I Passed the ACE Personal Training Exam!!!



Sorry for the lackage of post this morning, but I was shaking in my boots due to all the nerves I had! I didn’t want to write about it, for fear that I would jinx myself, but I woke up bright and early to take the ACE Personal Fitness exam! We headed out around 5:45 up to Joliet to take the test, and…




My chest was pounding the entire time. It was SO much harder than I even thought it would be. I think the ACE fitness exam gave me hypertension, haha – ironic much?! 😉


Sorry for such the lame post, but I gots some celebratin’ to do! First up, time at MY GYM! (Haven’t been there for almost two weeks due to the cruise.) And then, going out with the husband and consuming copious amounts of alcohol along with food that I will not have to cook! Hooray!!

But first…thank you, thank you, thank you, for all of the encouragement and support you guys have shown to me. It’s truly touching and you all have seriously made a huge impact in not only my decision and courage to peruse this, but also in helping me succeed!!

Look forward to a very Vega giveaway later on tonight or tomorrow, followed by my tips on how to create a healthy before-during-after of vacations while not being deprived!

Have a wonderful Thursday, all!!!


Study My ACE Off

Hey everyone!! I hope your weekend turned out great! Hopefully this week will speed by with ease 😀 For me, this week will be packed, because I have TONS to do before I leave for my cruise! I can’t believe we leave so soon. Gotta thank my awesome parents’ for house, cat and dog sitting while we are gone – the perks of having retired parents. Now don’t go throwing any parties here, mom and dad 😉

Yesterday’s breakfast was an old time favorite for breakfast:


Oats in a Jar. Mmm mmm mm. I made the standard banana, agave, almond milk, flax oats, and when finished, poured it all in this almost gone jar of Almond butter. So good – every time!

Then I was off to meet my friend, Heidi at the gym. We did about 35 minutes of cardio, and then legs:

  • plie squat w/ a calf raise
  • one-legged squat
  • dead lifts
  • squats on BOSU
  • lunges on BOSU

Let me tell you my booty was a ‘burnin!

Speaking of booties. After coming home and getting all showered up, I set out to do four solid hours of studying my ACE off for the ACE exam. It’s coming up quick, and with the cruise coming up, I have minimal time to study. I’ll be taking my study materials with me on the cruise, but I have a feeling there won’t be any marathon study-sessions. Instead of studying my ACE off, I’ll be relaxing my ACE off. Ohh yeah 😉 Anyway, this is what my afternoon looked like:


With a side of Twitter and your lovely blog reading for distraction!

And to fuel my studious ambitions, I had some honesty:


Honestly the best tea evah.

Somehow the hours passed by like minutes, and it was suddenly time to get ready to leave the house. My girl, Becky, was having a Pampered Chef party about 45 minutes away, and I promised I’d be there. I’d never been to a Pampered Chef party, so I was pretty excited to not only see some good friends, but to see how it all went down. The consultant made two dishes for us: cheesecake and spinach artichoke dip, while we all thumbed through the catalogs.


Then she set out the toys and let everyone play! And you know I got in some play time:


With my friend Becky – Woo hoo!! Fun with the Julienne and knives! haha

My girl Kim went to town on a cheese grater:


That is some grade-A grating action right there, yo.

I ordered a few things, then headed back to the casa for some more work and studying, and then winded down with some Lunar Yoga, and called it a night. You know what one of my favorite yoga poses is (in addition to pigeon pose)?


  Deadbug pose! I love how it stretches out the upper hammies.

I hope you all have a lovely day! This will be my first day back to work since Tuesday, so you know it’s gonna be craaazy! I’m counting on deep breaths, Christmas music, and hot tea to help me get through the day, hehe.

Until next time! Ciao!