A Perfectly Imperfect Day

I received an email from my friend, Debby yesterday. At the bottom of her email was the most amazing quote!

“Being happy does not mean everything is perfect. It means that I have decided to look past the imperfections.”

How true is that? I think a lot of us (myself included) sometimes have to have the stars aligned to be 100% content. That shouldn’t be so. And like Mama Pea says, nothing is perfect, and the word perfect could even be so much as damaging.

Yesterday morning when I woke up, I noticed my knee was feeling much better after a good foam rolling last night. Not perfect, but had improved. So I looked past it and met my girl Heidi at the gym. I ran a three mile tempo run according to my training plan (taper week!) chatted some more, and headed home.

To an AMAZING fitnessista breakfast cookie.


An irregular and imperfect shaped b-cookie at that 😉

And then I thought of something even more amazing.

Add raspberries


Smoosh berries to make a jam, and have a bit of raspberry with each bite.


This picture does it no justice. It was imperfect because it had to end, haha. I looked past it…

To lunch! Well the first half anyway.


Romaine + spinach + cuke + mushroom + black beans + a dressing of apple cider vinegar/EVOO/stevia/sea salt. Yum!

Then I was off to meet someone for a lunch meeting at a different gym, and came back to lunch part 2/dessert which was protein cookie dough. It’s ridiculous, but I can’t get enough. I have a feeling this will be one of those foods I burn myself out on, though. My tummy was rearing to go throughout the afternoon, and I also had a Clif MOJO and  a mini raw revo bar.

After work, I had a couple of client appointments. Before heading out, I prepped some veggies for dinner:


And then trained a couple clients, and made it home in time to cook up a quick dinner and watch GLEE (which was much better than last week’s episode, woo hoo!) and got to cookin’


Leftover baked tofu, sweet potato rounds, and Brussels sprouts:




Can’t beat it.

And vino!


All in all, it was a very happy day. There may have been some instances that didn’t go as planned, but it was a sunny day, nothing horrible happened, I experienced a good opportunity (my lunch meeting,) and I got to be with family and friends today!

What a perfectly imperfect day 🙂

What was perfectly imperfect about your Tuesday?


Keepin’ it Cool


How we all doin’ today? If you’re reading this, you’ve gotten through another Monday; Congrats 😀 I had a looong one yesterday that spanned from 7:30 a.m.-8:30 p.m. And today looks the exact same, but hey I’m keepin’ it cool😉

I switched it up this morning for breakfast and busted out this bad boy that’s been keepin’ it cool in the fridge all night:


Oats, chia seeds, maca, 1/2 scoop Jay Robb brown rice pp, half a banana, 1.5 T. almond butter, 1/8 c. almond milk. I added the golden raisins (obsessed!!!) this morning!


With a cup of coffee, of course.

The coffee was leftover from earlier this morning. I’ve convinced myself that I NEED a cup of it before my morning workout. So when the alarm went off at 4:50 this morning, I made some French Press, poured it in the to-go cup, and chugged sipped it on my 5 minute drive to the gym. I was running a little late this morning, and only had 50 minutes at the gym, so my coffee was still warm when I got back to my car:)

At the (uberly hot and humid) gym, I did running intervals! I was too asleep to make it anything too specific, but I basically jogged at 6.1 for 90 seconds, then ran at 6.6-6.7 for 90 seconds, until 45 minutes was up. The end! Hoping to get a lower body workout in between clients tonight:D

Some of yesterday’s meals on the go:


Hummus, spinach, tempe, and cuke wrap w/ a plum


Looks meaty. Eek!

It’s my dinner in a box!


Plus a simple salad of romaine + Goddess dressing.


On the go, fo sho.


This is two servings?!

IMG_6278 Really?!



It was a fantabulous frozen dinner, though, and I recommend it to you guys!

Since I got home late, I needed something to calm the nerves and shut me down:IMG_6282

Usually works every time. Not this time. I tossed and turned for an hour or so! At least when I did get to sleep, I slept like a rock! Gotta love that:D

Well I’m off to work! Keep it cool, everyone!

Are you a member of your gym? Has it gotten unbearable hot and humid in it the last few days? I know it’s only April, but it’s SO warm and sticky outside (which is fine) and inside the gym (which is not fine.) I needed double the water I had!


Oh hi there 😀

Did everyone enjoy their Tuesday? I sure do hope so!!

I was up and at ‘em at the outrageous hour of 4:45 this morning, and wasn’t happy about it until I had this running through my veins:




Yep..I’ve officially reinstated coffee before my morning workouts. Maca alone just aint cuttin’ it. But that’s not to say I’m cuttin’ it out. Along with my coffee, I had my go to pre-(intense) workout breakkie of half a smashed banana, Barney Butter, cinnamon, and maca mash (for not so intense workouts, I just omit the BB.)


Looks nast, tastes fantast.

Today, that was fuelage for some pretty intense intervals. My training plan called for 7×400’s, which, in my understanding is alternating sprints for 400 meters with a short recovery job in between. Since I was on a treadmill, I jogged a 10 minute warm up, and then did sprints (well, 5k/8:30 pace) of 90 seconds, and a recovery jog at 6.0/10:00 pace for 60 seconds eight times through. I finished it out with a 5 minute cool down jog at a 10:00 pace. Get all that? 😉 Either way, I was BEAT, and a sweaty beast. Nevertheless, I still had about 15 minutes until I had to leave, so I joined Heidi on the stair master for the last 15 minutes to make it a completely cardio day.

When I got home, I chugged water like no other, and then made my first iced coffee of the year!




Coffee, ice, SO Delicious Coconut Milk.

The temperature got up in to the 50’s today (60’s tomorrow!! Right on!) so I think iced coffee was quite appropriate.

Then fueled up with my fave breakfast cookie.


1/3 c. oats, 1 T. chia, 1 T. PB2, 1 T. Carob powder, 1/2 scoop chocolate protein powder, 1/2 banana, 1/8 c. almond milk, 1 T. almond butter, 1 packet stevia, and 1 T. cocoa nibs – all mixed together and refrigerated over night. Delicious as always. I’m on such a kick!!

Work was fairly busy today, but it sure made the time speed on by! While working away, I munched on an abundance of fruit!

Organic pear


First plum of the season!



And some unpictured strawberries and an apple. Fruitopia!!

For lunch, I tried a new (to me) Amy’s soup!



I did a double take when I saw this coconut soup at Fresh Market. Too bad I didn’t grab two, because this soup’s amazin’!

To complete the meal, I brought along toasted a piece of brown rice flour bread, and added a combo of coconut butter and almond butter on top. Went amaaazingly well with the soup.

Had the night off from training clients (but I did sign another one, wahoo!) so after leaving work and running a couple errands, I was homeward bound!

Niko was practically BEGGING me for a walk when I got home.

You tell me. Can you deny this face?



I sure can’t!!!

Dinner was somewhat of an experiment. I still had leftover southwestern squash sauce from Sunday’s lunch, and wanted to use it with some leftovers. Then it came to me! If it can be pizza sauce…



…it can be pasta sauce!! Or so I thought. It was honestly just mediocre at best. Meh, ya win some ya lose some 🙂

Besides, the sides more than made up for it!


Lightly boiled asparagus with an organic honey mustard dressing


Humungo spinach salad topped with white mushrooms, avocado, and red onion tossed in the same honey mustard. Friggin’ delicious. Could have made this double the size and a meal on its own!


All together nah!

Completed with a dark red Shiraz. I moved the whole shebang to the living room promptly after photographing and ate while watching Gossip Girl 😉 The hubski was working and I’m just not one for eating alone at the dinner table.

After dinner, we finished season one of 24 and dove straight into season two!! Looks like it’s going to be even more intense than the first one! Jack Bauer is such a badass 😉

Hope everyone has a lovely hump day!

What fresh fruits and veggies are you most looking forward to in the spring season? I can’t wait to eat some BERRIES! Strawberries, blueberries, raspberries – any of them! I go through berry withdrawl from September until March.

I Think You Need a Time Out

Hi guys:)

I woke up this morning to about 6 inches of snow! I had grand plans to make it to my first day in a LONG time of getting to the gym before work to crank out a 4 mile interval run, but there was no way I was getting out of our driveway before the hubby woke up and dominated it with the snow blower. Run will have to wait until tomorrow morning!

So instead, I improvised, and bounded upstairs to get in a work out in our home gym 😀

Since we only have an elliptical, and no treadmill, I did a 5 minute ellpticizing warm up before doing about 25 minutes of legs/glutes. I forgot how killer bowler’s lunges are. In a good way of course 😉

Finished it up with a sweaty 30 minute elliptical session while reading this month’s Clean Eating magazine. There are some potentially good recipes in there this month! Can’t wait to try some out J

Post workout fuelage:



Coffee and protein.

And a little bit later – I had a quickie rendition of the breakfast cookie:




Around 6:20 this morning, I made this cookie consisting of 1/3 c. oats, 1.5 T flaxmeal, 1.5 T PB2, some raisins, a banana, and a little squirt of agave. Put it in the freezer for about an hour and viola! It was good, but much better when it’s done overnight.

Then it was off to work! Unfortunately even though it’s pretty blizzard-like, word was not cancelled. But fortunately, my awesome husband offered to drive me again to work again, including curbside service. Can’t beat that!


Tea Time!

It’s so easy to get caught up with to-do lists, multi-tasking, and a tight schedule, that sometimes we forget to take a moment for ourselves! I’m definitely guilty of this, but it helps to remember that by taking a little break – whether it’s by reading a book, meditating, doing yoga, or playing with a pet – can make the hectic world we live that much easier.

Plus, it’s SO healthy to give yourself a little break from thinking, doing, and working.

I’m a Planner by trade, so I often find myself planning out my day, my week, my weekend, my schedule, ALL the time. When I’m walking to a meeting. When I’m driving in my car. When I’m brushing my teeth. Sometimes we just need a time out.

Today I took my time out in the form of tea time!

After working for a couple hours, I found myself distracted, and couldn’t focus. Instead of becoming frustrated and stressed, I walked over to the cafe and made myself a nice, hot cup of tea.



Hellooo down there!

With it, I had a leftover biscotti that I had made for the Super Bowl party:




On it was some Dark Chocolate Dreams Peanut Butter:



And all it took was 5-10 minutes, and I was refreshed, focused and ready to get back to work!

I think Tea and Biscotti time just might become a staple of my mid mornings during the work week 😉


Since I was able to get my workout in before work today, I had plenty of time when I got home from work today to do some odds and ends before around the house before getting started on dinner. I finally got all the paperwork ready for future personal training clients, and organized my “personal training file cabinet” so I know where to go when I need something that’s related to anything fitness 😉 Then I played chase the dog around the couch to exercise Niko since it’s currently blizzarding and 5º outside. Not quite the right conditions for a walk in the park. But hey…I can’t complain 😉

Dinner was on the very simple side of the spectrum for both the hubski and myself. I made Shane whole wheat penne pasta with meat sauce, with sides of a biscuit and brussel sprouts. And for myself, I made…





Brussel sprouts were tossed in EVOO, s&p, garlic powder, roasted @ 425º for 10 minutes on each side, leftover tofu to their right, and millet toast with a little Earth Balance and the best jam ever:




I anticipate it getting a little snacky up in hurr after I venture downstairs to catch up on more OTH (One Tree Hill) with the hubski later on.

But for now, I’m going to go kick it with said hubski and these two creatures:




…for a little re-lax-ation time 😀

Catch ya’ll tomorrow!! Have a fabulous Tuesday night and a happy hump day!


What do you do during your work day to give your mind and body a mini break? If you don’t have anything you currently do, what’s something that you could do?

Carbo Cravings

Hey guys!

Tea Theraflu and cookies Breakfast cookie. Hey, it works.       

Sorry I flaked out on ya’ll last night, but I had a supah busy night, and then when I finally got home I started to feel like I was coming down with something. Boooo:( Another flu bug is going around the office, and apparently I was its next victim because I woke up feeling like crapola.

I blame it on the stress I was having last week. This is why we shouldn’t let stress get to us. Good thing that’s one of my New Year’s goals 😉

So even though I woke up in the morning feelin’ like a sicky, I made a yummy breakkie of tea Theraflu and cookies a breakfast cookie





and made the treck to work, because I don’t have a back up currently.

I ended up leaving around noon, though, and had a craving for an Ezekiel pizza (fourth day in a row, what?!) It was a mad craving and I just had to have one. Being sick always makes me have cravings. Before I left work today I had a snack of cocoa puffs and milk. What the heck?! I digress..

Sadly, I couldn’t fulfill the craving because the ice storm we’re currently having caused the power to go out right as I started to get huuungry! Luckily, we have a gas stove, so I could still make do with a wrap:



Egg white, laughing cow, zucchini, yellow bell pepper, and nutritional yeast deeeliciousness.

With a full belly, I then crashed here until I woke up to Dr. Phil’s voice, got scared, and went back to sleep.




Also did a little reading of this book my mom let me borrow Super Freakonomics:



Interesting stuff!!

I finally managed to drag my booty out from the bed to do a little laundry and bathroom cleaning. I think I have a complex – I feel SO lazy when I’m sick that I have to do some kind of productive work even though my body hates it. Hopefully you don’t do the same.

Worn out from the chores, I collapsed again – but this time with a change of scenery from the bedroom to the living room – with the hubski. I didn’t want to cook, and he doesn’t cook anymore, so we decided to order Chinese.

This presented the dilemma that we haven’t ordered Chinese since I’ve become a vegetarian! Now what?!

Enter: Sesame Tofu!




First thought: ew, that looks like chicken.

Second thought: That’s one big honkin’ piece of tufu!

I was leery, and made a small plate:



Then got upset because I wasted $7 on a very sucky meal. Blech! Blech! Blech!

For some reason, though I finished my plate, but didn’t go back for seconds, but instead (again went with what I was craving…)




Brown Rice flour bread and Earth Balance!!! I’ve been craving me some toast a lot lately…

OK, well this post is just turning out to be a post about me and my cravings while ill, so I’ll put you out of your misery and just end it now 😉 I don’t write well when I’m sick!


What do you crave when sick? Clearly, I’m a carb-craving maniac!

Five Doors Down



Oooh, man – a blizzard is coming tonight! My company sent out about a dozen emails today telling employees to take their laptops home – and this place hardly EVER closes down. It’s only 9:30 p.m. now, and it’s supposed to continue on through the night along with high winds. I’m a wuss in the snow, so even if it doesn’t shut down, I doubt I’ll make it in at my usual time of 6:30.

This morning for breakfast, I had the most amazing breakfast cookie ever! I know I’ve said it before, but this one takes the cake cookie, folks. With that said, I’ve FINALLY found something that I like PB2 in. A breakfast cookie!!


Might not look to appetizing, but it was scrumptious! First I mixed the dry ingredients: 1/2 c. oats, 1.5 T hemp powder, 1.5 T PB2, chopped raw pecans. Then mixed the wet ingredient: 1/4 c. canned pumpkin puree, 1 T agave nectar.  Set it in the fridge over night, and woke up to a seriously delicious feast of breaking. Try this at home, kids 😉

Work was work. Had a lunch meeting, and did some catch up work, and came home to try and take Niko for a walk. I feel like I’ve been gone ALL the time, and I barely have time to exercise her and just spend time with her in general. Tis sad. But first, had a little snackie since my stomach has been somewhat of a black hole today:



Pretty slices huh? Thanks to my new little Pampered Chef toy 😀


Since it was only 14º out, we bundled:


Yeah, remember this doggy coat? She absolutely refuses to wear (or at least move while wearing) the faux fur hood on this coat. It’s too much for her. Luckily, I figured out it was detachable! Who knew. And we were off!

Aaand got about 5 doors down before the sidewalk turned to pure ice, as did the street, so we turned around and walked back. Oh well…an offer’s as good as a buy, right? 😀


After getting in and hopping on the elliptical for about 30 minutes, followed by lower body weights, it was time for dinner.

But by this time, it was already 7:00, and I really didn’t feel like cooking much. You know what this means…salad time!


Mmm, mmm. Spinach, broccoli, orange bell pepper, tomato, mushrooms, avocado, and julienned zuke. Wait a second…ok I’m an idiot. I have 5 Trader Joe’s Meatless balls sitting in the oven right now. Apparently I forgot to add them to my salad…and JUST NOW realized that. Darnit! I was really craving those too 😦 Bahaha I’m so aloof sometimes. Hey, at least I remembered to turn the oven off…

Regardless, this salad was scrumptious. And alongside I had a piece of brown rice toast and black cherry preserves.



The rest of the night has been spent lying on the bed watching Wednesday night TV (In the Middle, Modern Family, Cougar Town) with the husband. While watching, we munched on a HUGE bowl of air popped popcorn. We decided to relax and watch shows on the bed tonight because A) our upstairs living room furniture, while super cute, is uncomfortable and B) you just can’t cuddle in the theatre seating downstairs with unmovable arm rests! Sometimes you just need to snuggle 😀 Especially when it’s about nada degrees outside.


Well I’m off to bed to dream of work cancellations in my head 😉

Cheesy Quotes (and Tofu Fried Rice) Make Everything Better

“Life is What You Make It!” “Happiness is a Choice,” “People Can Only Upset You if You let Them!”

I had a realization last night. Some of you may have noticed that I’ve been uber stressed out lately. Work has been taking a toll on my stress levels, because the amount of work I’m doing is going to double in one week, and let’s just say I haven’t been taking it well. I’ve been freaking out, assuming and picturing the worst, and having a woe-is-me mindset. Well, tonight after a kick booty yoga session, I realized something.



I think this is the most therapeutic posture, by the way.

Refer to quotes above. I need to go into work with a completely different mindset. Going into yoga last night, I felt defeated, weak, and physically in pain. I tend to let stress really affect me at times. It always settles with a tightness in my shoulders, and worse, my chest. After a little self-reflection, twisting, and warrior postures, I decided to change my attitude. Aside from the fact that things are changing there, it’s a job where I make good money, and I have really good friends right around the cubicle from me. I’ve been down and out for exactly one week now, and it’s about time I quit feeling sorry for myself, grin and bare it, and try to enjoy myself (or at least not give myself a heart attack ;)) while doing it. We’ve been thr   ough this…right? The power of positive thinking! Or perhaps, the power of revitalizing yoga 😉

The husband has also been a HUGE help in lessening the stress. He knows how much it’s been affecting me, and has been keeping the house SO clean lately. I even came home to him doing laundry yesterday!! He never, ever does laundry, people. This is big. And lastly, he has his gifts to me wrapped before I do! I came home from work last night, and saw these under the tree:



I have everyone else’s wrapped but Shane’s (thanks to Von Maur’s free wrapping) so I need to get on it.


And one of my favorite ornaments just because:


IMG_1363Two days until Christmas, what?!

Before I headed out the door to yoga, I had a big juicy apple with some almond butter for a snack:


And then bopped out the door for some cardio, and then said yoga sesh.


Ew, blurry pic…

Well, we all know how yoga went, but I was just as thrilled to come home after yoga…


because I had made some homemade tofu fried rice!


Fried rice sounds pretty difficult, no? Well it’s not! All you need is some brown rice, veggies, oil, garlic, 2-3 beaten eggs, tamari (or soy sauce,) and whatever “meat" – or non meat you want to add!

For mine I added tofu:


I finally found a tofu I like! I’m not a fan of the boxed version much, but I love the refrigerated kind – especially Nasoya!

And since Shane thinks he hates tofu, when mine was done, I scooped out all the tofu bites – along with some rice into a bowl deemed mine, and then added some chicken I had cooked and chopped up Sunday into the mix for his portion.

Shhh..don’t tell him there’s tofu juice in there.

Easy and Nice Fried Rice

I adapted this version from Food You Crave.

Soften some minced garlic in some hot canola oil – 1 or 2 cloves will do

Add your veggies, and the rice

Next add your “meat” and let cook for a few minutes

Scoop out a section from the middle and pour some oil in the center – 2-3 tbps

Pour beaten eggs in that center, and stir just the eggs around…looks like this:


When cooked half way, scramble all throughout the mixture

Pour in your sauce, and you’re donzo!


SO good, and SO easy! Especially if you utilize your Sundays. This past Sunday was the first time in a long time that I did a little prep work ahead of time for my meals this week. For this meal, I already had the tofu drained, pressed, and cubed, the chicken cooked and cubed, and the veggies chopped. If I had thought about it, I would have cooked the brown rice on Sunday too. This made SUCH a difference yesterday when it came time to actually cook the meal. Instead of running around stressed because cooking would have made me late for yoga, I had an extra 20 minutes, which I took advantage of by getting a little cardio in with my friend, Heidi, before the class! Awesome! I recommend ya’ll try it this week.

Now it’s time to go eat some breakfast! This morning, I’m eating my faaaavorite breakfast cookie combo, that I made and popped in the fridge last night just before I called it quits. I shall call it the Pumpkin Cubed Breakfast Cookie:



This favorite includes: a handful of oats (exact measurement here,) a tpbs of hemp powder (optional, or whatever protein powder you have on hand,) a tiny handful of pumpkin seeds, some chopped pecans, a squirt of agave or whatever sweetener you choose to use, 1/4-1/3 cup of canned pumpkin (use 1/3 if your sweetener isn’t a liquid,) and golden raisins. Mix the dry ingredients together first, then smoosh in the wet until everything is mixed together, and pop it in the fridge! Oh, and I couldn’t resist smearing on some (TJ’s) pumpkin butter this morning. Mmmm – delish and keeps ya full for hours!

Have a terrific Tuesday, everyone! I’ll let ya’ll know how my “new attituuude” fared today 😉

How do you deal with stress? Do you let it get to you, or can you let it roll off your back each and every time. I try, I mean really try this technique, sometimes it gets to me regardless.