Race Day is Hheeaahh!

It’s here!! Race day – wooo hooo!! 😀 I’m gonna kick this 5 K’s butt. I’m really excited, because not only is this my first race of the season, but it’s the first of my life!

I’m about to take off, and I think I’m all ready. Now I’m just waiting on Missy to get here so Shane can drive us there. He’s going to be our photographer 😀

Getting nervous…

For my pre-race dinner, I had Avanti’s. This place is a central Illinois staple, and has great (cheap!) Italian food. They deliver, which is freakin’ awesome, so we had Avanti’s a la take out.

I had chicken parmesana, with a big ol’ hunk a bread.

I almost ate it all, and it almost knocked my head off! So good. How’s that for carbing up 😉

Afterward, I settled in my comfy clothes for ultimate relaxation time! The rest of the night included lots of being horizontal while watching One Tree Hill and Enterouge marathons.

I think I could call that a perfect night! Well, maybe if I had a glass of wine, too. However, this was a nice substitution.

Oh, yes I did! Banana ice cream twice in a week. Hells yeah! Tonight I added some of these bad boys:

They added in an awesome flavor! And it was a nice way to change it up. And as always, I made some raw syrup to go on top 🙂

I almost had some of these guys…

…they are pretty good. I got to try em out – Thanks Late July! They’re nice for a healthy version of the sugar-filled cookie sandwiches. I’d buy them myself. But I didn’t have them, and instead had a nice calming mug of sleepy time tea, to put any nerves to rest (pun intended ;-))

This morning I woke up cursing myself for being up so early on a Saturday bright eyed and bushy tailed around 5:00, and made my oatmeal in a jar first thing (after coffee of course.)

Deliciousness. I ate it so early because I didn’t want to have stomach cramps while running. I usually don’t eat prior to working out in the a.m., so I’m a little nervous. How do you fuel (or not fuel) for your early morning workouts?

Well I’m off to go run! Don’t worry there will be lots of pictures and a re-cap! 😀

I might be able to do a post run post, but we’ll be in a hurry to get on the road for the Jimmy Buffett concert, so we’ll see. I might stash the lap top just in case. But this might be the only post.

Wish me luck!! 😀