Fish Food Beans For Dinner

My, my, what a marathon of a Monday yesterday was! It was one of those days that seemed daunting in the days before, and then at the very end you’re left thinking, “wow, I made it through!” You know?

Not that it was a bad day – there was just a lot packed in. I was at the gym working from 11 until about 7, then I trained a new client out of her house from 7:30-8:30, and then had a volleyball game from 9-10:30! Go go go!

The volleyball game was a blast – and we won all three games!! I left a happy, sweaty mess. Much happier than after last week’s loss 😀

I did manage to somehow sneak in dinner in between my obligations:


Squash + black beans + feta = best combination ever.


Or so I thought they were black beans when I bought them…


When I opened the can, I noticed I actually got black soy beans! No wonder they were on sale…

I wasn’t too happy about that, since I’d already had soy at lunch, but this is what made me less happy:


FISH FOOD!! I had a bad seaweed experience last year (it tastes like fish food flakes!!) so I was extremely leery.

I enjoyed the squash ‘n beans with some Brussels Sprouts seasoned with TJ’s Every Day Seasoning:



But fortunately, they tasted like regular ol’ black beans!

Around 11:00, after playing volleyball and showering, I was hungry again. Playing vball works up an appetite!


Whole wheat bagel thins I loaded up with some homemade pumpkin cream cheese (3 parts cream cheese to 1 part pumpkin, 1 T pumpkin pie spice, 3 T. Maple Syrup – whipped up) and called it good.

I got these bagel thins at the store the other day as an impulse buy. And they sounded perfect for a nighttime snack since they weren’t too heavy!


Have you jumped on the “thins” bread train? I’m not one to be afraid of carbs, but sometimes you just don’t need all that bread! And bread with wholes in it is just more fun 😉

Well, actually, I sat and ate almost half the bag of these before calling it good…


…but that’s neither here nor there 😉


My day’s wide open today, but I have so much to do! I think I’ll start it off with a little yoga 🙂 I might try to run a little later today, too.

Are you working this week up until Thanksgiving?


9 Responses

  1. I’m totally on the sandwich thin bandwagon, but I just can’t bring myself to eat the bagel thins. If its not a real NYC bagel then its not a bagel.

  2. I work tomorrow still… but I’m positive it will be a relaxed day and we’ll be out early. Or at least that’s the thought I’m holding onto!

  3. I bought those on accident one time too. I thought they were ok, but didn’t love them.

  4. I have bought the sandwich thins before and I do prefer them to regular buns which I often only use half of! Usually though all my sandwiches/burgers are eaten on toasted Ezekial.
    I am working every day this week except Thanksgiving but I am grateful to work in a field now where I get holidays off–that hasn’t always been the case!

  5. You squash + black beans + feta looks delicious!

    I bought sandwich and bagel thins before I ever looked at a blog….maybe a year ago. I like them. I’m a huge bread person, so sometimes I really want bread with a meal, but a full on bagel or 2 huge slices of bread would be too much. This lets me have a little bread, but not go over board.

  6. Ohman, I am jealous of all my American friends and the holiday weekend! Canada celebrated thanksgiving back at the beginning of October and now we don’t get a holiday till Christmas 😦

    Usually I opt for crisp bread over thin bread if I want some carbs but nothing too heavy. I’m obsessed with Wasa.

  7. Congrats on the win! I think thats so cool that you train some of your clients at their homes. I want a session 🙂 Black soy beans?? who knew. Glad they tasted ok. I really like thins. If I want bread, I like eating a piece just toasted up with a little topping. When I want a sandwich- I don’t want that much bread- so thins work perfectly

  8. I am working this week! And oh, what a week it’s shaped up to be 🙂 I am envious of your yoga start today, that sounds fantastic.
    I’ve tried the bread ‘thins,’ but feel weird about them and their plastic tray packaging. I don’t know how to explain it!

  9. I love bagel thins!
    I don’t always get holidays off, but I’m off for Thanksgiving and the day after, so I’m excited!

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