My First Zumba Experience!

Hi guys! Wow what a jam packed Friday! And it as even my half day today at work! It was jam-packed with fun-ness though:D
After work I decided Niko needed a little spiffing up, so I took her to the groomers. Poor little girl was shaking like a leaf 😦 No matter which groomer I bring her to, it seems like they never treat her well enough. Then again, no one’s good enough for my little Nikster 😉 I came to get her a little early and they were just finishing up.

The finished product:

AWWWWWW. Daddy was sure to have the bows out in no time 😉 He wants Niko to be a tom-boy, haha.

While she was getting prettified, I was out spending teh moneyz. First I just had to go to the Naturally Yours health food store to use my newly realized employee discount. But that only took up about 30 minutes. So I headed into Borders and looked at a couple cook books:

I have an obsession with Alton, and I really want this book in the future. I like him so much I left an Operation Beautiful note in it, and then left it out on a table in hopes that someone would open it up and see it today:

Then…I did it! I bought the cook book I’ve been wanting for-ev-er!

I was going to wait, and get it on Amazon for cheaper than $28, but I managed to sweet talk the cashier into giving me a 30% discount 😉 Score!! I think it was my karma payback from leaving an OB note, heheh
Naturally, I went next door to Fresh Market to pick up ingredients for two meals I want to make from the book this weekend. And I did what I said I wouldn’t do yesterday:

I bought over-priced produce from FM. But it was all organic!! I also found another unicorn!

I had actually gotten in line, having given up on finding them, and then I spotted them in the lady ahead of me in line’s cart. Obviously, I said, “Where did you find those Flat Out wraps?!” She then pointed me in the right direction, and I got out of line to grab them up. Can’t wait to try ’em!

I love that all their meat is all-natural or organic. Buying sketchie meat makes me nervous.
After a short nap, it was time to ZUMBA it up!!! I met my friend at the gym and there were SO many people that attended. The energy was awesome, and the cause was even better. They had raised so much money for Ovarian Cancer before I left – and there was still an hour to go then!
I zumba’d for about an hour before I had to go. Honestly, I wasn’t prepared for it to be such a work out! I wore my Polar F6 HRM just because I was curious, and let me tell you, zumba burns some serious calories when you get into it! I think it said I had burned about 390 in 45 minutes? I’m not quite sure..but it was up there. They had all of their instructors take turns, too, so it was neat seeing all of their personalities. I really liked the ones who got into the most and looked like they were having a blast. It pumped me up!
Pre Zuma fuel:

Then it was off to BUNCO, where I brought the aforementioned birthday cookies. No, unfortunately I can’t say I made them (I wish I did!!) I bought them from a local bakery that is famous in this town for its sweets – Grove Street Bakery.
Bunco was a ball as usual. The group of girls I play with are simply great. And good news!! I won money!! Ten dollas, baby! I haven’t won yet in 2009, so maybe it’ll be a winning streak 😉 It’s $5 to play, so I won $5 for the most “baby buncos.” If you have never played bunco, you should seriously get a group together to play! Has anyone never heard of it?

And after ALL of that stuff, this post also serves as a Race Eve post. Yep, tomorrow morning I’m running a 5K! And it’s in a city 45 minutes way at 8:00 a.m. I forsee a nap in my future tomorrow. Ok…must go to bed. Good night, all 😀

Do you have a scheduled “girls night” every month/week? What do you get together and do?


Overnight Oats and a love for Alton Brown

Hey hey hey! How’s everyone doin? I, for one, am thrilled that it’s Thursday and the work week’s almost over:D Only one more (half) day to go! Whoop whoop!

Today followed the trend and passed like molasses. However, I can’t kick. No one would listen any way 😛 (My Papa always used to say that, hehe)

Last night before I went to bed I started my breakfast. Yep, last night. That’s how I rolled last night.

Alton Brown’s Overnight Oats!
(And while that’s how I rolled, these oats were not rolled)

Have I proclaimed my love for Alton Brown enough yet? Well, I love, love, love him! These oats were made with steel cut oats (omg, love!) and a crock pot.

All I did was mix 1 cup of steel cut oats (or pin head oats as Altie Alton calls them,) 4 cups of water, 1/2 cup of almond milk, 1 cup figs, and 1 cup of mixed dried fruit (I used mixed berries.) Stir all those friends up, and set your crock pot to low.

Go to sleep.

Wake up.

Stir, then add White Chocolate Wonderful Peanut Butter (or whatever floats your boat.)


Holy yumtopia! Ok, I know the picture doesn’t look awesomely appetizing, but please, take my word for it.

I actually had to put my serving in a tupperware container because I was late for work (shocker, I know.) And, I didn’t have a great feeling about them because the right side of the pot had burned them a little. So I left the rest of the batch on the counter in the crock pot, to wait to be washed until I got home from work. However, when I took my first bite, I knew I made a huge mistake!! I could eat this for days!! It was SO good. Luckily, Shane saved the day by taking PT early on in the day, and put a batch in the fridge for me. 😀 All is well in breakfast town.

I found that this recipe held me over longer than my usual creamy oats (or it could be that I didn’t workout this morning like a crazy person…) But I wasn’t starving like I usually am by lunch.

However, I had to eat lunch early anyway, because I had a noon meeting. Lunch was tilapia with roma tomatoes, with a side of marinated veggies.

The veggies were freakin’ awesome! However, there’s something left to be said about the tilapia. It wasn’t bad, but it didn’t wow me. I guess the greek dish I had the other day for lunch set the bar a wee bit too high. haha

This left me wanting MOAR, so I tried to dig into my Braeburn apple I had packed.

But alas, it was mealy. Do you spy something yellow and filled with potassium?

That’s what I had instead. yum!

Snacks were a Tropical Fruit Tart Lara Bar (unpictured,) perhaps a chocolate chip cookie that were free at my nooner meeting, and a juicy mango!

And I’ll leave you with a beautiful picture – some banana ice cream the hubski and I made last night.

Made with these ingredients:

And tonight I’m SUPER duper excited because my friend, Kori, from Orlando is coming to see me!! She’s a college buddy that took off after college (while I still remain in the city I went to college.) SO excited to see her 😀 We’ll be going out for dinner and drinks with her boo and Shane.

I hope everyone enjoys their last weeknight of the week! Hooray!!! 😀