune system of steel – I hardly ever get full-blown sick (although I do usually have a day of feeling under the weather once or twice every flu season…nothing some vit. C and nyquil can’t head off!)

  7. I am sick right now too, and I’m hoping this is my big one / only one (I am sicker than I have been in a LONG time!!).

    Hope you are feeling great soon!

  8. I hope you feel better! EmergenC is the magic cure for me!

  9. Aw, feel better! I usually only get really sick about once a year but my allergies have been causing me lots of grief the past year.

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