Drunko Bunco and Drag Queens

Hey guys! Blogging from my car right now:




Don’t worry, I’m parked. In a parking lot;) Got a few spare minutes in between stops, and blogging is cheaper than shopping 😉

It’s been a busy past 24 hours!! Yesterday during the day, time was spent training clients and cleaning the house, in usual Friday fashion.


In between training, I took a quick break for some lunch while watching Glee!


This would be Wednesday night’s leftovers in combo bowl form. I added some spinach and broccoli for a little extra veggie powah:



Such a good combination of flavors this time around 😀

After training my last client, it was time to get ready for Bunco! I hadn’t been to bunco the past two months, so I was pretty pumped up 🙂 This month, my friend Theresa was hosting, and I knew there wouldn’t be much veggie fare, so I had a snack before leaving:


I love Oikos and all, but Fage is where it’s at, guys. Actually, Fage Total is where it’s at, but 2% is good too. The fat free version is just…no, though.


With some currants, flaxmeal, pumpkin, and vanilla stevia – it was a very tasty bowl!

Then I grabbed my bunco goodies:



balls and wine. What more does one need?


And headed to drink some vino and play some bunco!


When we finished the rounds (I tied for biggest loser – ha!) a few of us made a last minute decision to hit up a local gay bar down town, Bistro. They were hosting a drag show – and I’d never been to one.

Hey, why not??


Work it, girrrrrl


IMG_0911It ended up being a blast, and I’m so glad I joined in!

Have you ever been to a drag show? What are your thoughts on them?

However, waking up this morning I second guessed my decision. I had signed up for a spin class this morning, and felt the three and a half drinks I had last night coursing through my veins.

Pre-spin snacky:


Spin ended up being a great class, too! And I felt 100% better afterward. However, I had to be in Peoria by 10 this morning, and in Paige-fashion, I overestimated the amount of time I had to get ready.

After a quick shower and makeup (no time for hair!!) I booked it over to Peoria to meet my besties for some bridal fun:


More to come on that later 😉

For now, I’ve got to run to meet Shane and his grandma for a birthday lunch, then meet back up for the girls for some more fun. Not sure what the night will entail. I have a shower that I have to help with tomorrow, so it probably won’t be too late of a night.

Have a lovely Saturday, everyone! It’s a beautiful day here in central Illinois!!


15 Responses

  1. I have been to a drag show. I went to the Baton in Chicago and some of the those “ladies” are gorgeous!

  2. I loooove a good drag show! I used to live in the gay-bar area of town and quite often we would head down and watch one before a night out. It’s really just a lot of fun, all the ones I have seen have had a lot of energy and passion in them, as well as great costumes.

  3. I’ve been to one before. A trip to theThe Baton was part of my bachelorette party. We all had a great time and thought they all put on a great show.

  4. Fage is where it’s at. I must agree.

    Love that your night went from bunco to drag show! Fun times!

  5. Oh my gosh, that’s priceless! I’ve never been to a drag show but I have a feeling it would be a BLAST!

  6. The one and only time I played Bunco, I was the biggest loser. I think I only won one game the whole night…but it’s okay, because I won some wine!

    I didn’t realize B/N had a gay bar…lol. I think a drag show might be somewhere on my things-to-do-while-drunk bucket list. Fun stuff.

  7. I’ve been to a fair amount of drag shows in my life. Not exactly sure why! I’ve never played bunco though.

  8. I have always wanted to see a drag show but haven’t made it to one yet, sounds like a fun night!

  9. I’ve been to a couple drag shows! They’re a lot of fun- they put so much into the production of it all. You can’t help but enjoy it!

  10. Aren’t drag shows fun? I’ve only been to one, but it did not disappoint and sure enough, one of the queens sang the requisite song: Shania Twain’s “Man, I Feel Like A Woman!”

    On the photos you shared here, I love the lady’s cutout blue outfit the best 🙂

  11. 2% Fage is the best Greek yog EVAH! Looove it.

    I’ve never been to a drag show, but there’s a drag brunch here in town that is supposed to hilarious. I plan to hit it up eventually.

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