Bumming Around

Happy Halloweeeeeen 🙂

When I was a little girl, every once in a while on weekends where not much was going on, my dad and I would spend the day together. It’d start out with a breakfast at the local diner, and where we’d go from there was up to the wind. We’d take off in the car and meander around town until we’d come up with somewhere to go. Popular ventures included garage sales, neighborhoods with grand or interesting houses, local antique shops, and other places weren’t on a to-do list or included in a list of errands. We’d just go to go.

We called it “just bumming around."

Yesterday reminded me of those days.

Nothing was on my to do list. Well, there’s always something on my to do list, but it wasn’t urgent yesterday.

It started out with breakfast at a [very] local kitchen table:





And from there, I bummed around to the Farmer’s Market. It’s the last one of the year [tear] and I wanted to fill up on some local organic produce:




IMG_0752Sweet potatoes??

I left with an abundance of greens and some heirloom tomatoes I bought purely for the sake of clinging the end of summer with a death grip.

IMG_0753 IMG_0754

And from there, I bummed on over to Von Maur to meet my friend Heidi – just to say hello…

But we all know that isn’t possible for me to do at Von Maur. I picked the darker one, by the way. Thanks for your opinions I solicited on Twitter yesterday 😉


It just called out to me!

And from there, the bumming around went to Fresh Market, where I picked up even more fresh produce and some coffee.

I meandered home to pick up the husband to join in on the bumming around, and needed a snack. After stocking up on all that delicious and nutritious produce, I decided on a twix, naturally.


Shane and I had no place in mind to go, but found ourselves at Friar Tuck for a wine tasting, where we were persuaded to pick up a couple bottles, and then to a certain dealership looking at a certain car that I may have in my future come January (!!) 🙂

To a Starbuck’s where we both ordered a salted caramel hot chocolate:


BAD idea. I drink, therefore I am addicted now.

When we ran out places to bum around, I found myself back at home, with my dirty floors looking at me a little too hard.

So I baked.


An apple pie!

Using this recipe, I baked up the first apple pie of the season, and according to the husband, the best homemade apple pie ever!



How perfect of a Saturday. It was the first one where I didn’t wake up with a plan or have things to get done. In fact, I can’t remember the last time Shane and I had the “What do you want to do today?”-“I don’t know what do you want to do?”-“What is there to do?” conversation. I didn’t think about working out today. I didn’t think about work today. Heck, I didn’t think about taking a shower today until it was after 2:00 p.m. and even then I waited two more hours.

I just bummed around!


And now I’m off to RUN around:) Got a 9 miler ahead of me today – so long as the plantar faschia agrees with me. Then maybe a lunch date?

Happy Sunday!!! And Happy Halloweeeeeen!

Where do you go when you bum around?


Best Decision All Week

Hey guys! Have a good Tuesday? For being such a long day, it went by extremely quick. I’m not quite sure what happened to my afternoon post yesterday, but it’s somewhere…out there…and it’s about needing coffee in a bad way and pumpkin rice pudding!

This morning I made the best decision I’ve made all week. My alarm went off at 4:45 a.m. as planned so I could bounce on over to the gym and get in a 45 minute tempo run before working at the BIC. I got up, immediately put on running clothes:



face showing is not allowed before 6 a.m. – fyi 😉

and even went so far as to pour a cup of coffee. But then I did a body check. I was really tired. And not the usual “ugh it’s 5:00 in the morning tired,” but the “your body definitely needed more time to recharge tired.” So I put down the cup of coffee, told my husband to try to be quiet, and I got back in bed –donning my running clothes – and snuggled with Niko for another hour.


Definitely the best decision I’ve made all week. Now instead of rushing around this morning trying to get from the gym to the shower to breakfast to work, I’m leisurely eating a hot, delicious bowl of oats.


And my run will just have to wait until tonight. Nothing wrong with that.



OK. Who am I kidding…I’m still late. It wouldn’t be me if I weren’t! 😉

Gotta go! 🙂 See you this afternoon with a back to basics workout – and how I made spaghetti simple and fancy for dinner last night!


Is it hard for you to tell the difference between laziness and actually truly needing that extra hour of sleep/rest? It’s hard to tell sometimes, but it’s usually mental if you’re just lacking motivation. If I really need the rest, my body tells me I do in the form of lethargy, moodiness, and even threatening to get sick! Learn to listen to yo bod!

A Recovery Day

Hey hey!

Today’s been a “recover” day. You know when you’re away for the weekend, you get back home, go right to work the next day, and can’t catch up on what you need to until the following weekend? That sucks. That’s why I always schedule in a “recover day” from trips away from home. And after dance parties with the girls, a day of shopping, and running a race, a recovery day was much needed. Recover days consist of this:

30% laundry

20% cleaning

20% errands

5% workout

15% baking

10% lounging

Done and done! Now I’ve got a little break before cooking dinner and heading off to train a client and play some volleyball! It’s a late game tonight.

Today’s eats were all about recovery as well. If you haven’t noticed, I’ve been falling apart lately what with my foot and hip pain. The latest one to add to the list would be my left shoulder. I’m pretty sure I sleep on it wrong every single night, and it’s getting to the point where it’s a little painful when I do a front raise – especially in the morning!

Recover me breakfast:



I was feeling the fall oats this morning! With the addition of organic currants [vitamin C, phosphorus, calcium, and iron,] chia seeds [antioxidant overload,] pumpkin, p.p. spice, flax, + banana.


And a heart shaped out of PB+ pumpkin butter! 😉 I’m not big on toppings for oats – a little peanut butter is usually all I need. The oats give enough chew for me – so nuts and dried fruit…and baked goods don’t really appeal to me.

This energized me through a 3.75 mile easy run + some leg work at the gym, errands, and a shower!

Recover me lunch:


This was phenomenol – and all it is is cauliflower, broccoli, + mushrooms tossed in hummus surrounding a scrambled 1 egg + 2 egg whites all on top of a bed of spinach.


Alongside a smooothie


A Cherry-nilla smoothie! ~15 frozen bing cherries, 1 c. almond milk, 1/2 scoop vanilla jay robb, 1/4 c. plain greek yogurt, 1 frozen banana, and 1 tsp vanilla extract.


This was SO good. And cherries are known for their anti-inflammatory properties!


Wheat germ on top!

I’ve heard about cherries being natural anti-inflammatory for quite a while, but this weekend my girl Kim brought up a great point. She mentioned that a good part of her fiance’s family deal with Plantar Fasciitis and they use pure cherry juice to combat it. I’d never thought of this! So of course I had to pick up a jar while I was out running errands today:


But it’s rather tart on its own, so I paired it with some club soda!

IMG_9792 - Copy

A tasty and medicinal beverage!

Well the husband’s home from work and I’m going to go spend some time with him before I have to leave. Have a great rest of your day, friends!! 😀

How do you recover from a weekend away? Do you give yourself an extra day to gather yourself (and your dirty clothes!) after being away?

Frank Lloyd Wright 10k – and a Video!

Good morning 🙂 Sorry I’m a little late in posting! I’ve been waiting for a (rather embarrassing) video to process for the post 😉

Yesterday’s 10 k ended up being SO much fun. We got off to a rocky start because we left a little later than planned and got to the start line just in time !




We got this! haha



Lining up!IMG_0683


And after a slow shuffle through the start line, we were off!



I stuck with Kim the entire time, and we had SO much fun. I don’t think we stopped talking. Or singing, for that matter. And revealing that we’re really 12. Don’t say I didn’t warn you…

Sorry the video is upside down – hard to think about these things when running a 10k 😉

There were many more videos, but trust that one is enough. I’ll spare you 😉

We actually couldn’t believe it at mile 4! Running for 35 minutes felt like 10! Then right when we passed the 5 mile marker, it started to rain – which wasn’t great. But we picked up our pace and ended up finishing in 57:53!





(notice the water bottles doubled as bagel holders this year 😉 )


An automatic PR for Kim, since it was her first 10k! 😀

We didn’t hang around too long after the race, and headed straight to this cute little restaurant called Georgia’s for a nice hot breakfast.



We want food! We want food!


I’ve declared my adoration for omelets when dining out for breakfast, and my commitment didn’t falter now, either:



Omelet. In yo face.

It was delicious! And felt great to have some hot food and hot coffee in our systems.

Next stop was Trader Joe’s…



TJ’s exploded on my counter!

By this time, it was already 1:00, and I still had the 2.5 hour drive back home – which actually went by a lot quicker than I anticipated (thankfully.) Oh, and you’ll be happy to know I did just fine driving in Chicago traffic. I’m pretty sure I drive 100 x’s better without anyone else in the car, as I’m less distracted then.

But, that didn’t make saying goodbye any less difficult…



I don’t know about you, but I get pretty bummed out after a day or two of seeing some of my “family” and then not seeing them again for a while. However, I’m much worse when I’m the leave-ee; when I’m the leav-er I have other things to occupy my mind…like the drive home and seeing the husband and the pets!

What a fun weekend!!! It was a busy one, though – that’s for sure. Hopefully I’ll get some R&R this week 😉 At least today won’t be too busy. A client here and there and then a volleyball game! Probably will head to the gym at one point or another, too.

Have a lovely Monday, lovelies! 🙂

Scrambled, ‘Fu

Hey guys 😀 How ya doin? Pretty good over here. A bit tired, though! After a long day’s work at the gym, I had to haul booty to another gym where I play indoor women’s’ volleyball. It’s SO fun – but exhausting since I don’t get home until late.

When I did eventually get home, I wanted a bit of comfort in my tummy:


last night’s mac and cheese – with a side of vegetarian baked beans – did the job just fabulously! 😀


Mmm mmm mm.

Since I ran four quick miles yesterday morning, I ixnayed my running plans for today. Ever since my hip and fascia pain, I just don’t want to over do it. Instead, I hopped on the elliptical for about 30 minutes before completing this upper body circuit routine upstairs in the home gym:

Arnold Press – 10 lbs, 10 reps

Long Arm Pullovers on the ball – 15 lbs – 10 reps

Reverse flies – 8 lbs, 8 reps

Pushups – 8 reps

Triceps dips – body weight, 12 reps

Hammer curls – 10 lbs, 12 reps

Repeat! Two more times.

My appetite was kind of off this morning too…I woke up not hungry at all. So I did this workout on an empty stomach. It’s not something I recommend, but I had a fairly big dinner not too long before going to bed the night before. Usually after morning workouts, I am starved! However, today this was not the case.

So I figured to roll with it since I didn’t have any particular cravings (at all) in general. But clearly, I needed some protein after pumping some iron. Hmm

So I got to thinking… I’ve never made a Tofu scramble. Today’s the day to change that!

Into the vitamix went 1/4 yellow onion + 1/4 green pepper + some button mushrooms:



chop chop!

I sautéed those along with some tomatoes and spinach in a pan, and while sautéing, I threw a 1/4 block of silken tofu in to chop. Note: I used silken, but I’d recommend regular. Silken was a little too soft.

Next I threw in the tofu, along with some spices – salt + pepper, tumeric, and cumin – to give it that scrambled egg taste 🙂


It turned out just like scrambled eggs, but…without the eggies!

But apparently I didn’t lose myself completely – I rounded it out with somethin’ sweet:


One Ezekiel cinnamon raisin english muffin – half with just organic butter – and half with my pumpkin dip.


Pumpkin dip consists of:

  • 1 c. pumpkin
  • 1 c. silken tofu
  • 2 T. maple syrup
  • 2 t. pumpkin pie spice


IMG_9726 IMG_9730


Busy day up over here – workin’ at the BIC and the training a few clients. Such are Tuesdays lately! 🙂

Hope you guys have a really good day!!


Do you notice your appetite any different when you have a nighttime snack versus no snacks after dinner? I definitely do! Sometimes I’ll eat a nighttime snack just because I know I won’t want to eat breakfast before my morning workouts!

Omelet Bomb

What up! It’s Monday again. The weeks just go by SO fast for me. Each time it’s Monday again I’m amazed.

But I’m here to tell you about Sunday. Trusting my body, I decided against my morning run for my hip’s sake and instead had a leisurely morning of reading The Girl Who Plated with Fire (obsessed) and doing a couple loads of laundry.

Once I worked up an appetite, the husband and I went to our favorite breakfast place in town, Wild Berries:


Wild Berries serves up fresh and delicious breakfasts – and their omelet’s are the bomb!

Though this tempted me…


I stuck with my tried and true veggie omelet…


which was as big as my head! Seriously! But there omelets are the bomb – SO dang good. Plus a side of fruit – and a couple bites of Shane’s pancakes. I probably got through 2/3 the omelet before throwing in the towel  napkin. haha

Wild Berries also has a sweet coffee/smoothie bar in the middle of the restaurant and mile long list of shakes/smoothies/coffee drinks. Although I just stuck with coffee and half and half, I got a little excited when I spotted a couple sexy Vita-Mixes:


Oooh yeah 😉 bahah

It was nice to have a relaxing breakfast out for a change. Between my weekend runs, training clients, and being out of town on weekends, we hardly get a chance to do it, but it was quite nice! Plus, this breakfast kept me full for a good five hours, clearly.

I think I’m still full…

Ok we know that’s a lie 😉


Well I’m off for an easy four miler + some ab work! Hopefully the body will cooperate with me this time 🙂

What do you usually order when out for breakfast? I’m usually an omelet girl – just because I rarely make omelets at home. I’m horrible at it!!

Raspberry Ricotta Tofu French Toast

Hi guys! It’s Friiiiiday 🙂

I woke up this morning not so hungry. I had a dessert of chocolate covered banana chips before going to bed, and it left something to be said for my appetite this morning.

However, while drinking a cup of coffee and finishing off the chapter in my book, I thought of something amazing.


When I think of tofu, I always think of dinner or leftovers for lunch. As far as breakfast goes, there are plenty of tofu scrambles recipes floating around the internet and blogosphere. But I didn’t want a tofu scramble.

I wanted french toast.


But I wanted more than French toast. French toast always leaves…something to be desired for me. A little protein wouldn’t hurt this breakfast staple.


That’s not an egg sticking out there!

Neither would a bit of raspberry ricotta filling…


Raspberry Ricotta Tofu Stuffed French Toast


serves one

1/4 block of drained and pressed (for just 10 minutes or so) extra firm tofu

2 T. whole wheat flour

1 T. olive oil

Two pieces of whole grain bread

1 egg or flax egg

1 t. vanilla extract

1 T. milk

2 T. raspberry jam (or flavor of choice)

2 T. part skim ricotta


Slice the tofu length wise into three 1/4 in sliced (down the widest part of the block to get a thin slice of the whole front) and lightly coat each slice in the flour. Heat the olive oil in a frying pan on the stove over medium heat, and then place each slice of tofu in the pan, sauteeing for about 3-4 minutes per side. Set aside on a paper towel to drain oil. Meanwhile, in a small bowl, whisk together the egg, milk, and vanilla. Dip each piece of bread into the egg mixture and place on the same frying pan used for the tofu (you can also use the extra oil leftover in the pan) frying over medium heat. Cook each piece of bread 2-4 minutes per side, checking frequently so not to burn. Meanwhile, heat the raspberry jam in a sauce pan (orrrr the microwave) over medium low heat until it melts slightly. Add the ricotta, and cook until heated through.

Assembly: First place one of the bread pieces on a plate. Then spread a thin layer of the ricotta/jam mixture on top, and then a tofu slice, followed by another thin later of the jam, continuing with the tofu until you top it off with the second piece of toast. Sprinkle with powdered sugar if your heart so desires:)


This French Toast left nothing to be desired and rocked my breakfastworld! And although it tastes decadent, it didn’t leave me feeling full and overloaded.


In other news, I signed up for a 5k!! My work (at the BIC) is hosting a 5k for United Way that would coincide wonderfully with my training. A 5k and the end of this month, a 10k at the end of next, and a 15k at the beginning of November. Sounds good. I kinda wish there were a half marathon somewhere in the schedule, but nevertheless, I’m pumped:)

My goal is to PR, but I’m not quite sure where I want the PR to fall. My fastest 5k is 26:46, so I’m hoping to blow that out of the water.


Speaking of racing, I’m keeping my training plan dynamic just to show how I was telling the complete truth on how flexible I am with it. You’ll see cross outs and progress check ins all over the place!


Well I’m off to clean the house, run a couple errands, and then train some clients. Bunco tonight! (I’m excited, but a little beat…it won’t be a late night for me.)

Have a fabulous Friday, everyone!!!

PS – I’m currently putting together all the blogs I love to add a tab at the top of the page. Let me know if you’d like to be added – either shoot me an email or leave a message in the comments! 🙂