Separation Anxiety


After my speedy four miler yesterday morning, I had a hankering for some hot oats. But now oats in a bowl…


It was worth every sweat bead that hot oats after a hot summer run like this produces.



Then I got ready and zipped off to the office for a bit. Around mid morning, I decided I’d take a long lunch, so I came back home and took advantage of the glorious day by taking Niko for another quick stroll.

Lunch was a wrap! Quick and easy always does the trick.

The base:


Tomato paste and hummus

The innards!


Spinach and mushrooms….with sugar snap peas:


I really miss the pets now that I’m gone during the day again. It was really hard to leave and come back to work. Is it uber pathetic to have separation anxiety from your pets?!
I even ate lunch with Niko on the bed!


Those Kettle Chips on the side were an afterthought 😉






Then I went back to work for the afternoon to learn about the job of who I’m replacing. Fun schtuff.

Last night was volleyball night, but it was a late-ish one, so I had a couple hours to get some work done and relax beforehand.


IMG_7696 IMG_7695



Dinner was quick. Amy’s Medium Chili with Mary’s Crackers Garden of Eatin’ Blue Hot Chips


I completely thought I was pouring Mary’s Sticks and Twigs on my chili, when I noticed that it wasn’t sticks and twigs at all, but Eden’s Blue Hot chips! And ya know what? Eden’s Blue Hot chips make a darn good chili topper!


Lacking in the veg department, but I don’t see any veggie police around…

I had another beer after while playing volleyball (we won! And my mad skillz are back!) and then came home for a snack before bed:

IMG_7700Annie’s Bunny Graham friends~takin’ a dip in some Almond Milk:

           IMG_7703So good this way!

Well, I need some breakfast in my belly. This morning I had a morning client and then cranked out 45 minutes of cardio between the stair climber and elliptical, and I’m famished!

Have a lovely Thursday – almost the weekend 😀


It’s Not a Party Unless…

Hola blogitos! How goes it? Pret-ty darn glad it’s Friday over on my end. Don’t know about you 😉

So sorry I left ya’ll hanging yesterday! However, to recap and reason, my day went like this: train clients early a.m.>work 8-4 at the office> train a client> play a volleyball game. Long story turned short.

Tonight, I started celebrating the weekend early:


But let me back up! It’s been quite the day today.

Niko wasn’t feeling well when I woke up. She was shaking, her abdomen was rock solid, and she was groaning. I had a 6:00 a.m. training session, but as soon as I got back, I called into the office saying I would be late. That I needed to be here:


At the vet’s office with Niko.

Another long story turned short: Niko partied a little too hard on her birthday yesterday. She was extremely constipated to the point of no return. To clarify, after getting prodded, poked, and x-rayed, it was determined that she needed two enema’s. I was SO nervous while looking at the x-ray I started to black out…it was kind of weird. But the Dr. was showing me the x-ray and took about 5 minutes to tell me she was constipated. In those 5 minutes I imagined it was much worse…thus almost blacked out.

I guess It’s not a party unless you need a double enema the next day.

Heh, ok bad joke 😉 Niko had an expensive, day-long stay at the vet, but she’s home now, albeit a little messy, but thank God. Poor little pupperoo.

Somewhere in between training, vetting, and working I had a delicious breakfast of Overnight Oats. And I know you all want to see some eats after hearing about enema’s 😉




It was my usual combo, but instead of rolled oats, I used oat bran. It was a very delicious tweak!
At the office-job-work, I’ve been training my replacement all week. But around noon, I broke for lunch with some friends:


I made this the night before and was thinking quick and simple – a PBJ on Nature’s Pride w/ Natural PB and Crofters Blueberry Jam.

With some raw veggies and hummus


It was a perfectly satisfying lunch. Also had some unpictured snacks of trail mix and an apple throughout the day.

Although I wanted to get home to my pup, I had to jet off to the gym to train a couple clients. Twas a good time as always 😀

At home, dinner ensued!

For me, miss Amy came to the rescue yet again!


Black Bean chili, Ezekiel muffin + tufutti and crofters




And for Shane I made some classic tacos in a whole wheat tortilla:



He said they were delicioso.

Niko’s dinner was more on the mild side:


heheh. The doctor actually told me to give her some mild food such as broth and hamburger. I found out Niko LOVES hamburger.



The hubski did a few loads of laundry while I was busy, so now I’m kickin’ it on the couch with him. Niko and Ceeb (Clarabelle) are by our feet. Ahh. Perfect.

Tomorrow Shane and I are waking up bright and early for an Insanity workout, and then I have office work, a client, and then BUNCO! Whoo hoo! Happy Weekend lovelies!

Got any fun plans this weekend?

Have you had any scary close calls with your pets? This is the scariest so far with Niko…hopefully it’s the scariest ever with her!

Itchy Legs

Hiiiii there! How are you!? Sporadic Posting McGee here 😉

I’ve been going since 5:15 this morning (where my first client overslept!) to just now. Gotta say, it feels amazing to be kickin’ the ol’ feet up!

After my two one morning training appointments, I was off to the office work where it was day one of training my replacement. It was also where I enjoyed this lovely mess:


Overnight Oats is perfect for on-the-go breakfasts. In this version was my usual – oats, maca, stevia, sea salt, carob powder, Jay Robb, almond milk, half a banana, and almond butter. Oh, and coconut butter drizzled on top. Phew! That’s a lot of ingredients.

It was around lunch time when my throat started getting soar. For a minute I thought I was getting sick. Then I realized I’d literally been talking and training someone since 6 this morning LOL. My last day at the office isn’t until next Friday, so I have a feeling these last two are going to be long ones! Kind of like a race…the end is near but those last two miles are the toughest!

Speaking of running, I’ve yet to run since my half marathon. My legs are itching to break out into a run on the pavement. However, I just haven’t made it out. Instead of running, I’ve been jumping around like a crazy person while working out to Insanity and lifting on off days. I’m not too worried about losing endurance though since my next race isn’t until June. It’s a 9 miler at a race called Steamboat Classic. I’m pretty excited for it 😀
I did get in a killer weight work out this morning though

Deadlift with bar and 10 lb weights on each side – 2 sets, 15 reps
Alternating sets:
Dumbbell shoulder press – 15 lbs – 2 sets, 15 reps
Wide grip lat pull down – 27.5 lbs – 2 sets 15 reps
Alternating sets:
Lunges w/ 10 lb dumbbells – 2 sets, 15 reps
Swiss ball crunch – 2 sets 10 reps

NROLFW, anyone?           

Lunch was lovely as well!


Rabbit rabbit! Looks like rabbit food…it’s hummus + spinach + cucumber in a w.w. Flat Out wrap.
"Dessert" was protein pudding:


1/2 scoops of Jay Robb, sea salt, 1 T. carob powder, stevia, almond butter, dash of almond milk. I needed something filling for lunch, because I didn’t want to snack away all afternoon like I usually do with my trainee sitting with me in my cube.

After it was quittin’ time at the office, I headed back to the gym to train two more clients, and work a little before closing up shop. ‘Twas a fun time! I haven’t seen one of the clients for a long time, so it was great catching back up with her. And the other I always have a good time training. Hard to call it work, in reality…

When I finally got home for the night, I was stah-ving. My girl Amy saved the night:


Holy Mexican deliciousness. These enchiladas almost knocked my head off!


They tasted so decadent and naughty! (Actually, no food is "naughty" but ya know what I mean.)

However, it didn’t put too much of a dent in the hunger department. When I saw chocolate Cheerios in the pantry I knew nothing else would satisfy:



So good, but the ingredient list is a little long and leery so I’ll probably stick with something else next time…


The rest of the night entailed a load of laundry and teaching Niko to "shake." She already knows sit, lie down…

IMG_6720 IMG_6722

stay, and rollover, but for shake, she just kinda flips out and jumps on your hand lol.

My parents’ dog, Buck knows the command, "poison." It’s so freakin’ cute. If you hold out a treat and say "poison," he’ll turn his head like he wants nothing to do with it until you say, "OK!" Poor guy’s 14 years old, though.

Well it’s time for me to call it a night.I have a pretty full day tomorrow as well with a client before and after work. I’m going to try reeaaally hard to squeeze in a run somewhere!

Have a great night and a beautiful Tuesday, everyone!


Beautiful flowers from my mom’s garden 🙂


What’s the coolest dog trick you’ve seen a dog perform? Another one I’ve heard about is my parents’ friends’ dog freaks out and growls if someone flips him off! haha

Running Around (on) a Budget

Welcome to the weekend! Ooooh yeah! 😉

So far I’ve spent this sunny, brisk morning walking Niko and getting into a cleaning frenzy for my cardio! I was going to run my long run today (11 miles again) but I have to train three clients starting mid-morning, so I figured I’d leave it to tomorrow morning. Plus, Lord knows housework has been neglected the past few weeks, so why not turn it into some fun? 45 minutes of housework cardio, annnnd go! However, my tummy’s starting to rumble, so I foresee an oatmeal break in my future…

Yesterday I started my Friday out with a nice little trip to the gym after a solid 7 hours of sleep. I felt like I had plenty of energy on the treadmill when I ran 3.5 miles at an (almost) 5k pace. I could have kept on going, but I wanted to get in some upperbody weights, too:

Inverted pushups on stability ball – 2×10

Incline dumbbell chest press – 15 lbs – 2×12

Triceps dips – 2×10 (oof)

Just a quickie weight session – took about 20 minutes.

Once home and showered, I was almost out of oats (the horror!!) so I decided to make another mongo green monster:


Except I was out of spinach (the horror x’s 2!) Never fret, a fruit smoothie’s a sure bet.

Ice, 1 frozen banana, ½ c. frozen blueberries, 1 scoop of Jay Robb brown rice pp, maca, water, flaxmeal, coconut butter.

Topped with Ezekiel granola.


I love using this granola because it’s SO crunchy. Even when it sinks below the top of the smoothie.    

This smoothie kept me full for quite some time, but eventually da tum was in need of some grub:


I tried out this Split Pea soup for lunch. I was a little hesitant, because split pea soup can either be amazing or atrocious. I took a look at the ingredients, and still wasn’t sure I’d like it…


But luckily, this version was amazing!

Other random eats included:


Most of this bad boy, a plumb, and some trail mix.

After work, I trained a client and hurried home to get picked up to go to Bunco. It feels like I never stop…

Typically the food at Bunco is pretty unhealthy and not veg-friendly, so I made a quickie dinner:


brock, cuke, shroom, cado w/ a big ol’ dollop of hummus


Millet w/ tofutti (which is good, but the ingredients list is a little scary) and Quorn meatless nuggets.

Bunco was a blast, regardless. And girlfriends + wine + laughter= a good night – exhausted or not! And even better? I won!

IMG_1176 IMG_1177

Big money, baby 😉 mhahah

Running Around (on) a Budget

Shane and I have been trying to cut costs pretty much all around. The other night, my analyst of a husband created a big spreadsheet depicting all of our bills, expenses, incomes, etc.

It really helped to have it all laid out all organized with categories. 

Basically, I need to find a cheaper hair salon, and I need to quit buy so much expensive food. I currently spend around $500-$700 on groceries every month. And in our situation right now (which I’ll reveal on the blog soon, I promise – it’s good, not bad!!) we need to cut costs.

I’ll deal with the hair salon sitch later, but for now, my goal is to slash our grocery bill by $500. This means spending a mere $200 on groceries per month, or $50 per week. I can do this. It might mean no more fancy pants Coconut milks, Kombucha’s (however I will spend extra money on kombuchas – like the bunco money I won. I just really believe in the healing power of Kombucha,) Barney Butters or goat’s milk ice cream, but I can do it. Basically I have to rule out two of my favorite stores (Naturally Yours and Fresh Market) and only go to them when I NEED an ingredient for something, like spelt flour for baking, for example.

So to put it in writing, and make it official…

In order to spend less at the food stores, I’m going to:

  • Shop at cheaper/bulk stores (as much as it pains me) like Wal-Mart, Sam’s, and Aldi’s.
  • Look for coupons – but only for things I need.
  • Take a list, and stick to the list
  • Compare prices
  • Buy store-brand when it’s a better deal
  • Buy in bulk when it comes to things like frozen goods, cereal, and of course – spinach.

Today’s my first go at it, actually. After training clients, I’m heading to the store, with a $50 limit. I’ll report back how it goes 😉

But for now, enjoy this wonderful Saturday, everyone!

How do you cut costs in the grocery stores? Or do you shop without a budget (like I used to)? It’s gonna be hard, but totally doable.


Oh hi there 😀

Did everyone enjoy their Tuesday? I sure do hope so!!

I was up and at ‘em at the outrageous hour of 4:45 this morning, and wasn’t happy about it until I had this running through my veins:




Yep..I’ve officially reinstated coffee before my morning workouts. Maca alone just aint cuttin’ it. But that’s not to say I’m cuttin’ it out. Along with my coffee, I had my go to pre-(intense) workout breakkie of half a smashed banana, Barney Butter, cinnamon, and maca mash (for not so intense workouts, I just omit the BB.)


Looks nast, tastes fantast.

Today, that was fuelage for some pretty intense intervals. My training plan called for 7×400’s, which, in my understanding is alternating sprints for 400 meters with a short recovery job in between. Since I was on a treadmill, I jogged a 10 minute warm up, and then did sprints (well, 5k/8:30 pace) of 90 seconds, and a recovery jog at 6.0/10:00 pace for 60 seconds eight times through. I finished it out with a 5 minute cool down jog at a 10:00 pace. Get all that? 😉 Either way, I was BEAT, and a sweaty beast. Nevertheless, I still had about 15 minutes until I had to leave, so I joined Heidi on the stair master for the last 15 minutes to make it a completely cardio day.

When I got home, I chugged water like no other, and then made my first iced coffee of the year!




Coffee, ice, SO Delicious Coconut Milk.

The temperature got up in to the 50’s today (60’s tomorrow!! Right on!) so I think iced coffee was quite appropriate.

Then fueled up with my fave breakfast cookie.


1/3 c. oats, 1 T. chia, 1 T. PB2, 1 T. Carob powder, 1/2 scoop chocolate protein powder, 1/2 banana, 1/8 c. almond milk, 1 T. almond butter, 1 packet stevia, and 1 T. cocoa nibs – all mixed together and refrigerated over night. Delicious as always. I’m on such a kick!!

Work was fairly busy today, but it sure made the time speed on by! While working away, I munched on an abundance of fruit!

Organic pear


First plum of the season!



And some unpictured strawberries and an apple. Fruitopia!!

For lunch, I tried a new (to me) Amy’s soup!



I did a double take when I saw this coconut soup at Fresh Market. Too bad I didn’t grab two, because this soup’s amazin’!

To complete the meal, I brought along toasted a piece of brown rice flour bread, and added a combo of coconut butter and almond butter on top. Went amaaazingly well with the soup.

Had the night off from training clients (but I did sign another one, wahoo!) so after leaving work and running a couple errands, I was homeward bound!

Niko was practically BEGGING me for a walk when I got home.

You tell me. Can you deny this face?



I sure can’t!!!

Dinner was somewhat of an experiment. I still had leftover southwestern squash sauce from Sunday’s lunch, and wanted to use it with some leftovers. Then it came to me! If it can be pizza sauce…



…it can be pasta sauce!! Or so I thought. It was honestly just mediocre at best. Meh, ya win some ya lose some 🙂

Besides, the sides more than made up for it!


Lightly boiled asparagus with an organic honey mustard dressing


Humungo spinach salad topped with white mushrooms, avocado, and red onion tossed in the same honey mustard. Friggin’ delicious. Could have made this double the size and a meal on its own!


All together nah!

Completed with a dark red Shiraz. I moved the whole shebang to the living room promptly after photographing and ate while watching Gossip Girl 😉 The hubski was working and I’m just not one for eating alone at the dinner table.

After dinner, we finished season one of 24 and dove straight into season two!! Looks like it’s going to be even more intense than the first one! Jack Bauer is such a badass 😉

Hope everyone has a lovely hump day!

What fresh fruits and veggies are you most looking forward to in the spring season? I can’t wait to eat some BERRIES! Strawberries, blueberries, raspberries – any of them! I go through berry withdrawl from September until March.

Green Intentions

Hi everyone!

How goes it? Tomorrow’s Friday – Woohoo:D

I started today out the only way I know how…with a cup of French Press coffee!




Mmm. I’m really getting used to the whole using no sweetener in my coffee thing. Dare I say it helps me feel better in the morning, too? I get the caffeine buzz without the sweetener buzz, which is a good thing in my book.


I followed up the coffee with a delicious juice from our Christmas juicer:



Carrot, celery, grapefruit juice. Yuuuumtopia!

Look at all the pulp it produces from that one cup of juice, though:



Yeah…that’s why I mainly like to EAT my fruits – look at all that fiber I’m missing out on. Oh well, juicing is FUN and surrre is tasty 😀

Then I was off to work!

Work was another busy day spend mostly at my desk, but then around lunch time, I snuck across the street to my stylist to get my eye brows waxed. Am I the only one who actually likes this feeling? I really don’t think it hurts at all – but instead that it feels good! I know, I’m special. Haha

I couldn’t help but pass a Starbucks on my way back to work, so the centrifugal force pulled me in. Besides, I wanted to put my reusable eco cup I got for Christmas to use!



Yay Green!

Except I didn’t even end up being green. I gave my cup to the barista just as he was about to write my order on the paper cup. Then, when he took my reusable cup, he totally turned around and through the paper cup in the garbage! So much for trying to be green! Oh well, I tried to spare that one cup, right? At least I saved the earth from a plastic lid? Haha Oh well – next time I’ll be quicker 😉

Either way, my grande soy half pump vanilla latte (no way I’m totally skipping sweetener in this bad boy) was spectacularrrr– and put me in a happy place for when I got back to work 🙂

After eating my lunch at my desk, and working on a couple other items, I decided I needed a break, and hoofed it up to the top floor to park it and work at a desk right by the window. Killing two birds with one seat, I got a TON of work done and got in a lil Vitamin D while I was at it. When working inside all day, in a cubicle, it can be tough to get your daily dose of sunshine.

Left work a little late to finish up on some scheduling and made a quick stop at the grocery store to fill up my fruit basket and my veggie drawer.



My drawer was once bare, but now runneth over

Do you know how much I love Aldi’s? I typically hit up expensive health food stores, spending more than I need, but this month the husband and I are doing a little challenge to see how much money we can save on food by having me not buy unnecessary expensive items from health food stores. I’m sure I’ll stop by there once or twice to pick up some spelt flour or kombucha, but for the majority of this month (and probably months to come, seeing as how Aldi’s is bomb) I’m stickin’ to Aldi’s and Wal-Mart.

Besides, I was chattin’ it up with my girl, Destiny, about Aldi’s and she told I have got to try their Winking Owl wine. Supposedly it’s like $3 and tastes amazing and doesn’t leave a hangover. Needless to say, I was super amped to see this magical wine to my right upon first entering the store:



Anyway, from Aldi’s, I drove to a Power Yoga class 😀

It was an intense class with lots of vinyasas. I really wish they held this class more than once a week. Well, actually they do, but they need to reschedule it to fit MY schedule 😉

When class ended, I went downstairs to the gym to get in a smidgen of cardio, before gallivanting home around 7:00

Famished as I was, my stankiness from the gym somehow outweighed my hunger. One Godspeed shower later and I was ready for dinner.

I knew the amount of effort I wanted to put into dinner was slim to none. So you know what that means…



Frozen pizza night!

It was a spinach pizza, but I added some bok choy for a little extra umph.

Popped it in the oven and devoured the first snack in sight patiently waited for it to cook.



Brock and hummus that probably should have been thrown out before this last hurrah.

Finally the pizza was finished cooking.



Ahhhh. SO good. And the stats are pretty amazing too! Not too many ingredients, mostly organic. And the cheese was feta and tofu. (I didn’t mention the scary “t word” when the hubski snagged a piece of it…muahaha)

with a spinach and tomato side salad:




Friggin’ amazing.


Shane basically had the opposite:



And we washed it all down with some magical wine:




Look, even the cork is cute!





Tomorrow’s going to be a busy one. I get off work at 10:30, but I have a fullll day of personal business errands to run. The reward for such productivity? A full body massage at the end of the day from my friend who’s a massage therapist. Score!! :D     


Just had to add one more thing – Relief efforts are making it as easy as ever to do your part in helping Haiti through it’s time of devastation and destruction. How amazing is it that you can donate $10 just be sending a text message? Yep, all you have to do is send the message “Haiti” to the number 90999 and you will have donated $10 minutes, and it will only have taken 2 minutes of your time. If you can’t donate $10, there are many other ways you can donate to the Haiti Earthquake victims.

How “green” are you? Do you change anything up to try and be more environmentally friendly? Aside from the whole reusable coffee cup thang obviously, I also try and recycle as much as I can, unplug large appliances when they’re not in use, and use reusable grocery bags. I know that’s not much, but it’s more than I did a year or so ago!

Ciao it!

Eyelids A-Droopin

Hey bloggies! I don’t know about you, but I’m BEAT! It’s about 9:30 p.m. here and I could just crash and go to sleeeep.

Over lunch I had to go out and run some personal errands, but I also swung by Borders to use my surprise Borders gift card! I don’t have any good reads, and wanted to pick up one. I told myself I was going to go in, grab about 2 or 3 really good fiction/nonfiction books, and that was it.

Instead, I got this:



I couldn’t help it! I’ve been wanting to read it for a while since making the transition to going veg in October, so I bought it. Oh, and a cute 365 Days a Year Puppy Calendar. Couldn’t help myself on that one either 😉

But I’ve already started reading the introduction in the Kind Diet, and I like it already. Although I’m guessing it’s all stuff I’ve already heard before, I really like Alicia and her personality and the message she’s trying to convey, and think it’ll be a good read. Plus, I’ll most likely try out a recipe or two 😀

Unfortunately, I didn’t get a chance to try out a recipe tonight, but Amy sure did!


Since I was going straight from work at 4, to the gym until 5:15, then to a trainer job shadow until 7, there was no time for dinner, and barely even a shower! (Don’t you worry, I penciled one in before eating dinner :)) At gym #1, I got in a quick 3.5 mile run in about 32:30, followed by 10 minutes on the stair stepper, and then about 10 minutes of plank work. This took up exactly an hour, and I did a quick change into dry, clean workout gear, and headed to gym #2.

I spent my time at gym #2 observing/shadowing a personal trainer and her client for a little over an hour. Twas a good time. It was all about supersets for the first half, and circuits for the second. I even got in a second workout by participating in the second half a bit 😀 Whoop whoop!

But again, afterward I was pooped!

Luckily Amy came to the rescue with this Indian dish of Palak Paneer:



Before consuming, I transferred it to a plate, to give it that, erm, home cooked Indian food feeling…



and of course with the obligatory glass of red. Yes, it was obligatory. Tonight.

The meal was pretty good, but the flavor could have been kicked up a notch.

After a little bit of working on the computer, I decided to read some of the Kind Diet while snacking on some graham sticks with sweet pumpkin dip.



Aaaand now it’s crash time.

Good night all! Sorry for the lame/short post, but my eyelids are a-droopin’!