Bare Floors? Clean it Up!

Afternoon! Hope your Wednesdays are going swimmingly!

It sounds like the majority of us tend to live life on the wild side when it comes to eating foods past their expiration. One of these days, I’m sure at least I will learn the hard way 😉 Dodged a bullet yesterday, though!


I recently discovered a life changing tool and I feel the need to share with you guys.


Did you guys know about the “bare floors” setting on your vacuum?!


Was I just deprived of this button as a kid?

Did my mom just feel the need to use a broom and dust pan growing up?

So long Swiffing the same area twice and three times!

Sayonara broom and dust pan!

Since I’ve discovered the bare floors setting, I vaccuum the entire main floor – even the wood floors! And the great thing is that if you have tile floors, the vacuum is able to pick up all the dirt and dust in the grout – when my usual swiffing is not.

After vacuuming, I just go over it again with the Swiffer to get under the hard to reach places.



Wa-La. 😀

Since you guys now probably either think I am a domestic genius or a complete buffoon, let’s move on to lunch.

Foreshadowing in this morning’s post probably could have told you that lunch was on the go today. But I packed up this lunch in less than 5 minutes. It can be super easy and quick to eat lunch on the run – and not run through a drive through!


Mah main meal:


Homemade veggie burgers with feta and hummus atop a bed of greens.

My side meal:


Plain Oikos yogurt with pumpkin puree and pumpkin butter mixed in

My dessert meal:


IMG_0295chocolate covered banana crack!! chips!!

And some almonds for my pre-training, pre-workout snack.

Easy peasy and packed in 5 minutes 😀

Gotta go! Work is calling! And it’s a busy week for this planner at the BIC 8)

Have a fantastic Wednesday night, friends!!


6 Responses

  1. YEP – I have not used a broom in the house for EVAH !! and I *LOVE* my Dyson… ❤ ❤

  2. Whaaaat is this setting?!!

  3. See sweeping and vacuuming I’m okay with…but give me a mop and I’m the angriest, crankiest person alive. “Here, sit on your hands and knees and smoosh bleach water around your nasty floor”. No thanks. Where’s the vacuum setting to take care of *that*?

  4. I LOVE using the vacuum for our main level floors (which are all wood). Love love love.

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