Sprout, Sprout, You’re Out

Hey, hey guys! Happy almost weekend! Is it going by pretty well for you? Quickly? Slowly? It’s going by pretty darn fast for me. Always seems to happen when you have tons to do before the weekend, doesn’t it?

Yesterday was kind of a random day. However, in the middle of the day of randomocity (apparently I feel like making up words today!) I got to warm my soul with one of these puppies:




Mmm a tall, nonfat, no whip, half pumped, peppermint white chocolate mocha. Pure heaven – I’ve never had the peppermint flavor before, and it’s amazing. And in a holiday cup to boot!! Love those holiday cups. And apparently, by ordering it with half the amount of syrup pumps, I have officially joined the club of Starbucks snobs, according to the husband. According to him, if your order is ten words or longer, you=Starbucks Snob, haha! 🙂

After sipping this nectar of the gods in a holiday cup, my afternoon was smoooth sailing.


You might remember my friend, Missy’s new puppy, Arizona? Well poor AZ broke her paw last week, and she had to have surgery! Poor little pup is only two pounds, and she had to have paw surgery. Thankfully, she came out of it stupendously, but my friend said she could use a little company driving to the animal hospital (it’s about an hour and a half away) to get her and take her back. I said I’d totally go, as I’d want someone to be there for me if anything like this happened to little Niko.

Anyway, we took off right after work and headed to go get the invalid dog. When picked her up, she was a little groggy, but looked adorable as always…

Niko had heard word that AZ was on the fritz, so she made sure to get her a get-well soon care package for me to take to her:


Arizona and Niko loved the pumpkin carob treats I made for them on Halloween SO much, we just had to get her some of these.

Thankfully, Arizone pulled out of surgery just fine, and has a new hot pink cast to remember it by:



How freakin’ adorable is she?!

All of this talk about Arizona’s surgery makes me seriously consider getting pet insurance. I would die if anything happened to Niko, let alone cost an arm and a leg to fix. I’m going to suggest to the husband we get the animal kids pet insurance for Christmas.

On the way there, I busted into one of the Vega Whole Food Vibrancy bars that I received from Vega on Wednesday night!




I was super pumped, because of all the goodness that goes into these bars. Look at that nutritiousness!




The main ingredient in these bars are sprouts, which are powerhouses in the realm of nutritious foods. According to Vega, the sprouting process converts complex carbs into simple carbs, protein into amino acids, and fat into fatty acids. This basically means our bodies don’t have to use up its enzymes for digestion. The bars also have a substantial amount of protein – 10 grams which obviously come from plant-based protein – like sprouted buckwheat, hemp, almonds, brown rice, and pea protein. And with all of those ingredients listed, you can only correctly assume that you’ll be getting a good chunk of your daily fiber in there, too.

Now for the important part 😉 – the taste!


Well, I had initially prepared myself for it to taste very…green. I mean, the main ingredients are sprouts? How good can that be in bar-form? Well, pretty good, actually! These sprouts are definitely not out! I tried the original flavor here, and it might have been because I prepared myself for the worst, but I was very pleasantly surprised with the taste! And the bar was very filling, but didn’t have that oh man this is so filling, how am I going to choke this down filling-feeling. Know what I mean? 😉

I can’t wait to try the other flavors!

Got home around 7 and heated up some leftovers, and came downstairs to a poor husband with an ocular migraine. I’ve never had a migraine, so I can’t empathize, but poor thing didn’t look so great. So he went to the dark bedroom, and I eeked in a little bit of study time while catching up on Glee.

Oh, Finn, thank God you’re in your 20’s in real life, or I’d feel like a huge pedophile…



Yep…I’ve got myself a Finn crush!

Now I’ve gotta catch up on some of your blogs while sipping this delicious coffee, and hit the road for work! Today was actually supposed to be my Friday, but since I now have to take another day off later in December for the ACE exam, I decided to go in on Friday too. Boo 😦 Oh well..short day, short day 😀

If you have a pet, do you have pet insurance for them? Why or why not?

If you don’t have a pet, how far in advance before a trip do you start packing? I got out my suitcase a while ago, but just really started packing this week.

Have a wonderful Thursday, everyone!


Adventures in (fur) Baby-Sitting

If you still haven’t, update your readers! www.runningaroundnormal.com/feed

Good morning! Happy Time change day!! Or if you’re like me, I’m sorry for your loss…of daylight. Yes, I like springing ahead much more than falling back. That extra hour of sleep just might have been worth it. I have to drop off the hubski in an hour to his buddies so they can get up to Chicago for a Bear’s game!! I’m so jealous that I’m not going by the way. The only Bears game I’ve been to is in St. Louis:(

Yesterday morning, I was off to an early start as well!  I had to wake up and get ready for my four hour personal training class workshop, and I was and excited as a kid on her first day of kindergarten. Well…ya know, the ones that aren’t super duper sad to let go of mom’s leg. (ahem..like me..ahem.) Anyway, I was up here blogging up a storm, when Shane had hollered from downstairs that he cooked me eggs! My husband makes the best scrambled eggs! Or maybe mine are so crappy, his taste amazing. Either way, I was excited for the random breakfast:

IMG_1853 With some Ezekiel toast with TJ pumpkin butter and half White Chocolate Dreams. Just because it’s wrong to have toast without a nut butter!



Then I was off to the gym class! Our workshop was at ISU’s rec center, and the entire four hours were spent doing assessment tests that we would do when we first get a client. We did things like cardio respiratory tests, muscular endurance tests, flexibility tests, body fat analysis tests, BMI tests, body measurement tests, blood pressure tests, and the list went on. In my opinion, it was very, very beneficial. Besides, our instructor absolutely rocks! 😀

I snapped a picture of the gym we did all of our work in:


But then got too carried away in the work fun to remember to snap anymore. It was a lot of fun, and the people in the class are wonderful. If you plan on getting certified to be a personal trainer, I (so far) recommend taking a class on it first😀

After class, I drove home, strapped on my running gear, and got ready to run for the first time since the race last Sunday. I took Niko for a warm-up walk, and then pounded out 5.01 miles in 47:20 with the following splits:

Mile 1: 9:23

Mile 2: 9:13

Mile 3: 9:40

Mile 4: 9:33:

Mile 5: 9:26

I have to say, I am a wee bit sore in the calves this morning. It felt good to pound out some miles though. It was a cod, but sunny, run and it was good to get out and enjoy the fresh air!

I came home, showered and chugged an Amazing Meal Green Monster, and got prepared to (fur)baby-sit for the rest of the day! Can you guess who it is?!

If you said Arizona, you’re right!!


The besties (she and Niko) ran and played and rough-housed the first couple hours non stop:


They like to go under that table for some reason and bonk their heads. Who knows. Little brains, little brains.

Then she took a break to help me make Halloween Dog Treats!

IMG_1869 They were made out of pumpkin, eggs, whole wheat flour,natural peanut butter, and a little sea salt. Healthy treats make healthy pups!

IMG_1870  Yes, I realize what that looks like. It’s dough!! I promise!


After they came out of the oven, I put some unsweetened carob chips on half.


Aren’t they adorable?! and the dogs both LOVED them.

Since Niko gets a little sassy when other dogs are around her treats, I split them up to enjoy their Halloween Treats.


Yum, yum! I then split the treats into three bags. One to take home with Arizona, one for Niko, and one for my parents’ dog.


I split the recipe in half, so unless you plan on making a huge batch, I’d suggest the same.

Arizona kindly helped me with the dishes afterward.IMG_1874

And then they helped  pass out candy!!


Zona’s a pumpkin, and Niko, as you know, a witch. Te hehe! Shane and I decided to just stay in, watch the dogs, pass out candy, and watch movies while we all bundled up.

And to eat, we were craving Indian takeout!  Since they were out of Baigan Bhartha, the owner let me try two different menu items, and gave me one for free. I have absolutely no idea what they were called, but they’re good!


Actually, this one wasn’t so good. I think it was peppers of some sort, but there were tons  of seeds in them! Yummy, but not as yummy as…

This spinach/tofu dish! Holy delicious! SO good. I even saved some for leftovers.


With of course naan and a glass of red.

IMG_1889   I was very surprised that neither of the dishes contained meat (thankfully!) I didn’t even tell him I was a vegetarian! Maybe he assumed since I wanted eggplant? Oh well! Hopefully I’ll be able to explain myself enough to order the tofu dish again. Everyone who commented on my post about how tofu is not fo’ me was right! It is so good  when you eat it from a restaurant! Amazing!

I better get off of here so I can get Shane to his friends on time! Then I’m headed to the gym to meet my friend, Heidi for some cardio weights, and then perhaps a little Starbucks action afterward. Ohh yeah;)

Unofficial Cross Training Week

Good morning everyone! I can’t believe it’s already Thursday! I feel zen and centered right now, as I just finished a 20 minute session of heart-opening yoga from yogadownload.com. It left me calm and ready, and also shaky, warm, and a little sore (how I like to feel after yoga!) I just discovered this website last night, and it’s awesome! They offer tons upon tons of classes, and the 20 minute ones are free!

When I went to visit my friend Destiny, she was telling me how much she loves yoga and how I should do it more often again. My last year in college, I got really into it. I found an instructor that I absolutely LOVED, and went twice a week. Then, the instructor left, and her replacement was all about yogalaties (a fusion of yoga and pilates.) I am not all about that. So I quit and didn’t really practice much except for doing a video at home here and there. Hopefully yogadownload will be my yoga saving grace:D


I have a short day at work today, because Niko has to get some shots, plus I’m going to a birthday lunch, so I suspect today will be a good one. However, later on tonight I have my muscles, bones, and blood quiz! I studied my little tail coccyx off last night, so hopefully I’ll do well 🙂


So didja miss me last night? If you’ve noticed, I’ve been posting twice a day lately – once in the morning, and once in the evening. Except last night I did now. I decided last night that I’m going to switch over to posting only once daily for a while. And I decided this for a few reasons:

-My life is getting very busy with 40 hours of full time job + commute, night class, studying, working out 5-6 days a week, cooking, cleaning, and keeping a social life

-Sometimes my day just isn’t that interesting, and I don’t have two posts worth to talk about – and I can’t always crank out a hot topic on those days

-You guys have super busy lives, and I know le Google Reader can be daunting at times

What do you all think? Do you like when I post twice daily more? Once daily? Does it even matter? heh. I’d love to hear your feedback 😀


Anyway, when I got home from work last night, I had planned on doing a 3.5 mile interval run. It was almost 60 º out, and I wanted to take advantage of it. However, something strange happened when I got home. I didn’t feel like running. At all…so I didn’t run. And I didn’t feel guilty about it. Instead, I decided to take Niko on a nice long, brisk walk.

Hubski didn’t believe me that I didn’t want to run, and wanted proof:


We had a great walk together. I realized it had been a week since I took her on a walk, and looking down and seeing her so happy on our walk made it worth it to skip my run.

During the walk, I decided that I’m unofficially making this week Cross Training Week. Unofficially, because it was already Wednesday, and I was just declaring it then. I’m going to do something different than running each day this week🙂 Niko walking was UCTW exercise #1

After our walk, I indulged in cross training week by downloading some yoga! I turned the computer room into my own personal yoga studio, and did an amazing hip opening session (exercise #2!).


And for that picture above, I was mainly concentrating on keeping my foot from catching on fire, mahaha. (And my yoga this morning was my UCTW exercise #3 🙂 )

After yoga, I was starved, and decided to make Mac n Cheese Stuffed Peppers for dinner, starring…


Seriously, this meal is super easy and super delicious. Try it if you’re in a time crunch. And if you like stuffed peppers.


Artsy Fartsy red peppers 🙂


I also sautéed some frozen veggies in EVOO, chopped garlic, and cayenne.IMG_1310IMG_1308

While I was waiting for the pasta to cook, I had some of my latest snack obsession:

IMG_1306 IMG_1307

Really, can you beat that now?

Right around the time we finished cleaning up dinner, we had a guest arrive! Remember this super cute yorkie/min pin mix?

Well, she got all her shots, and was able to be introduced to her future BFF tonight!


Aren’t they adorable? I think Niko was full out astounded that she had a friend smaller than her!


Awww 🙂 They got along instantly. Arizona stayed for about 45 minutes, and the entire time, she and Niko chased each other, rolled around, and sniffed butts. I think they’re pupster soul mates! Niko even looked sad when they left 😦 She kept going back and forth from the door to the front window, to see if she could see her! LOL It was a nice break from studying, too:)

After the study break, I got back to memorizing parts of the body, and had a snack to power me on:


Oh yes, I made a GHB stop today. The samples! The samples! They get me every time. I walked out with some pumpkin spiced coffee, and this apple rhubarb bar to split with the hubski:


He gobbled up his portion as well. I love Great Harvest Bread! Unfortunately, I didn’t walk out what I came there for, which was a loaf of either one of their nuttier, grainer breads, or an extremely decadent dessert bread. I was too little too early. The bread I wanted didn’t get done until 12:15. Oh well..saved my waistline a few notches 😉

Well time to grab one more mug of coffee and get ready for the day! Look for opportunities to be your best today. 🙂

I hope you all have a wonderfully zen Thursday 😉

Bad Start to Good Finish!


Want to hear something that sounds like it should be in a movie featuring a 20 something professional running late on a Monday morning?

Today I woke up with an almost-hangover from some vino from last night so I was a little shaky. Plus I had a puffy face going on to boot. The puffy face was from crying for a while yesterday. Nothing horrible happened or anything, but I can’t go into any further details until the end of the week. It’s also cold and rainy.

I was fine getting to work besides being a couple minutes late, but the trouble started right when I got there. I opened my door and got out of my car, forgetting that my iPhone was on my lap. Luckily, only the face fell onto the dark, cold, wet ground, but when I picked it up, I set off my car alarm and couldn’t for the life of me figure out how to turn it off LOL. The alarm frightened me so much that I dropped my iPhone – sans iPhone case and it went scattering under the car next to me. I freaked. I’ve heard horror stories about this. Of people dropping their iPhones only to see them shatter before their eyes. And trust me when I say this would NOT be good time to be without a phone. I immediately got down on the ground and began looking for my phone, and I finally found it – and fortunately is was in one piece and still works. *Thank YOU phone gods!* haha

Once I collected my stuff and myself, I humbly walked into work, only to look down and see scuffs on my brand new shoes I got last night:





Oh, hi, expensive Dansko’s who ate pavement for breakfast!

/endrant haha!

Thanks for letting me vent. I don’t do it often on here, as I know it’s not exactly pleasant to read, but I gotta be real, right? Ok, on to bigger and better things…



On a more positive note, I did get to don a super cute (and new!) outfit today!




And was able to fix the shoe dilemma with a sharpie per some advice from some coworkers! Who knew?!

And I wore my favorite piece of jewelry Shane’s ever gotten me (besides my wedding ring):



See my nail polish? It’s still in good shape from my manicure the other day. Usually my manicures don’t last more than 1-2 days from all that tap-tap-tapping on the keyboard.

After work my friends, Missy and Bev, asked me to come over and see their new puppy. They just got her yesterday! Meet Arizona:




How tiny is she?! Isn’t she adorable? She’s a yorkie and min pin mix (yes, they’re going to have a sassy little lady on their hands.)

After getting millions of puppy kisses, I booked it home to get in a 50 minute elliptical sesh. My training called for 6 miles today, but my ma was still at my house, so I got on the elliptical and chatted with her while we watched DVR’d Days of Out Lives instead 😀


Good Eats

Breakfast today was very delicious and filling.



I think raspberries are my favorite fruit to put in yogurt messes. The raspberry/chocolate combo from the Deep Chocolate VitaTop went wonderfully together!

Lunch was an easy choice of leftover veggie pizza from last night.



However, it left my stomach feeling all sorts of messed up.

I had some green tea to help it out a little though.



It was freeezing in our office today, so it helped me warm up, too!

My afternoon/pre workout snack consisted of the Pumpkin Dip I made last week along with some Stacy’s Cinnamon Pita chips:



Mmm.. Such a good combination! And the tofu in the dip helped keep me full throughout my workout.


Update on the Pet Bed Front……



Clarabelle has staked her claim!!



Now I’m off to order my Personal Trainer text books, because my personal training classes start next Tuesday! Any personal trainer RAN readers have any advice for me??

I hope you all had a great Monday! Talk to you in the morning 😀