Alcohol and Athletes


I’m pretty beat. Tuesdays and Thursdays are my ultra long days, and from running at 5 in the morning yesterday to training until dark, I was one tired chica. Today, however, I only have to attend one of my part time gigs (Hi, BIC 🙂 ) and then I’m doing something I haven’t been able to do since I broke up with my gym. I’m excited, and I’ll write more about it after the class (any guesses?)

The other day, (Labor Day) the husband suggested we cook out. You all know I love grilling out, but the only thing I had to grill out was a chick’n boca burger, and that just didn’t sound good. What’s a girl to do?

Well, if you read Mama Pea’s blog, you may know the answer to this question…




Guys. If you are looking for a good veggie burger recipe, this is it. I took one bite, and told Shane, “I don’t think I should be eating this…I’m vegetarian!” It’s been about a year since I’ve had a real burger, but this tasted SO burger-like. It was almost eerie. But a delicious eerie 😉


With it, roasted okra + sourdough garlic bread.




A perfect late summer’s meal.

Pre-dinner, we lined our stomach with homemade pico and guac w/ some tortilla chips



IMG_9283 IMG_9284


Alcohol and Athletics

I don’t keep it a secret on the blog that I enjoy a few cocktails from time to time…


Sometmes beer



Mostly wine




Every now and then, a mixed drink with a girlfriend.


But gone are the days in my unhealthy ways when I would drink to the point of extreme drunkenness. I just don’t care for the feeling the day afterward…or really the feeling that night anymore for that matter!

Being an athlete, (sure, I’ll consider myself an athlete) there are several things to consider in regards to partaking in the occasional adult beverage or two. After each workout, the body needs to recover. When one drinks several alcoholic beverages per week, it’s inevitably factored into muscle repair and recovery.

Consider this:

  • Drinking alcohol, especially when it carries into the late night, disrupts sleep. Sleep in key in workout recovery.
  • Alcohol is absorbed directly from the stomach into the bloodstream within 5 minutes after consumption.
  • Although alcohol is a fluid, it’s also a diuretic. The more you consume, the more fluids you lose. Have at least one glass of water for every alcoholic beverage you drink.

After those three points considered, if you still drink to the point of having a hangover, here are a few points to consider about hangovers:

  • Hangovers are mostly due to dehydration and loss of electrolytes.
  • To lessen the hangover’s effects, drink water and beverages with sodium – gatorade, broth, soup.
  • Hangovers generally take 12 hours (or more) to pass.


So do you have to abstain from alcohol completely for your body to recover during training? No! Is your body going to recover and repair more quickly when drinks are not consumed in excess? Heck yes!

With that said, cheers to moderation, solid recovery, and fun!


Now for the Thermos Cold Max Giveaway Winner!!!

First off, let me say that you guys are all very supah cool 😉

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Thanks for entering, everyone!


Have a lovely day, friends!


tip for the day – try to reach out and touch and inspire some one today



Happy Monday  long weekend to those who live in the US:)

Even though it’s a long weekend for most, I’m heading into the gym to work today. I have a couple clients, and I told the owner I’d watch the gym.

Saturday night Shane and I had plans of grilling out and heading to the dog park. Big night😉

This weekend was also the last weekend for home games for our town’s minor league baseball team. Just so happened that while working at the gym, I met one of the players from the opposing team to offered up two free box seat tickets for Shane and I! Instant (and cheap!) Saturday night plans!




Before heading to the game, it was grill time!

Snacks for pre-dinner + cocktails:


IMG_9268 IMG_9272






I’ll miss grilling out…



We’ve grilled out countless times this summer. At least once per week – that’s more than we ever have before!



Sourdough garlic bread, okra, veg burg w/ ‘cado + green tomato + pickle!


Okra beans. They’ll be the next new superfood, just you wait! haha

Around 7, we got out the bikes to ride to the game




Pump it up!

We grabbed a beer, and then our seats.


IMG_0365 IMG_0369


It was a pretty good game!


But we left early to get ice cream before it got too dark.



Unfortunately, September = too dark too early, so we didn’t beat the night sky which left us ffffrreeezing and not being able to see much on the way home.



But the fro yo was worth it! By the way, reason #42 why I want to move away from Illinois: instead of having fun places like “self serve frozen yogurt shops” we have ice cream shops where the cashiers give you the oogly eye if you ask for one flavor on top of another. Hence, the two cups above. When I asked if I could have a small bit of raspberry on top, she just shook her head slowly and said “no.” She was a joy.


I showed her!




Worth it;)


How much did you grill out this summer? See above:D

What’s your favorite thing to grill out? I loooove making veggie packs (as evidenced on the blog) with potatoes, carrots, and onions~ yum!


Only one more day to enter my Thermos giveaway!


Have a happy Labor Day to my US readers!!!

Revisiting Routes

Hi there! Happy Friday, guys! 😀

I am loving this cool front moving in the past couple of days! It’s still going to get up to 90 today, but this morning it’s in the 60’s! Perfect for running…

Quick and Hilly 7 6 Mile run

Since the end of May, I’ve been jumping on the trail to run my longer runs. There’s ample shade and minimal hills, and with the heat we’re having this year, it’s the only way to make it bearable! With the cooler than normal temps this morning, I took it as a chance to change up the scenery and run my fall 7 mile route.

Mile 1: 9:28

Mile 2: 8:58

Mile 3: 8:55

Mile 4: 9:17 (lots of hills!!)

Mile 5: 9:06 (the hills continued)

Mile 6: 8:35 (the hills flattened out + a burst at the end!)

Total: 6 miles in 54:17 🙂

What’s that? That’s only 6 miles? Apparently it’s been so long since I’ve run a long (6+ mile) run off the trail that I forgot the route was only 6! I needed to go an extra block through (ISU) campus to make it 7. Ah well 🙂 Good run either way.

About an hour before leaving, I munched on some Great Harvest 9 grain bread with a banana + PB + maca combo topping:


And when my Camel bak was dry (I threw it in the wash since it got drenched after my last longer run) I was off!

The run felt pretty good even though I had a pretty quick negative split run yesterday!

Yesterday at work was a food day – and the Great Harvest Bars I brought in got gobbled up STAT. My teammates know how to demolish some food! haha

I did a pretty good job of staying away from the food table. I grabbed up some hummus and crackers, plus half of a peach GHB bar, but that’s about it. For lunch, I ate an egg salad sandwich I threw together the night before.


This was seriously a little of this and a little of that. I have no specific measurements, but the ingredients were 1.5 hard boiled eggs, chopped, some greek yogurt,hummus, some mustard, vinegar, sea salt, cayenne, pepper, and lemon juice. Ta-da.

IMG_8514 IMG_8515


It was good! A little heavy on the cayenne, but still really good!

I didn’t have any clients to train after work yesterday, so Shane and I decided to go on a bike ride!!


Twas a beautiful day

IMG_0132(pause for dramatic effect)

Do you know how long I’ve been trying to get this man to go on a bike ride with me?



All. Summer. (we stopped at Jewel and had some technical difficulties with the bag on the way home 😉 )

It must be the lack of cigarettes. For those of you who missed it, my husband has been an on again off again smoker. He quit right before we got married, but started back up about a year ago. As of today, he is on Day Six of being smoke free. This is pretty dang monumental, folks. And he hasn’t even been being a jerkface!! 😀 haha

After the bike ride, my girl Missy came over to drop off Arizona, her puppy aka Niko’s bestie to play while she went to a meeting.



Meanwhile, the hubski cooked dinner on the grill!



Chopped sweet potatoes, carrots, onion, and ‘sparagus:



burger on a GHB 9 grain slice.

IMG_8525 Nomtastic.

Dessert was an undocumented slice of paradise. I warmed up the other half of the GHB bar, and topped with with a scoop of frozen yogurt. Sorry you can’t witness the beauty of this simple dessert. A. La. Freakin. Mode.


Well I’m off to do a little website work, train a client, clean, and then get my shop on! I spent the better half of this morning (before my run) browsing fashion blogs, and now I’m inspired to go spend $$!! ha

Any plans for the weekend? I have lots of work to catch up on and get my booty workin’ on some CEC’s.             

I think the addition of a 1 year old spaztastic dog made these two appreciate each other a little more:



They’re secret lover-buddies.

Lata Tayta’s!

Bring it, Summer. Bring it.

Last chance to enter to win a variety pack of the new flavors of Lara Bars! I’ll pick a winner in tomorrow mornings post! 🙂


Man! I feel like a brand new woman!…who doesn’t have as much time in her day. I slept in way past what I usually do both today and yesterday! Even Niko thought it was weird:


OK, I lied…she slept in with me 😉

I gotta say, although I missed the hours in my day, my body feels pretty marvelous – so marvelous!

How’s your Sunday morning going so far? Mine’s swell, but I have a lot to catch up on – no time for a post yesterday. I was too busy living sleeping!

Friday night, one of my BFF’s, Jessica, who’s going to get married next weekend came over with her fiance, Clint:

IMG_0093(I think I caught Clint mid-chew…sorry Clint! 🙂 )

I’m pretty sure they’re the coolest and cutest couple ever. I’ve been BFF’s with Jessica since 4th grade and I seriously couldn’t have picked a better guy for her to be with. Can’t wait to stand up next to her when she gets married 😀

When they came over we immediately started grilling. We were all starved, and wolfed down tons of food.



guac  n chips


jalapeño cheddar rolls (you heard me)


veggie burger!


So. stuffed. But oh-so-good.

After clean up and making a couple drinks (hello nectarine dream!)


…we got our euchre faces on! We had time for about three games. The girls started off strong by winning the first game in about 5 minutes flat, but then our luck ran out during the second and third games. Le sigh. We were pretty sure they cheated 😉

It was around midnight when they headed out, so we headed to bed shortly after.

But awakening shortly after did not happen. I didn’t wake up until 9:00!! That’s super late for me, guys. Yes, even for a Saturday. I always wake up around 6:30 or 7:00 on weekends – so I was a bit disoriented when I woke up at 9:00. But it was one of those sleeps where my body was begging me to stay asleep. I actually awoke around 6:30 with a sore throat, feeling sick, so I went back to bed. My body must have bargained with the cold for a few more hours of sleep because when I woke up the second time, there were no signs of a cold!

Predicament: meeting my girl Heidi 30 minutes later at the Farmer’s Market.

In my rested state, I showered and then made a whole wheat protein waffle at warp speed:


Whole wheat protein waffles! This is my breakfast staple of the summer. I have it probably four or five out of the seven days of the week now.

Then I was out the door! Luckily, Heidi’s always late too, so when I rolled up to the farmer’s market and quarter ’til 10, she was just arriving too 🙂

IMG_0100 IMG_0101

Even though it was only 10, we were both sweating through our shirts. It was one hot Saturday. Bring, it summer. Oh yeah, bring it. I got some corn, snap peas, a peck of peaches (hehe) and a zucchini. After an hour of trudging through the heat and humidity, Heidi came up with the genius idea to get out of the heat.

Coffee Hound!


I got a small iced coffee

and a nice chat with a bestie.


Still on the go, I had to run home to meet my aunt and take her to the airport!

My aunt Bobbie is an avid bloggy reader (Hi Auntie Bobbie!!) and she’d been visiting for a few days – unfortunately I only got to see her for a few minutes, but that just makes more of an excuse to go visit her where she lives in Florida later in the year 😀


Aunt Bobbie is my mom’s sister:


Lunch was at one of the usual joints – Fiesta Ranchera and I got the usual order – it never fails. Never!

Look at that hunk of brock!


And then we did a little damage at Target and Von Maur. Shopping bug = squashed 😉

The rest of Saturday did not entail the productiveness I’d intended, but I did get some laundry done and a quickie elliptical workout in.

In the evening, Shane’s buddy Jason came over and we all had a nectarine dream and then went to see Inception at the theatre. It was all right. Pretty trippy, but I won’t be watching it again. It was one of those movies that took probably 45 minutes for the setting to be developed., y’know? I personally think we should have seen Eclipse 😉 Maha

By the time we got home, it was past 9 and we were pretty hungry. The conditions were right for pizza delivery:


My plate:

IMG_0114Times two. Of the pizza. What can I say, when I abstain from food for 6 hours I get a little crazy.

Collapsing into bed took place soon after, and nine (nine!!!) hours later, here we are!

I’m about to go train a few clients and then get a triceps/biceps sesh and a four mile run in of my own. Then, today WILL be a productive day.

How was your all’s weekend?

Edited to say that I meant to publish this at 8:30 this morning, but it’s 1:45 and it must not have published! Oops! Oh, and the productiveness has yet to commence. Aaaannnnd go!

Last Kombucha Standing

Hi guys! Thanks for all the congrats on my blog’s first anniversary/blogiversary (if you will.) I was pretty stoked, haha. Now I can say “last year today, I/we…” and have a clear picture of what went down. It’s the simple things, people.

Anyway, what a great 4th of July! After training and getting in a little cardio and weights myself, I was in need of some fuel. I bought some tempeh over the weekend, and had been wanting to try it out with jam. I’ve seen it so many times on other blogs, but have only eaten tempeh savory. Let me tell ya, it was a winner!

IMG_0046Tempeh with Crofters jam on a whole wheat bakery bun…it was divine!

Before Independence Day festivities, I ran some errands, and cleaning relaxed. One of my finds was some kombucha!


This is pretty exciting because kombuchas being taken off store shelves for its alcohol content, and I grabbed the last two bottles standing at Fresh Market!

Later, we finally headed over to a friend’s house for a barbeque.

I brought red, white, and blue green cookie dough balls (Averie’s recipe) and sweet and savory coleslaw (which will be on the recipes tab soon. I’m slowly but surely chipping away at it:) )


We had a great time at the cookout – good food, wine, and company. Actually, I should say DELICOUS food. Take a look at these kabobs (TWSS heh)


I also tried lychees for the first time. They peel like an orange, look like a strawberry, feel like a grape after peeling (or some other unnamed object) and taste like melon!


Pretty weird!

When it got dark, we drove over to the park to check out the fireworks.


The show was actually pretty weak sauce. It lasted all of 10 minutes! Feeling the effects of the economy I suppose. We headed home shortly after because while many people have today off, I had a client to train at 6:00 a.m! Luckily, I woke up feeling not too shabby at 5 this morning, and headed on in, trained, and then stayed for a 4 mile sweaty tready run of my own.

Starved, I ate over night 25 minute oats.


And then headed to the Dr’s office to get some bloodwork done *cringe*

I had grand plans of finishing my recipe’s tab afterward, but I came home to an office that looked like this:



The husband apparently caught the organizing bug, heh

So I fueled up:


Veggie baked beans, potato, carrot, and onion mix, and aforementioned sweet and savory coleslaw.

And am now going to go help him tackle this impromptu project.

Wish me luck ;)           


What were you doing on this day, July 5th, last year? I went to my parents’ anniversary party and then to another cook out! Fun times.

A BOOMing Blogiversary



That’s right! Today is my blog’s anniversary!! I started this little ol’ blog one year from today, with not a clue what would ensue. My very first post was a little jumbled and lacked picture quality, but I knew I was hooked on blogging from that post on!

Holy crap can a lot happen in a year. A year ago. I was a full time planner who had just gotten into running a couple months prior. If you would have told me the twists and turns life would take me in a year, I would have told you you’re talking about some one else.

Some major milestones…

What a crazy-insane-beautiful-fulfilling year!! There were ups and downs, but WOW, so much happened this year. And I plan to make this one a good one – while blogging my little heart out, too 😀 Blogging has been so rewarding and fun, and it’s been so fun having “conversations” daily with you all 🙂



Oh yeah…

HAPPY 4th of JULY!



(If I had to work today, I thought I might as well bring my patriotic attitude!! :D)

Thank you SO much to all the service men and women, especially my BFF Kim, who is in Afghanistan today. I’m SO proud of you!!!!!


What a weekend so far! It’s been the epitome of summer, which I love.

I ended up running my 8 miler on the treadmill! I was a little discouraged that I lost my iPod, and then when I was 3 minutes into my run and my Garmin died, I turned around, made a sports drink using Vega sport:


And drove to the gym. It wasn’t bad. I watched three guys turn a Flip into a FLOP on HGTV. Good times, good times.

After showering my stanky booty, I ran some errands, cleaned, and then it was time to have a little fun.

IMG_7980This is New Belgium Company’s season brew – and it’s organic!


Shane and I split one before taking a fruiter route (don’t mistake, this beer is very tasty!)

But I had promised to make Nectarine Dreams:


I’ll post the recipe on the recipe tab soon, but it’s super easy. Ripe nectarines, ice, and rum!


It was perfect outside.


Perfect weather for grilling – I prepped some veggie packs for Shane to cook on the grill.


Also on the menu was a veggie burger on a whole wheat roll.



Around 9:00 when the sun went down, we headed over to one of Shane’s buddies’ house to watch the UFC fight. We packed a few more Motherships (I accidentally called them motherhoods last night LOL) in a Trader Joe’s cooler bag and were on our way!

IMG_0037Gotta be prepared:)

But, um…they really do this event up in style!


Look closely and you’ll see that picture is on the back of a house. They set up lawn chairs in the backyard, and bring the projector outside to project the picture across the span of the house. It was pretty insane.

Well it’s time for me to tap out (heh..get it?!) and get ready for the day! We’re going to a cookout in a few hours (the same house we were supposed to go to last year that got rained out!) and I again need to shower my stanky face.

Have a happy fourth of July with lots of yummy red, white and blue foods!



Are you making anything today to take to a cookout (or having your own)? I’m bringing a red white and blue cole slaw, and a red white and blue dessert (cookie dough balls!)

Happy Anniversary to my mom and dad! I can only hope to have a marriage as happy and fulfilling as theirs! ❤

Oh! And check back in a day or so…I’m having a MAJOR giveaway for my blog’s 1 year anniversary. MAY-JAH. 😀

Chocolate Covered Crack

Hi all! I just finished training two early morning clients, followed by a walk with Niko on the gloriously warm and sunny day. 🙂

So I think we all agreed that it’s just best overall to avoid extreme temperatures – hot and cold. However, I believe most of you said you’d prefer cold because you can always add another layer! Well, until you begin to look like a marshmallow and can’t move. That kinda defeats the point. But I digress…


So it’s Friday! This week sped by at the speed of light! This week has been a busy one for me. As always anymore, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday were go-go-go, and I had a lot of to-do’s to get to-done. All is well, though.

I have managed to get in a little relaxation along the way 😉


By the way, sitting on countertops is one of my favorite things ever. So much more fun than sitting in a chair, no? No?

Before I go on, I must tell you all about my favorite cheap wine. I never knew I was a pinot grigio girl until I tried this wine.


Fetzer Pinot Grigio. $6 at Jewel Osco. Love it.


Anyway, the hubski helped out a couple nights this week by taking care of dinner:


Grilled veggies and a veggie burger:




There is indeed a veggie burger alongside that heap of veggies.


I see it!

Since Shane’s a lightweight and couldn’t eat his weight in roasted veggies, I had his leftovers in my dinner the next night!


Fajitas! Meat for the boy and veggie for the girl. All I did was add some spice (cumin, chili powder, cayenne, onion powder, sea salt,) diced tomatoes and beans.

IMG_7866In bowl form, because I still don’t know when to stop when it comes to filling a tortilla shell.


There were also chocolate covered banana chips a-plenty.



I should just call these crack. It’s dangerous for me to have these in the house. I get like this with certain foods. Last year it was Annie’s Bunny Graham Friends. Two years ago it was HFCS laden Cinnamon Wheat Thins (which they stopped making and my heart broke.)

And although there were several breakfasts this week in wrap-form eaten on the go from work to work…


(these usually comprise of one whole banana smothered in a mixture of almond butter, jay robb brown rice protein powder, and a splash of almond milk…so good)

…I still managed to make some breakfasts to enjoy leisurely as well.

IMG_7868Whole wheat protein waffles, which I will be posting the recipe for soon.


IMG_7869 I’m still loving the greek yogurt + maple syrup + almond butter combo for waffle topping.

Overnight Oats which actually looked somewhat appetizing,


IMG_7841 IMG_7842              

And of course, oatmeal.


Well I’m off to do some cardio and take a shower before heading back to train another client. Yesterday morning I did a kick booty four mile interval run which left my anterior tibialis a little sore, so I’m guessing the elliptical or a bike ride’s in my future today.


Do you get on food kicks? Where you eat the crap out of a certain food for a period of time and then later want nothing to do with it? What’s your current food kick?