Frank Lloyd Wright 10k – and a Video!

Good morning 🙂 Sorry I’m a little late in posting! I’ve been waiting for a (rather embarrassing) video to process for the post 😉

Yesterday’s 10 k ended up being SO much fun. We got off to a rocky start because we left a little later than planned and got to the start line just in time !




We got this! haha



Lining up!IMG_0683


And after a slow shuffle through the start line, we were off!



I stuck with Kim the entire time, and we had SO much fun. I don’t think we stopped talking. Or singing, for that matter. And revealing that we’re really 12. Don’t say I didn’t warn you…

Sorry the video is upside down – hard to think about these things when running a 10k 😉

There were many more videos, but trust that one is enough. I’ll spare you 😉

We actually couldn’t believe it at mile 4! Running for 35 minutes felt like 10! Then right when we passed the 5 mile marker, it started to rain – which wasn’t great. But we picked up our pace and ended up finishing in 57:53!





(notice the water bottles doubled as bagel holders this year 😉 )


An automatic PR for Kim, since it was her first 10k! 😀

We didn’t hang around too long after the race, and headed straight to this cute little restaurant called Georgia’s for a nice hot breakfast.



We want food! We want food!


I’ve declared my adoration for omelets when dining out for breakfast, and my commitment didn’t falter now, either:



Omelet. In yo face.

It was delicious! And felt great to have some hot food and hot coffee in our systems.

Next stop was Trader Joe’s…



TJ’s exploded on my counter!

By this time, it was already 1:00, and I still had the 2.5 hour drive back home – which actually went by a lot quicker than I anticipated (thankfully.) Oh, and you’ll be happy to know I did just fine driving in Chicago traffic. I’m pretty sure I drive 100 x’s better without anyone else in the car, as I’m less distracted then.

But, that didn’t make saying goodbye any less difficult…



I don’t know about you, but I get pretty bummed out after a day or two of seeing some of my “family” and then not seeing them again for a while. However, I’m much worse when I’m the leave-ee; when I’m the leav-er I have other things to occupy my mind…like the drive home and seeing the husband and the pets!

What a fun weekend!!! It was a busy one, though – that’s for sure. Hopefully I’ll get some R&R this week 😉 At least today won’t be too busy. A client here and there and then a volleyball game! Probably will head to the gym at one point or another, too.

Have a lovely Monday, lovelies! 🙂


Frank Lloyd Wright 10K Eve…Wiped!

Buenos dias chicas y chicos!

Kim and I are getting ready for the Frank Lloyd Wright 10k! This is an equally exciting race because of these factors:

  • Kim’s first race (in the US)
  • BFF Destiny will be cheering us on
  • Kim and I will be racing together!

And we are definitely ready for the race, too – after yesterday’s day go-go-go! We dined, we cried, we tried, we buy-ed (?,) and we dined.

























And so here we are today…bout to run a 10K!

Pre race breakfast is a normal one:


I ate this a little sooner before the race than I’d like, but hopefully my stomach still cooperates!

See you after the race to the finish!!

Describe your Saturday in three past-tense verbs – annnnnd go!

Surprise! Libby’s Pumpkin Festival 10K Race

Good morning! Today my alarm went off at 5:00 a.m. and it wasn’t a mistake. Today I ran the Morton Pumpkin Festival 10k!



This event is sponsored by Libby’s. Yes, THE Libby’s! And no, the goody bag didn’t come with cans of pumpkin or pumpkin flavored donuts OR pumpkin ice cream:





In fact, I signed up so late that I didn’t even get a shirt! But I got so much more…

Around 6:30, I headed into town to meet my dad in Morton, where the race was held. We had about a half hour so we chatted for a bit, and then I chatted up the crowd, spotting a few people I knew.



Promptly at 7:30, the gun went off, and so did we. Kind of. After the first 30 seconds of walking/shuffling, dodging to the sidewalk to get ahead.

My goal was to start off with a conservative pace and run each mile faster than the other. My goal was to finish with a pace of under a 9 minute mile.


Mile one was a breeze, as I struggled not to unleash my inner competitive beast. I kept an easy 9:00 pace as I watched those around me zoom by. Aint no thang. My two I sped it up to an 8:45 pace. I was in the zone, passing a few people who had already lost wind. Around mile 3, I kicked it up to 8:30, passing more and more runners who sped by on mile one. There were two water breaks during the course, and I took just a quick sip at each one. I didn’t stop running, though, so more water got on my chin and shirt, than in my mouth. It’s fine.

After mile three I knew it was time to kick it in to high gear. Up until mile 3.5 it was purely physical. After that I had to tap into the mental aspect of running to help me out. The gorgeous weather helped, I’m sure. Mile four I started to hurt, but I knew it was nearing the end. And at mile 5, I really dug deep and gave it my all until I passed the 6 mile marker, and started sprinting. It got to a point where I didn’t know whose legs they were because they felt like they were going so fast!




Thinking just don’t puke, just don’t puke.


Thinking, holy sh!t, I passed my goal time … by a LOT!

Total time: 52:45

Average pace: 8:27

Mile 1: 9:07

Mile 2: 8:41

Mile 3: 8:30

Mile 4: 8:25

Mile 5: 8:25

Mile 6: 8:00

Mile 6-6.25: 6:27




I declared it my best race yet! (Wellll…tied with the half marathon.)

Thanks to my dad for playing photographer and showing up to support me! 😀




Have a fantastic day, everyone! I’m using today as a work day because the rest of the weekend, play time is on the agenda!

From Training to Run to Training to Race

Hi friends! Happy almost Friday:D

I enjoyed reading which type of weather tickles your workout fancy in this morning’s post 🙂 However, I’m not sure about you guys who actually enjoy running in the winter. Faith, I don’t know how you do it!

I mentioned in the post that I’m incorporating tempo runs back into my training schedule, but I didn’t really go into why. Tempo runs are a great way to increase your speed and endurance. Each of which I’m looking to do…because I finally did it.

I signed up for my next race!




This whole summer, my running has been great (for me.) I’ve been on a running schedule of 4-ish runs per week, including at least one speed workout and one long run. I considered it training, I just…didn’t have anything to train…for. But I was sure training! I’d joke and say, “ok, well I’m heading out on a training run – gotta train for my next run!” hehe So, now I actually have an event in my horizons to put all of my running effort to good use.

Last year I ran in the Frank Lloyd Wright 10K in Oak Park and it was absolutely beautiful!



However, my training for this race was not so beautiful. To put it plain and simple, I didn’t want the PR enough to blow it out of the water. I came in a few seconds ahead of my first 10k, and the race was fun, pretty, and memorable, but this time I want to really improve my speed. (Full 10k recap) And even better this time around, I’m running it with BFF Kim and we’re staying with BFF Destiny!

But it doesn’t stop there! I am also signing up to run the Hot Chocolate 15k in Chicago in November! 😀



Um, I’m pretty sure I need to be involved in anything sponsored by Ghirardelli.

I’m still tweaking my training plan for the two races, but I plan to have it up on the blog by this weekend. I plan to run the 15k with my cousin (hopefully!) and a few new Chicago friends I met at the Healthy Living Summit this weekend! (Hi Amy and Megan…and everyone else!:) and I’m so excited! I’ve never run a 15k before, but have been itching to run another longer distance since my half marathon.

Now I’d like to find one more 5k to run in before the summer ends and I’ll consider my 2010 race quota met.

In hindsight, it was actually pretty fun running without an event in mind. I did it for the better part of the summer. In fact, I’ve only run in two races this year! I just wasn’t feelin’ signing up for a race, so I didn’t. But now the feeling’s back 😉


Well I’ve had a marathon (pun! ha..) of a day, so it’s about time I retired with some Family Guy, my guy, and the pupster 🙂 Have a lovely night and wonderful Friday morning!!

What’s next on your fitness agenda? Are you training for a race? Trying out new classes? Just training to train? Obviously for me, I’m training for races for now, but in the winter I plan on trying out some workout DVD’s I’ve been wanting to try. I absolutely refuse to workout indoors too much in the summer in Illinois, because in the winter it becomes impossible to workout OUTdoors at time. Gotta take advantage 🙂

Buenos noches!!

The Frank Lloyd Wright 10K

What a beautiful race! The 10K I ran today was absolutely gorgeous – in more ways than one!

Since the 10K start time was at 8:45, I woke up bright and early at 6:00, to find that my wonderful bestie Destiny, had coffee ready for me!



What a wonderful hostess she is!

After gulping it down, I force-swallowed my pre-race breakfast:


Flat out wrap, smushed banana, and almond butter – yum, yum! Then I started to get ready, and read some of your lovely blogs for inspiration! I was still feeling full and sluggish from all of Saturday’s meals!

We headed out around 7:45, but had plenty of time to spare, so we walked up and down the street where they had all of the tents and goodies for the runners:



I was still pretty chilled at this point, so I bundled in my gloves and North Face to keep warm.


Per usual, the hubski was a phenomenal race photographer!

Finally around 8:30, it was time to shed some clothes and get in some stretches:


Look! Operation Beautiful!











The husband appreciates FLW homes, too, so he was snapping pictures of them and other sweet houses the whole time I was running:

IMG_1209IMG_1229       IMG_1223IMG_1224



Cool story about this house – Shane’s uncle used to be a caretaker in this one! And one time, he took a seed from this tree:


and gave it to Shane, and now Shane has that tree growing up in the yard of his childhood home! Cool, huh? 😀


Then he found me around mile 3!

 IMG_1225 IMG_1226

Around this time, I was running merrily along, listening to the Glee Soundtrack (I can see your halo, halo, halo!) I made sure not to take off to fast in the beginning, too. My first mile was at 9:30, and then I slowly decreased my time with each mile. The last one was under 9 minutes! I’m pretty sure I beat my first 10K of about 57 minutes, but I still have to check my chip time.

With the houses, the trees, architecture, and operation beautiful note, the whole race was absolutely beautiful to the very last leg:


Smiling at the site of the finish sign: IMG_1234 IMG_1235 IMG_1236

I made it!!! They had awesome goodies right at the finish line – bananas, Trader Joe’s snacks, bagels, water, etc.. Made out like a bandit!


Now we’re in the car on the way back home, and the lap tops about to die, and I’m about to take a little bitty car nap, so I hope you enjoyed the recap!

His and Hers Stuffed Peppers


After doing a little housework and taking Niko on a mini walk, I finally got my booty out the door for a long run. Let me tell you that this part was even hard. I contemplated not even going as my lack o’ motivation was something fierce. I even called up a fellow runner friend to see if she wanted to meet me. However, seeing as I gave her..ohh about 10 minutes notice, she had other plans, and I had no other choice but to go it solo. So I had started out my run planning on running a steady eight miles, but then about one mile in I decided to make it a 10K instead. I kept pretty good pace the first five miles. Every mile was under 9:30. I ventured through ISU’s campus, and even got in a little potty break and drink break! I lucked out because I saw someone leave the College of Business building – I thought all the buildings were locked on Sundays! Good thing this one wasn’t, because my bladder was about to explode :S I headed back home and miles 3,4, and 5 passed quickly. However after mile 5, I noticed I wasn’t in too great of shape. Either because of the cold, the alcohol consumed, iPod dying after mile two (what?!) or whathaveyou, my heart rate was pretty high the whole run, and I was getting mad cramps during mile 6. It got so bad in the last .2 miles that I was almost walking. I’m pretty sure I looked like a damn fool those last 2 tenths of a mile! I was pretty much hobbling while saying to myself, “don’t stop, just keep run-ning, just keep run-ning – a la Dori from Finding Nemo;)” It was the hardest .2 miles I’ve ever run! I ended up finishing 6.22 miles in 59 minutes.


I’d be lying if I said it felt great when I was done. I pretty much collapsed on the couch directly after stretching. All I wanted to do was take a nap…but that wasn’t in today’s to-do list unfortunately…



I jumped in the shower and got ready for the day! First stop was meeting my girl Heidi at our favorite store:




I didn’t buy anything, but she wanted me to help her pick out some boots. No avail there, but we did have fun looking at baby clothes (for her, not me;)) and catching up 🙂 From there I had to go to Petco to return the bed I tried to get Ceeb and Nik to like…however had no avail there! I had hopes for Clarabelle, but she quickly became disinterested. I picked out a different one and made the exchange. I think this one is going to be a success:



I also got Niko a winter sweater. Isn’t it cute?!





She’s such a model. Sashay, Niko! She loooves it! Almost as much as I do, haha. She gets so cold in the winter though, so it really does help. After picking up a prescription, grocery shopping, and stopping by the dry cleaners, I was finally home and ready to tackle the rest of my cleaning. The only thing left to do now is laundry. However…this might just have to wait until tomorrow. It’s so easy to put laundry off, isn’t it?! I think it’s because it will always be there…waiting for you to return to it, haha.


I made an awesome dinner tonight for Shane and I. We contemplated getting carry out Indian food, but then decided to make use of the just-bought groceries. On the menu tonight:


His and Hers Stuffed Peppers





This was my first attempt and making a vegetarian and non vegetarian version of the same meal, since I’ve started the transition to becoming a veg. I won’t deprive Shane of his meat just because I made the decision to stop eating animals, so I browned some meat in a pan while boiling some pasta shells in a pot.




Then I added cheese to the shells, and split them up – adding half into the pan of meat. To both, I added some chopped onions and red kidney beans, salt, and cayenne.



I’m pretty sure these were the best stuffed peppers I’ve ever made – Shane cosigned. To make it more like mac n cheese, I put the peppers in a bowl, added the mixture into the pepper, then spread another portion around the pepper. Shane chose the red pepper, so my bowl was very yellow:







Mmmm – so good. The cayenne pepper seriously made this meal. It added the perfect hint of spiciness.


Shane’s portion – with a little extra cheese and some greenery on the side:





Da Bears are playing, so I gotta go watch me some FOOTBALL!!!


PS – 6 days until my 10K and until I get to see my BFF, Destiny 😀


Tomorrow morning, I’m making a post on the RAN house. I’ve gotten several emails asking for a house tour, so today after my massive cleaning spree I got a little photo taking happy, and will be giving you a virtual house tour tomorrow!

I Did It! My First 10K

Although it’s crazy insane that my alarm clock went off at the time it does every morning on the week (5:15 a.m.,) I woke up SUPER pumped for my 10K this morning! When I woke up, I only had two hours until go time, so I downed my breakfast and drank my fluids then. I have a rule that I don’t drink any more fluid starting an hour before go time, so that, um, accidents don’t happen.

Pre-race breakkie:

Barney Butter and a banana in a Flat Out wrap. It held me over perfectly. I think this is going to become my staple pre race breakfast. 🙂

Around 6:30, Shane, Niko, and I took off for Morton. We met Debby there, where we proceeded to do our pre-race jogs and stretches:

Warming up the quads, baby.

I was so excited as we lined up for the starting line. Since this was my first 10K, I really had to mentally prepare myself. I kept asking Debby, “so, are you ready to run for about an hour??” LOL

Luckily, iPods were allowed during this race. I made my “10K Playlist” yesterday, and it looked like this:

(Click to enlarge!)

I planned on Bombs Over Bagdhad (which I added as suggested by Caitlin at Healthy Tipping Point) as the song I would be listening to as I crossed the finish line, and whadya know? I finished in a sprint listening to that empowering song:

Finish time: 57:47!! Wooo hooo!!! My goal was to finish in under an hour, so I was very happy with that time. And I PR’d by default 😀

And Debby came in under her goal time, too, of 1:05:00 by about two minutes!! I was so proud of her and cheered her on like a crazy person as she crossed the finish line!

Go, Debby, go!!

The course was mostly flat, and I’d say there were about 300 people running in the race. I was cruising along happily as could be until I hit mile five. I hit mile 5, and a humongous cramp hit me. If this wouldn’t have happened I’m certain I would have come in a couple minutes sooner. Instead, I slowed my pace, took deep breaths, and jabbed myself in the side trying to massage the pain away. I even said a small prayer. I was desparate. Thankfully, at about 3 tenths of a mile away, the cramp went away and I sprinted to the finish line. My “cheerleaders” deserve credit for this extra bout of speed.


The pops

My best girl, Destiny

–Whose ma also joined her. Of course we had to get a photo op in on a giant pumpkin, we were at a Pumpkin Festival!

And Niko

She wasn’t a fan of the giant pumpkin.
Love, love, love these people. 😀 There’s just something about crossing the finish line when you’ve got people to cheer you on at the end. It’s seriously the best feeling eva.

I also got to see my first post-race puke! It was rather nasty, but I’ve never seen anyone do that before in the 5K races I’ve run…don’t worry I’ll spare you a picture (no — I didn’t take one!!)

I have to say, I looove running 10K’s. I can’t wait for next month’s race. It’s in Chicago, so I’ll get to stay with Destiny the night before since she lives super duper close.

Another bonus- my ankle hardly bothered me at all!! Those anti-inflammatory pills along with the orthodics must have really helped! Really, my ankle felt the best it has in a while (I think the hubski thinks I’m just saying that so I don’t have to quit running, but it really did!!)
Question: What’s your most recent victory is sports or working out lately? What have you done that has made you proud of yourself?

Stay tuned…I have an awesome giveaway coming up tomorrow. Hint – it’s something that’s been featured (and had great feedback) on the blog – and it’s not food!