There’s a Feast in My Oven!

What’s up lovelies? I’m so ecstatic so many of you are on board with the Complaint Free February Challenge!! 😀 I have to admit, I slipped up several times today. But I suppose day 1 is destined to be the hardest, right? How did you guys do? Did you make it through the day? Decrease the number of complaints in your typical day?


I woke up this morning and had the best. breakfast. ever. If you read Meals and Moves (and if you don’t, ya should) you have probably seen Janetha’s yoatgurt as of lately.

Yoatgurt: Half Greek yogurt, half hot oatmeal, half fully amazing.


Like this!




I know it looks weird, but don’t knock it ‘til you try it, folks 🙂 For my yoatgurt, I mixed a 1/2 c. of plain Oikos w/ stevia and cinnamon, and placed in aside a 1/3 c. of oatmeal w/ stevia, flaxmeal, and a banana cooked in. Divided the two with some Trader Joe’s Raw almond butter.



But the two are not meant to be divided.

After snappin’ a picture, I mixed it all together, devoured, and moaned in foodie delight. No really, it’s that good. Janetha, thank you for introducing this to the blog world! It’s destined to be a cult breakfast soon.

Anyway…went to work and had a super productive day! Got a crap ton of work done, and managed to chat with coworkers a good amount of the day, too. Day well done:)

Paused around 11:30 for some lunch:




In the tinfoil ugliness was a wrap containing spinach, romaine, laughing cow wedge, tomatoes, black beans. Scrumptious! Aside were some bbq Popchips (which are phenom!!) and a couple Almond Butter cookies. Nom.

Had a couple meetings after lunch and it was already time to leave! Gotta love days like that. Oh, and the best part? Tomorrow’s Friday!! 😀

Drove straight to the gym from work where I did an easy pace 3.5 mile run. Although there are 5 treadmills broken at the gym, I was able to do one mile on one of the older treadmills, and then finish the last 2.5 on my faaavorite treadmill! Holler for finding a work around 😀 (almost complained there, hehe.) After running, I did about 30 minutes of a super intense leg workout. I already know, my legs are going to be jello when I wake up!


To try to prevent soreness and promote muscle recovery, I downed an Amazing Meal + Coconut Milk protein shake when I got back home:




Played with the animals for a while and got started on dinner. Apparently it was oven night.

Between the hubski and I the following items were cooking in the oven…all at the same time (ha – oops!)





-Sweet potatoes



An oven feast!

My takings of the oven feast:




So in love with kale chips right now. I really hope I don’t burn myself out on them like I do so many other foods.






And a glass o’ red wine later and that brings us to now.

Now I‘m about to go play with the pupster a little more, since I wasn’t able to walk her at all today. I’ll probably play a game of chase around the couch until we’re dizzy in order to wear her out before bed. Gotta do whatcha gotta do…

Then I’m going to dive back into this read:




I received this book and Brendan’s second book – Thrive Fitness from Sequel Naturals the other day, and I’m pretty amped to learn a little more 😀 And yeah, I’m still reading Lovely Bones, as well, but I’m one of those people who always has 2-3 books going at the same time.


Have a lovely rest of your night, all, and HAPPY FRIDAY!! 😀 Yay!


What are your plans for this weekend? Let’s see…I’ve got a busy one! I’m going to see Dear John tomorrow with some girlfriends (bust out the Kleenex!!) and Saturday my half marathon training plan officially starts (yay!) and got a 2 year old’s birthday party to go to, and then it’s Super BOWL!

What are your plans for Super BOWL (said like BOW-L!) this Sunday?? I believe we are having a few friends over to the house for some food and brewski’s. Since we have to work the next day, it probably won’t get too wild, though. Super Bowl Sunday should probably be on a Saturday, don’tcha think?! 😉


Taco Tuesday!!

Hi everyone! How was your Tuesday? Mine went just great! Much better than my Monday went. Hopefully today goes just as well, if not better 😀

Although I fell asleep at 9:30 last night after consuming two heft sized glasses of wine because I was so tired, I decided to sleep right on through my morning work out. I’ve learned to never, ever feel guilty about this, by the way. Unless I’m going to be getting 8 hours of sleep or more (a.k.a. the weekend,) I honestly don’t feel an ounce of guilt for choosing sleep over a work out.

This is because A. I needs my sleep. Sleep is very important. and B. I usually will just do my workout after work.

Work was work, but went by fast, and I had an ammaaazing bowl of oats to start it off with:

Yum-topia. It had oats, Bees Knees Peanut Butter, blueberries, and half a smashed banana.

Today I had planned on going to the gym and cranking out 3.5 miles, but instead, I took advantage of this amaaazing weather we’re having, and jumped on the trail after work. (See? I told ya I usually make up for a.m. skips with p.m. workouts!) After running 3.7 miles out in the sunny, cool weather I felt great! Oh, one con though – I swallowed a bug in mile one. Ew. Not cool.

Anyway, here’s my other stats:

Woop woop!

Like last time, I was in the company of many other runners on this run. So much fun 😀

When I got home, I made taco salads for Shane and me. This turned out to be a hit!!

All I did was grill some green bell peppers, black beans, Spanish rice, and chili peppers on the stove. Then I added some chili powder, garlic salt, and cumin. In a bowl, I layered shredded romaine lettuce, Garden of Eaten’s Hot Blue chips, my stove mixture, and repeated once. Finally, I topped the salad with some homemade guac, sour cream, and salsa.

For Shane’s meal, I added browned hamburger. He was thoroughly satisfied! I told him, “It was so easy too!” to which he replied, “so that means we’ll be having it again soon, awesome!” haha Dishes that are difficult don’t make a repeat appearance too often in this household. I just don’t have the time 😛

After digesting my Mexican Fiesta and taking the pupster for a walk, I settled down with these three things:

Woops! Four things:

hehe. I have got to finish this book. It’s taking me for-ev-er!!! I can usually bust through a book in a week. I blame my iPhone. Honestly, I do. Two other friends have loaned me books now, and I want to get started on them so I can give them back! It’s not like the book sucks or anything, I’m just having a hard time finding time to read it.

After about an hour of reading, I settled in on the couch with the hubski, and enjoyed a small bowl of Annie’s Homegrown Bunny Grahams.

I’m addicted to these cute little bunnies. It’s official.

Are you a big book reader? What’s your favorite book? Or Who’s your favorite author?