If the Shoe Fits…

…consider more factors before running in it!!

Since I’m partaking in my very first race here in nine days (what?! Yikes!) I’ve been researching running and everything to do with running like crazy.

This is actually the second time I’ve taken up running (on my own, and not forced by a sports coach, haha.) The first time, I quit before even being able to run three miles. The main reason I quit was because running hurt me. By the time I’d gotten up to running 20 minutes (I was doing Couch 2 5K,) I’d come home, and my knees would be killing me. This scared me because my mom, who used to be a marathon runner and ran every day, was given the option of getting knee surgery or quitting running at the age of 52. Now, her case was a bit more extreme, as she ran long distances and often, but the pain still scared me.

So, I took the easy way out. I stopped running altogether, and went back to doing workout DVD’s and using the elliptical as my forms of cardio. I’m not saying these aren’t good choices of cardio, but I had just simply given up on running, not looking back to give it a second chance.

Two years passed, and I became more knowledgeable about running by reading all kinds of magazines and articles. This May, I decided I was going to go ahead and give it another shot. I’d learned a lot, and knew the main culprits of my running pain: poor form, but moreover, ill-fitted shoes. So, I took myself to Normal’s local running store, “Often Running,” and got myself fitted for running shoes.

Salesperson: “Take of your shoes and walk for me.”

Me: strutted my stuff down the catwalk carpeted shoe room.

Salesperson: “Ok that’s good, you don’t overpronote or underpronote, I have some ideas for you.”

I also told her that the last time I tried the whole running shebang my knees started hurting.

Then she brought out 3 different pair of cushiony shoes: Mizuno’s, Adidas Supernovas, and Asics Gel Nimbus.

I tried of each of them, immediately eliminating the Mizunos. They just didn’t feel right on my feet. I loved how light the Supernovas felt, but the didn’t feel like they’d absorb enough shock for me. This saddened me, because these are so cool looking, and made me feel light as a feather! Then, it happened. I tried on my Holy Grail shoe. The Asics Gel Nimbus:

And they were pink, to boot!!

They sized me up a size, and I was a bit nervous at first, but they are an amazing fit. And at $125, they damn well better be! What can I say, I’ve always had expensive taste, haha.
Since I was a little concerned about the size they had me at (a whopping 11.5!) she showed me a special way to tie my shoes, to ensure no slippage during a sweaty run.

You have to loop the ends back through the loopholes and then tie. I love this method!

Throw a couple pair of wick dry, no blister socks in and I was on my way out the door, and on my way to embark the wonderful journey of running.

I can now run 5.5 miles (and am going for 6 this Saturday.) I’m SO glad I gave running another chance. It’s not just a form of cardio anymore, but it’s a passion.

Have you found your running shoe HG? If not, and you are interested in running, I highly recommend to go to a professional running store to get fitted first. It made so much a different for me.