New Kicks Nixed the Pain

The ankle pain, that is. I just got back from a quick 3.1 mile run, and it was the first run wearing my new Mizunos. I was a little nervous just because the last pair of new shoes I got didn’t work out so well. Alas, the Mizunos were a success! I felt little ankle pain, and I loved the way they felt in general.

This is the ankle I usually have trouble with:

The shoe expert guy at Often Running, told me these shoes would provide a little less cushion, but at the same time, they wouldn’t allow my foot to shift in my shoe. He thinks the shifting is what’s causing my ankle pain. Apparently, this apparatus is the super star of the shoe:

Oooh, impressive! hehe

So I ran a fairly quick run for me – 3.1 miles in 28:38 seconds – so about 9:15 pace. I’d taken Body Pump at 8:00 this morning, and then was a couch rat for a few hours, so I figured I’d be slow. However, unfortunately I must attribute my speed to just wanting to get the damn thang done! haha. No special runners’s wings carried me. Nope, I didn’t feel as light as air. I just wanted it to be over with so I could get back to my couch status. haha! Here are the other stats:

To fuel my run, I had a few peanut butter pretzels and a super-charge me cookie.

When I got back, I had something I haven’t had in a quite a while:

I had protein shake. Well, water+ice+3/4 scoop of BSN Lean Dessert whipped vanilla protein powder (my favorite flavor) I’ve been trying to stay away from this protein poweder since I’ve started my journey of clean eating, however, I really feel like I need more protein lately, and this was the quick fix.

Later, Shane and I were feeling snacky – so I made another variation of Angela’s Apple crisp – but I added in the rest of our Great Harvest Apple Pie bread – crumbled style, and it turned out more like apple dumplings!

and I added butterscotch chips to Shane’s of course:

Question: What’s your favorite “clean” protein powder (if you use protein powder, of course!)?

Long Weekend=Long Runs!

Hi guys! I just got back from a super awesome run!! I’ll tell you about in a minute, but first – last night. After I had my own personal happy hour, the hubski and I went to Chevy’s where we enjoyed a super yummy meal.

We started out with drinks and chips n’ salsa:

I could eat the crap out of those chips. For dinner, I ordered the fajita salad, dressing on the side:

This thing was SO good. I loved finding little chunks of avocado with every few bites:)

We got home, and watched I Love You, Man, which was actually pretty funny! I thought it might be kinda stupid, and it was, but it was also pretty humorous. After movie number one, we had dessert on our minds.

For Shane’s, I was inspired by Angela’s snack she posted on her blog the other day, and I created a variation of it.

5 minute apple crisp:

Toss 1 chopped up apple, a smidgen of butter, a smidgen of almond milk, and a bit of RAW sugar in a bowl, and microwave for one minute. Stir. Add in 1/4 cups of granola of choice and heat it up again for 30 seconds. Then I added butterscotch chips and stirred those in, because Shane’s obsessed with them. He pretty much licked the bowl clean.


Yep, the deliciousness that is banana soft serve. 😀 I also added some dark chocolate chips to the mix.

OK, so back to my run this morning. I usually take my long runs on Sunday, however, the long weekend + the rest day I had yesterday enticed me to take my long run today instead. Plus, I slept through the Body Pump class I was planning on taking haha.

So I went down to the running trail (oh my gosh, there are SO many runners out there on Saturday morning – it’s awesome!) to put in 6 miles. I had planned on 7 miles, but my throat’s been acting up and I didn’t want to push it. So I ran 6 miles on the beautiful, beautiful trail. It’s so awesome how it goes right through ISU – brings back memories on each run 😀

Here were my stats:

Average HR was 162

Yeah, yeah!!

Post run fue was 2 Newmans Own Fid Newtons and a Pumpkin Spice Lattel:


After my run, I was of course a sweaty beast, so I threw on another shirt in my car, and ventured to Hobby Lobby and the Running Shoe store, Often Running.

Unfortunately, I had to take my Adidas Supernova’s back, because they made my left ankle hurt like a mother. I have also been experiencing some dull ankle pain in my other ankle, but not as much as these made my left one feel. So the guy there was SUPER helpful, and took me outside and had me run for him. He noticed that the Asics I was wearing might have too much cushion. So had me try on a few pairs, and then watched me run in each. Afterword, he gave me two pair he recommended, based on what he saw and what I told him they felt like. Both were Mizuno’s, but one pair was $140, and the other was $90.

Guess which ones I picked.

(Not sure what took a bite out of that box)
Like my mama always said, I gots expensive taste. So much for staying under $100 for running shoes 😦 Oh well, you gotta do what you gotta do, right? Ankle pain can lead to a stress fracture, and that would be a very bad thing.

However, by now, the price is long forgotten and I am SUPER pumped to run in these shoes! They feel freakin’ awesome, and hold/support my ankles like no other 🙂 I’m praying these stand up to their price.

Well, now it’s time to tackle the TO-DO list:

  • Give Niko a bath
  • Eat lunch
  • Clean both bathrooms
  • Work on the mountain pile of laundry

Later we’re going to an awesome tapas restaurant with another couple! I’m so excited – I loove this place:)
What are your Labor Day plans?