A Break from Running

What a busy day yesterday turned out to be! Although I took the week off from working at the BIC, between clients, appointments, blog stuff, shopping, cooking, and movie night hosting the day and night filled up FAST. Anyone else never fail to overestimate the amount of time you have? I’m the queen of this!!


Before even changing out of my pajamas, I began baking. Well, I began to start baking. I cut up all the butter for my pies.



Don’t mind the wine, that’s for the last section 😉

I’m making THREE pies and one cake this year for our two Thanksgivings. I’m pretty excited, but I just need one full day!! And more butter…




First stop of the day – the groomer’s! After dropping the frightful (makes my heart hurt) little girl off at the reliable groomers, I was a woman on a mission.


But she sure left the groomers purrrrty 😀


Between Target, Fresh Market, and Hobby Lobby. I think I’m set for Thanksgiving.


At least my table is 😉IMG_0413

It’s nothing fancy, but I’m proud of it 😀IMG_0414


But I’m sure I’ll notice I’m out of an ingredient just as it’s supposed to go into the recipe. Never Fails 😉


After this excitement, I had to pound out some nerves. I ran 3.5 miles of intervals on the treadmill. Bad news Bears, my right hip gave me pain. I think the best thing to do at this point is cut my running days down to once a week, or even worse, 0 times a week. But that’s OK, there’s always spin, power yoga, and strength training 😀

Blog Stuff


Some very exciting things happening to Running Around Normal soon!! I’m working with a web developer to clean ‘er up and give ‘er a face lift. I can’t wait!! This will hopefully happen within the next few days 🙂


Girls Night!!

My friend, Kristin’s birthday was on Monday, so I had a few girls over to sip win, much on snacks, and watch Eat Pray Love. For the girls, I made some caramel popcorn:



And I actually liked Eat, Pray, Love!! It’s been a good three years since I read the book, which I enjoyed thoroughly, but I really enjoyed the movie, too. I know it got a lot of “meh” reviews.

Another busy one today! But first, I’m off to some power yoga! No running before or after. I’m giving this hip some rest!

Have a fantastic one, guys!!

What dish are you most looking forward to for Thanksgiving? What’s your favorite Thanksgiving dessert??


12 Responses

  1. My problem isn’t so much running out of time… it’s feeling anxious when I know I’ve got places to be, things that need to be done by a certain time, etc. As in, I’ll end up cutting a workout short as to rush home and get ready to go somewhere- only to end up with 30 minutes of sitting around because I got ready way too early. I need to allocate time better, I guess… ha ha

    Bring on the pecan pie…

    I’m aware it’s the worst dessert in the world. But that hasn’t stopped me yet.

  2. I totally feel ya on the busy days! It’s crazy lately. Enjoy that great yoga stretch. Hopefully it will relax you for the pie-making!

  3. Hey!! How did you make that delicious looking caramel popcorn??? 🙂

  4. your table looks great !! 🙂

    I have not seen that movie yet!! I liked the book, so I’ll probably watch as a rental…

    I usually make a pumpkin cheesecake… but this year my mom requested my pumpkin ice cream, so I made that with some mini pecan “bites” to go with it… 😀


  5. I’m most looking forward to my grandma’s mashed potatoes and gravy, but not sure if she’ll be making them or not.

    A braek in running sounds like the best thing to do. And yoga sounds amazing. I hope I can fit some in one of these days!

  6. I always overestimate the amount of time I have. Dang you got a lot done girl! N looks adorable as always!

    I really liked Eat Pray Love too. It made me want to travel to Italy even more!

  7. I am actually pretty good with time. I know how stressed I get if I don’t leave enough time to get stuff done. 🙂

  8. Your table looks soo good!! I love it. This year I made Angela’s Pumpkin Pie Brownie Muffins. So excited for those!! Happy Thanksgiving!!

  9. Blog face-lifts are so exciting!!

  10. My aunt always makes this really good stuff called Dixie Salad. It’s pomegranate, diced apples, raisins, and pecans tossed in some cool whip–it’s always my fav side that is kind of a dessert.

    What kinds of things do you get at Fresh Market? I always walk out of there empty-handed. I was so disappointed when I went in there a couple weeks ago in search of some nut butters and their selection was pretty puny! But I do want to try the grind-your-own someday!

    • You simply must try their chocolate covered banana chips in the bulk bins, their coffees are amazing, their produce is great, their bakery is better, the vegetarian pizza is awesome, and the cheeses are delicious! Hope that gives you some starter ideas 😉

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