Gooood morning!

As my alarm went off at 5:45 this morning, the husband called in to me, “Sorry, babe, but it’s pouring again outside.” Ugh, pouring again?! To which I replied, “that’s OK…it’s not pouring under my hat and plastic baggie!”

And so I set out on my 5 mile run, hat and plastic bag in tote. The hat was for me, the bag for my electronics (iPod, Garmin, iPhone.) Fortunately, the rain had slowed to a sprinkle, and I returned from my run only half wet from the rain (the other half, from sweat.)

I took it easy since I ran a fairly difficult 4 mile tempo run less than 13 hours prior and ran the 5 miles with an average pace of 9:27 (wedding date!)


Bloomington/Normal isn’t what I’d call a big city. Especially when being compared to a weekend spent in Chicago, Bloomington/Normal is nothing to write home about. Now, compare it to my hometown of 35,000 and we have a different story.

That said, whenever there’s any time of ‘fest or festival in town, I’m there.

This past weekend Shane and I went to Bruegala – Bloomington/Normal’s annual Beer Fest.


sidenote: The woman holding that beer is on the news show Shane and I watch every morning! I didn’t even realize it until after taking the picture LOL

I was pretty impressed! There had to have been more than 30 different breweries featuring their brews



We didn’t even try half.

IMG_0328They were big pours!



And there were many more local  and home breweries than I anticipated!



Abnormal (a brewery from Normal, IL) heh

I had some favorites…


IMG_0331 IMG_0337


And some that got dumped out… 😉

And even some wine!




However, we bought FAR too many tickets. We ended up leaving a stack on a table for some lucky drunk fest-goer 🙂

There was also a concert going on out back for people to jam out to after sampling some brew-ha-has


We didn’t stick around to see if those hookahs were used…

I think I found my pumpkin beer!!


There were actually two that I liked – one tasted like pumpkin, and one like pumpkin spice. Completely different tastes, but definitely both pumpkin.

We had a great time…but I actually wished they didn’t fill up the glasses as much! I wanted to sample many more beers, but I also wanted to walk back to the car, not crawl. By the end, it occurred to me that I could, in fact, just ask for half a glass 😉

Afterward, we soaked up the beer with some Mexican from our favorite Mexican restaurant.



Chips n salsa!


And the usual – veggie fajitas. So good! So good!


A great late summer festival:D


What’s your favorite beer? I love me some Sam Adam’s Cherry Wheat, but I also tried a Sam Adam’s Blackberry beer at the fest that was fantastic. I’m a big Blue Moon fan too. I guess I like fruity beers? But I also love Amstel Light.