Surprise Valentine

Hey hey all! How’s your Saturday morning going so far? How about your Friday night?

Mine was pretty awesome!




More on that in a bit 😉

Woke up and had my new obsession:






Cooked like the last batch, it amazed.

Worked until about 11:00, and then came home, did a little cleaning, and nommed on a different sort of wrap:



With the innards being leftovers – squashed acorn squash, black beans, sea salt.


And a couple of these may or may not have been consumed.

I had to be at the gym I’ll be training at to get some more paper work done around noon, so after playing with the pets watching the pets play with themselves, I headed back out (into the snow storm we were having) and headed to the gym.




LOVE the gym I’ll be training clients. All of the equipment is super new, and there aren’t several treadmills out of commission like the gym I’m a member at does. After getting put into the system, I stayed for about an hour to check out all the equipment to make sure I knew what each machine did and how to adjust them. That’d be super embarrassing if I was training a client and didn’t know how to adjust a seat for her, no?

When leaving, I found out my car was dead, and thankfully the owner helped me out. He had a jumper box (don’t know what you call it?) and it started it right up! *phew!* I had a movie to go to with some girlfriends (Dear John!) and I wanted to shower and get ready beforehand.

So I finally got home, pulled in the drive, clicked the garage door clicker, but garage door no go up. Sad face. Apparently the snow storm made thousands of homes go without power. Luckily, I only had a half hour until Shane got home from work, so I chilled in my car (with the radio and engine on this time ;-)) until he got home with the key. And coincidentally he arrived home just as the power decided to turn back on! 😀

Scarffed down a post-workout snack of veggies and hummus:



Showered, dressed, and shortly after my ride was there to take me to the movie. The movie was AWESOME. I had read the book a couple summers ago, and loved it. However, usually movies NEVER live up to the movie that plays in my head when I read. But this one did a very good job. Besides, Channing Tatum is downright gorgeous. It should be illegal. Gah.

Two and a half hours, one bag of home-popped popcorn, and 5 tissues later, I got back home around 7:00 to this on the counter!



Next weekend we won’t be able to celebrate Valentine’s day, so the hubski decided to surprise me with an early celebration!



One of our anniversary wines.



My favorite Pinot Noir EVER. I drank half the bottle. And now I have a headache…oops!

I did, however, get home too late for the reservations he made at my favorite restaurant, so instead, we popped in a couple Amy’s pizza’s –

Spinach pesto and cheese and tomato:

IMG_5276 IMG_5277

Just as good! Well..maybe not, haha. But still fun! 😀

We finished off the celebration with some Wii bowling and Big Bang Theory watching, and just stayed in on the cold, windy, snowy night.

Woke up this morning, albeit a bit hungover, and had a yummy, stabilizing breakfast!



Weird looking happy face 😀 Millet toast w/ Earth balance and cinnamon on one piece, and Barney Butter (!!!) on the other:


Oh we meet again, you delicious butter, you.

I gotta get outta here because I have a super busy one today!!

-long run (5 miles)

-food shopping for the big game tomorrow 😀

-driving into my hometown for my friend’s two-year old’s birthday and hopefully having time to help Destiny’s mom move into her new house

-come back in time for the hubski to get to a groomsmen’s dinner

-cook for tomorrow!

Phew! That’s a lotta to-do’s! Better get started 😀


What are you doing for Valentine’s Day this year, if anything?


Pre-Race Jitters!

Ok, so basically there are no jitters this time around. Which in turn makes me a little well, jittery nervous. Usually nerves help me do better. Maybe they’re just sleeping in and will show up once I get to the race. hehe Or maybe it’s just because it’s another 5k, and my goal is to simply enjoy myself on the run. No time goals or any of that, since this race was so impromptu.

So I’m waiting on my friend, Debby, to get to my parent’s house, and then we’re going to head out to the race. I asked my dad to come along and cheer and take pictures. Is that lame? I didn’t think so! And if it is, that’s fine 🙂
I think I’m all ready to go. I’ve got my caffeine consumed:

And holy caffeine, my parent’s coffee is strong. I wasn’t starving when I woke up, and only had an hour or so to digest, so breakfast was just a banana and almond butter.

I pre-registered last night, since I stayed the night here, so I’ve got my racing number all ready to go. Go # 203! 😀

Yay race shirt #2!!

With that said, ready, set, go!

LOL I just realized I’m posing with my friend’s bib.

Ok, maybe I’ll need to put my shoes on first.

Later on today I’ll need to tell you about my fun filled day yesterday I had with my mom. It included lots of girlie stuff like pedicures, shopping, and um, beer.
Anyway, see ya at the finish line. Wish me luck!

Sunday Funday

If your definition of Funday=having an old school One Tree Hill marathon with your hubski, at least! Ah, lazy Sundays. We always have at least one Sunday a month where we lay in the basement and do nothing but watch movies/shows on the projector alll day long.

Part of the reason today’s so lazy is because of last night! My friend had a (costume themed) birthday party. Shane and I went as a hula girl and cabana boy.

Even her dog, Oscar got in on the fun!

I forgot to take a picture of Shane in his costume, though 😦 It was a lot of fun. Grilling, friends, yard games, oh, and beer (hence the lazy day.) Yes, I was a wee bit hungover when I woke up. Not horrible, but not feeling in tip top shape. Luckily, I planned my rest day as today, with that in mind. Since the party was about an hour away, we ended up staying there, and just came home this morning.

I forgoed the McDonalds when Shane stopped there to get a couple breakfast sandwhiches for himself (his hangover cure) and made a nice yummy breakfast when we got home. I made a spinach and cheese omelet

some flax bread with almond butter

and a green monster which entailed: 2 cups of spinach, a granny smith apple, a frozen banana, almond milk, and a carrot
The color turned out bright green once again. And it was very good, and I swear it cured my hangover!

This held me over until close to dinner time, when we decided to order some Chinese (which always happens on the lazy Sunday.) I got my usual – broccoli and chicken hot and spicy. A little bit later, I was craving something sweet, and remembered I got this at the grocery store the other day:
There’s only five ingredients in it! It was very very good, and satisfied my sweet tooth for sure.

Ok, now back to Sunday Funday, and yet another epi of OTH! I hope everyone had a great weekend 😀

Niko’s New Do’

Niko’s sportin’ her new summer do’ now. They almost buzzed her! She still looks cute as cake though, and I think she likes it better. It’s much more apropriate for summer. It almost makes her look like a little kindergartner with a bob on the first day of school! (Insert jokes here, I know I’m a crazy Niko mom)

So, bunco was a lot of fun last night! And the hostess brought a wonderful variety of food. She brought some veggies and hummus over, and I think I alone ate half the tub! woops…
Unfortunately I didn’t win any money, but hey, what’s new :-p Those girls crack me up. I love em all, and I’m so lucky to have them as my friends!

When I got home, it was pretty late, so I didn’t feel like fixing up a plate of the crock pot dinner, so I just watched some triple D and went to bed. Naturally, this morning I woke up starved! I usually don’t eat before I run in the morning, but today I figured it would help get me through it. A banana and almond butter should do the trick.

It did! I’ll probably have another attempt at a smoothie when I get back. Today’s long run today. For me, long run day consists of 4.5 miles. Yipes! I’m still trying to decide if I should run inside or outside though. They’re predicting rain, but the rain hasn’t started yet. Plus, I haven’t been to my gym since Wednesday! All of my workouts have been outside on the pavement or in my own home with weights and elliptical.

Which do you prefer? Running inside or outside?

Hope you all had a good Friday!

Coffee makes anything possible

Ok, maybe that’s an overstatement, but it sure makes it seem that way at 5:00 a.m., you know? I love blogging with a cup of joe at my side. Watch out, coffee, you’re not gonna last long 😉

I get off work at 4:30 Monday-Thursday, and 4:30 a.m. sure does come a heck of a lot quicker than 4:30 p.m! haha

I really do like getting up early though. I’m a morning person, and would rather go to bed a little early and wake up before the sun. I love watching the sun come up; it’s so refreshing.

Last night after dinner, I made hubski and my lunch’s for today. I knew I’d be running short on time this morning before work (I mean, when am I not?? :-p)
I made him a regular almond butter and preserves – his fave, and made myself a peanut butter and co. w/ banana sandwich. I’ll have an apple on the side.
This is one of my faves. I also threw in some string cheese, an oikos honey yogurt, some Kashi cereal for breakfast, and some blueberries.

This morning’s workout is going to be 35-40 minutes (depending on when I can pry myself off the computer) on the elliptical. We have one at home, so it’s very easy and convenient for me to hop on in the morning before I leave for work. It’s a Sole, and I really like it. It was my Christmas present this past Christmas.

I usually watch Days of Our Lives or an equally mind-numbing show while working out. Wonder what Sami will be up to this morning…pregnant again? :-p
I think I’ll be pretty busy at work today. I have several meeting and several reports I need to get out by today.
Before I start my workout, I need to give a shout out to my girl, Becky. Her birthday is today! Happy Birthday, Bek!