New Lara Bar Flavors Blogiversary Giveaway

Hey, hey, heyyyy!

Yesterday seriously went by in a blink of an eye.
I made some waffles, and all the sudden it was dinner time.


OK. well some things happened in between the two.

I went to the gym for some strength training (shoulders, quads, biceps, triceps) before training a client, and after that we met with a photographer to take some pictures for a project we’re working on. I’ll show you a picture when she sends them to me 🙂

When I got home, it was already 11:00 a.m. but I was determined to get a run in. So I headed out in the heat to crank out 4.15 miles in 38:45. Felt great, but I was pretty dehydrated. In fact, I’m still trying to catch up!

Post-run lunch:


Indian leftovers!


Watermelon…And an invisible fruit pizza square from Bunco.
This lead to a full-belly induced watching of the Hills marathon (back in the LC days) for a couple episodes before I did some computer work and blog maintenance.

Work, snack, work.


Ok, and THEN it was dinner time.
Shane and I have had an Olive Garden gift card for about a year now, so we decided to put it to good use. Everyone’s seen OG’s salad and breadsticks, but for my main course, I got the eggplant parmesan


Let’s just say I’m glad this meal was free, because it wasn’t good. I ate most of the whole wheat linguine pasta though!
Came home to a glass of wine and some chill time. Good Sunday 🙂
OK, OK – now to what we’ve all been waiting for…..

the 1 year Blogiversary giveaway!

Up for grabs….


The NEW Lara Bar flavors!

Two lucky readers will win a variety pack of SIXTEEN Lara Bars in the newest flavors…

So far, I’ve had the Carrot Cake bar, which I reviewed here. I’ll be reviewing the others before choosing winners.


You have a few ways to enter.

1. Leave a comment telling me when you first started reading the blog (or if you’re a newbie – Hi!! 🙂 )
2. Tweet about the giveaway: ” @PaigeRAN is having a Lara Bar giveaway for her Blogiversary” and leave a comment letting me know you tweeted.
3. Go to the Lara Bar website and comment which flavor you would most like to try (doesn’t have to be one of the new flavors)

This contest is open to US entrants only (sorry 😦 ) and I will pick two winners next Monday morning.

Thanks for participating!! 🙂


Well I’m out! Got lots of clients and lots of work, but most importantly, my BFF Kim comes home from Afghanistan today!!!!!!!! Can’t WAIT to see her 😀


A BOOMing Blogiversary



That’s right! Today is my blog’s anniversary!! I started this little ol’ blog one year from today, with not a clue what would ensue. My very first post was a little jumbled and lacked picture quality, but I knew I was hooked on blogging from that post on!

Holy crap can a lot happen in a year. A year ago. I was a full time planner who had just gotten into running a couple months prior. If you would have told me the twists and turns life would take me in a year, I would have told you you’re talking about some one else.

Some major milestones…

What a crazy-insane-beautiful-fulfilling year!! There were ups and downs, but WOW, so much happened this year. And I plan to make this one a good one – while blogging my little heart out, too 😀 Blogging has been so rewarding and fun, and it’s been so fun having “conversations” daily with you all 🙂



Oh yeah…

HAPPY 4th of JULY!



(If I had to work today, I thought I might as well bring my patriotic attitude!! :D)

Thank you SO much to all the service men and women, especially my BFF Kim, who is in Afghanistan today. I’m SO proud of you!!!!!


What a weekend so far! It’s been the epitome of summer, which I love.

I ended up running my 8 miler on the treadmill! I was a little discouraged that I lost my iPod, and then when I was 3 minutes into my run and my Garmin died, I turned around, made a sports drink using Vega sport:


And drove to the gym. It wasn’t bad. I watched three guys turn a Flip into a FLOP on HGTV. Good times, good times.

After showering my stanky booty, I ran some errands, cleaned, and then it was time to have a little fun.

IMG_7980This is New Belgium Company’s season brew – and it’s organic!


Shane and I split one before taking a fruiter route (don’t mistake, this beer is very tasty!)

But I had promised to make Nectarine Dreams:


I’ll post the recipe on the recipe tab soon, but it’s super easy. Ripe nectarines, ice, and rum!


It was perfect outside.


Perfect weather for grilling – I prepped some veggie packs for Shane to cook on the grill.


Also on the menu was a veggie burger on a whole wheat roll.



Around 9:00 when the sun went down, we headed over to one of Shane’s buddies’ house to watch the UFC fight. We packed a few more Motherships (I accidentally called them motherhoods last night LOL) in a Trader Joe’s cooler bag and were on our way!

IMG_0037Gotta be prepared:)

But, um…they really do this event up in style!


Look closely and you’ll see that picture is on the back of a house. They set up lawn chairs in the backyard, and bring the projector outside to project the picture across the span of the house. It was pretty insane.

Well it’s time for me to tap out (heh..get it?!) and get ready for the day! We’re going to a cookout in a few hours (the same house we were supposed to go to last year that got rained out!) and I again need to shower my stanky face.

Have a happy fourth of July with lots of yummy red, white and blue foods!



Are you making anything today to take to a cookout (or having your own)? I’m bringing a red white and blue cole slaw, and a red white and blue dessert (cookie dough balls!)

Happy Anniversary to my mom and dad! I can only hope to have a marriage as happy and fulfilling as theirs! ❤

Oh! And check back in a day or so…I’m having a MAJOR giveaway for my blog’s 1 year anniversary. MAY-JAH. 😀