Fresh Market

Hi guys! Happy it’s-already-Thursday 🙂 I hope your week’s going well!

Well, the muffins I brought to the office were a hit! I didn’t say anything to anyone about them being healthy except for one person. He’s on weight watchers, and was sulking because he couldn’t have any of the food anyone brought it (trust me, everything but the muffins were absolutely sinful!) I let on to him that he could have a muffin, so he grabbed one up 🙂

THIS is what I had:

hoooooooly yum. It’s a blackberry rhubarb bar from Great Harvest Bread Company that the birthday girl herself brought in 🙂 It’s was pure heaven in a bar.

Work was work. I did manage to sneak in an Amazing Grass Peanutbutter Chocolate Bar after lunch:

Verdict: it was pretty good! I was hesitant when I opened it and saw a chocolate coating – usually that has been a sign that the bar tastes artificial in my experience. However, when I took my first bite, I was pleasantly surprised! I was also pleasantly surprised to see…

It was green on the inside! It had 10 grams of protein and the same ingredients the amazing meal powder has in it, so that was pretty impressive 🙂 All in all, I’d most likely buy it if I saw it in a store, and it’s better than a lot of other protein bars I’ve tried.

Work ended up being pretty busy again, so I was glad to get out of there!

However, I’m very proud to say that I went straight to the gym to pound out a personal time record! I ran a 5k in a sub 9 minute mile pace! I finished at 27:09! I’ve never run a 5k this fast. Hopefully I’ll be able to run this fast (or faster in Saturday’s 5k.) My HR was pretty up there though… Average HR was 172 and max was 188. Yikes! Tomorrow’s workout will be elliptical and then I’ll rest Friday for Saturday’s race.

Directly after leaving the gym I went to:

!!!!!! Today was the first day it opened, and it was nuts in there! I wanted to go over lunch, but had an impromptu meeting, blech. But oh my, this store will be the death of me my wallet.

I loved it! And I pretty much squeeled when I saw my own personal unicorn:

BARNEY BUTTER! I’ve searched high and low for this stuff, and haven’t been able to find it annnywhere. But, I found it! Here! Wahoo!! I’m trying it with bananas on hemp bread for lunch today. Can’t wait.

Other goods:

If that’s not a big container of greek yogurt…

I don’t think I’ll be buying produce here, as it was pretty expensive. However, I will definitely be buying specialty items here. They also had an awesome meat and seafood section!

Oh, and they also had a make-your-own-almond butter station, which I thought was just the best thing ever!

Dinner was on the run. Shane wanted take out (though I was tempted to pick up some sushi from FM) so I stopped at Moe’s on the way home.

I got the the Close Talker with tofu and guac:

Mmm mm! So tastaayy!

Question: What’s your favorite health food store? (TJ’s, WF’s, FM, local health food stores, etc)