Drunko Bunco and Drag Queens

Hey guys! Blogging from my car right now:




Don’t worry, I’m parked. In a parking lot;) Got a few spare minutes in between stops, and blogging is cheaper than shopping 😉

It’s been a busy past 24 hours!! Yesterday during the day, time was spent training clients and cleaning the house, in usual Friday fashion.


In between training, I took a quick break for some lunch while watching Glee!


This would be Wednesday night’s leftovers in combo bowl form. I added some spinach and broccoli for a little extra veggie powah:



Such a good combination of flavors this time around 😀

After training my last client, it was time to get ready for Bunco! I hadn’t been to bunco the past two months, so I was pretty pumped up 🙂 This month, my friend Theresa was hosting, and I knew there wouldn’t be much veggie fare, so I had a snack before leaving:


I love Oikos and all, but Fage is where it’s at, guys. Actually, Fage Total is where it’s at, but 2% is good too. The fat free version is just…no, though.


With some currants, flaxmeal, pumpkin, and vanilla stevia – it was a very tasty bowl!

Then I grabbed my bunco goodies:



balls and wine. What more does one need?


And headed to drink some vino and play some bunco!


When we finished the rounds (I tied for biggest loser – ha!) a few of us made a last minute decision to hit up a local gay bar down town, Bistro. They were hosting a drag show – and I’d never been to one.

Hey, why not??


Work it, girrrrrl


IMG_0911It ended up being a blast, and I’m so glad I joined in!

Have you ever been to a drag show? What are your thoughts on them?

However, waking up this morning I second guessed my decision. I had signed up for a spin class this morning, and felt the three and a half drinks I had last night coursing through my veins.

Pre-spin snacky:


Spin ended up being a great class, too! And I felt 100% better afterward. However, I had to be in Peoria by 10 this morning, and in Paige-fashion, I overestimated the amount of time I had to get ready.

After a quick shower and makeup (no time for hair!!) I booked it over to Peoria to meet my besties for some bridal fun:


More to come on that later 😉

For now, I’ve got to run to meet Shane and his grandma for a birthday lunch, then meet back up for the girls for some more fun. Not sure what the night will entail. I have a shower that I have to help with tomorrow, so it probably won’t be too late of a night.

Have a lovely Saturday, everyone! It’s a beautiful day here in central Illinois!!


The Easy Way Out’s OK w/ Me


Today I woke up to a pain in my ass. Literally. I did a pretty intense superset-style weights workout yesterday that left the tops of my glutes, my chest, and my back siiiiiinging the chorus today.

Here’s what I did:

1a. Walking lunges length of gym   2 sets w/ 25 lb plates
1b. Overhead press 2 sets w/ 15 lb. dumbbells
2a. Single leg stiff deadlift 2 sets w/ 35 lb. kettlebell
2b. Single point row 2 sets w/ 25 lb. dumbbells
3a. Deadlifts 3 sets w/ 45 lb. olympic bar + 20 lbs
3b. Lat pulldowns 3 sets w/ lat pulldown machine @ 35 lbs
4a. Prisoner jump squats 2 sets 10 reps
4b. Pushups 2 sets 10 reps
5. Swiss ball jack knifes  


Ahhhh it was a good workout. Wait ‘til you see what I had as a post workout snack…

IMG_8030well, an epic fail of HEAB’s protein ice cream (I neeeed a vitamix. NEED. Hear that, husband?! 😉 )

But THEN, I had a new Carrot Cake Lara Bar!!


Sarah over at Lara Bar sent me the new flavors to try out, and Carrot Cake tastes amazing! If you liked the tropical flavor from last year, you’ll love the Carrot Cake flavor! The only thing I wasn’t so sure about it was that it tasted more like pineapple than carrot cake. It was still amazing, nonetheless, and only stood about 10 seconds against me. Its ingredients are: dates, almonds, walnuts, raisins, pineapple, coconut, carrots, cinnamon, and coconut oil. Yummy stuff! 😀

Yesterday was pretty much an insanely busy day that started with a pre-dawn client, followed by four more. In between clients, I had to take Niko to the groomers, work a little at home on BIC stuff, and get ready to host bunco!

I took the easy way out.

IMG_8033When in doubt, order Jimmy John’s. Life philosophy lesson right there folks. Only on RAN.

I also took the easy way out for dessert. Janetha told me this dessert was easy and 100% guaranteed to be a crowd pleaser. It’s a good thing I trust her.

I made the crust…

IMG_8032  Topped it with the sauce and fruits…


And watched it disappear before my eyes!

IMG_8035 DEFINITEY a crowd pleaser. Janetha, so many people loved this!

While making, I munched on some veggies and hummus:


Bunco was a blast, and I ended up winning my money back for being the biggest loser (most losses,) wahoo!

Today’s supposed to be my long run day: 9 miles. I’ve yet to find my iPod (tear…) so my question for you all today is this:

What’s worse: running outdoors for 9 miles without an iPod or running on a treadmill for 9 miles while watching your show? I can’t decide! It wasn’t bad for eight miles on a treadmill last weekend, but I don’t know if I can do it twice!

Stay tuned on Monday morning for an amazing blog anniversary giveaway (yes, I can still celebrate from last week! 🙂 ) Hint: It has something to do with what I reviewed above 😉

Running Around (on) a Budget

Welcome to the weekend! Ooooh yeah! 😉

So far I’ve spent this sunny, brisk morning walking Niko and getting into a cleaning frenzy for my cardio! I was going to run my long run today (11 miles again) but I have to train three clients starting mid-morning, so I figured I’d leave it to tomorrow morning. Plus, Lord knows housework has been neglected the past few weeks, so why not turn it into some fun? 45 minutes of housework cardio, annnnd go! However, my tummy’s starting to rumble, so I foresee an oatmeal break in my future…

Yesterday I started my Friday out with a nice little trip to the gym after a solid 7 hours of sleep. I felt like I had plenty of energy on the treadmill when I ran 3.5 miles at an (almost) 5k pace. I could have kept on going, but I wanted to get in some upperbody weights, too:

Inverted pushups on stability ball – 2×10

Incline dumbbell chest press – 15 lbs – 2×12

Triceps dips – 2×10 (oof)

Just a quickie weight session – took about 20 minutes.

Once home and showered, I was almost out of oats (the horror!!) so I decided to make another mongo green monster:


Except I was out of spinach (the horror x’s 2!) Never fret, a fruit smoothie’s a sure bet.

Ice, 1 frozen banana, ½ c. frozen blueberries, 1 scoop of Jay Robb brown rice pp, maca, water, flaxmeal, coconut butter.

Topped with Ezekiel granola.


I love using this granola because it’s SO crunchy. Even when it sinks below the top of the smoothie.    

This smoothie kept me full for quite some time, but eventually da tum was in need of some grub:


I tried out this Split Pea soup for lunch. I was a little hesitant, because split pea soup can either be amazing or atrocious. I took a look at the ingredients, and still wasn’t sure I’d like it…


But luckily, this version was amazing!

Other random eats included:


Most of this bad boy, a plumb, and some trail mix.

After work, I trained a client and hurried home to get picked up to go to Bunco. It feels like I never stop…

Typically the food at Bunco is pretty unhealthy and not veg-friendly, so I made a quickie dinner:


brock, cuke, shroom, cado w/ a big ol’ dollop of hummus


Millet w/ tofutti (which is good, but the ingredients list is a little scary) and Quorn meatless nuggets.

Bunco was a blast, regardless. And girlfriends + wine + laughter= a good night – exhausted or not! And even better? I won!

IMG_1176 IMG_1177

Big money, baby 😉 mhahah

Running Around (on) a Budget

Shane and I have been trying to cut costs pretty much all around. The other night, my analyst of a husband created a big spreadsheet depicting all of our bills, expenses, incomes, etc.

It really helped to have it all laid out all organized with categories. 

Basically, I need to find a cheaper hair salon, and I need to quit buy so much expensive food. I currently spend around $500-$700 on groceries every month. And in our situation right now (which I’ll reveal on the blog soon, I promise – it’s good, not bad!!) we need to cut costs.

I’ll deal with the hair salon sitch later, but for now, my goal is to slash our grocery bill by $500. This means spending a mere $200 on groceries per month, or $50 per week. I can do this. It might mean no more fancy pants Coconut milks, Kombucha’s (however I will spend extra money on kombuchas – like the bunco money I won. I just really believe in the healing power of Kombucha,) Barney Butters or goat’s milk ice cream, but I can do it. Basically I have to rule out two of my favorite stores (Naturally Yours and Fresh Market) and only go to them when I NEED an ingredient for something, like spelt flour for baking, for example.

So to put it in writing, and make it official…

In order to spend less at the food stores, I’m going to:

  • Shop at cheaper/bulk stores (as much as it pains me) like Wal-Mart, Sam’s, and Aldi’s.
  • Look for coupons – but only for things I need.
  • Take a list, and stick to the list
  • Compare prices
  • Buy store-brand when it’s a better deal
  • Buy in bulk when it comes to things like frozen goods, cereal, and of course – spinach.

Today’s my first go at it, actually. After training clients, I’m heading to the store, with a $50 limit. I’ll report back how it goes 😉

But for now, enjoy this wonderful Saturday, everyone!

How do you cut costs in the grocery stores? Or do you shop without a budget (like I used to)? It’s gonna be hard, but totally doable.

Time’s a Changin’ and a PDR!

Morning all! Happy Daylight Savings Time! Remember to set your clocks ahead?

So how was everyones’ weekends? Mine’s been filled with good fun and good company!

One Friday a month I get together with a group of girlfriends for wine, shenanigans, and bunco, and this Friday was one of those nights! It was such a blast. Like I said in my previous post, it was one of the girl’s birthdays, so it gotta little more crazy than usual 😉


Oh, and everyone loved the balls I brought 😀


Birthday cake…that I never got a chance to try! Oh but don’t worry, there were other goodies sampled 😉
I didn’t end up winning anything, but it was a great time, nonetheless!

After a night of indulgence (i.e. glasses of wine and an abundance of sugar) I had a nice, stabilizing breakfast:

Oat (bran) in a jar!

In the jar of goodness was:

-1/2 c. oat bran
-1/2 c. water
-1/2 c. almond milk
-1 packet of Purevia
-1 T. hemp powder
-1 banana
-About a T. of almond butter

Then it was time to get ready for a long run. The weather was rainy and about 45 degrees, so it was a bit of an internal debate on whether it was happening inside on the dreadmill or outside on the road. During the couple hours it took to digest breakfast, while I was majorly indecisive as to whether I’d run in or outdoors, I received THREE packages!

Here’s a couple of em:


Birthday Lulu’s!

My mom got me some of the new Wunder Groove crops, and I am in LURVE with them. Two best styles combined into one, if ya ask me!

Another package was from Ryan at POM Wonderful, who sent me a case of their 100% pure pomegranate juice to sample:



Review and experimentations coming soon 😉

After tearing into my packages, I finally decided on manning up and hitting the open road.

I used map my run to determine my route, but ended up getting a little more than I bargained for…

At what should have been the half way mark, I was already at 5 miles, and around mile 6, I ate to Clif Shot Bloks I packed in the bottom of my water bottle:



And got back to my house after 8.5 miles total, 1:22:46 later I got back to my house not feeling too shabby aside from my right hip being a little tight.
Stats n Splits:

Mile 1: 9:39
Mile 2: 9:46
Mile 3: 9:57
Mile 4: 10:06
Mile 5: 9:43
Mile 6: 9:48
Mile 7: 9:38
Mile 8: 9:29
Mile 8.5: 9:02

Woot! Average pace was 9:44. Not too shabby!

And that, my friends, is a personal distance record for this girl!  Yep, the farthest I’ve run is 8 miles. This…is was 8.5 miles felt like:


It also finally feels like running season has officially started for me. I came back with blisters and a wound (warning)


Let the race season begin! 😉

After a quick shower, I made a delicious refueling Green Monster:


This GM contained a little more ingredients than the ushe:
-1 frozen banana
-1/2 c. frozen cherries (which are natural anti-inflammatories)
-1 T. maca
-1 T. chia seeds (great for joint lubrication)
-1/2 scoop of choc. protein powder
-1 T. almond butter
-Almond milk
-2 handfuls of spinach

So good, and kept me full for a good few hours, even after a long run!

After a little laziness, the hubski and I headed out and braved the rain to do some runnin’ around town. We were on the hunt for a nice centerpiece for our kitchen table! We seriously went to about six stores looking for the right centerpiece, and finally settled on this beaute from Pier One:




Whatdya think? Doesn’t it go perfectly with the painting behind it?! I love, love, love it:D She’s a keeper.

While we were out, I polished off this lovely bar:


Quite the fantastic bar, if I do say so myself!

Also sipped on this as we were bumming around:




Around 5, we picked up a couple Papa Murphy’s pizzas and headed home!


IMG_5910 IMG_5911
These pizzas were for the company we had over last night! My brother and sister-in-law came down for some pizza, movie, and family time and it was a blast! While the pizzas were cooking, we just hung out in the kitchen for a while talkin’ up a storm, munching on some snacks, and sippin’ on some drinks:



My SIL loooves Kahlua, so I knew she’d join me in an after dinner drink of decaf and Kahula + cream:




We sipped on this while watching Couples Retreat. It was a pretty good movie! Kinda hokey at times, but overall, a good flick, in my opinion! It was so nice to see them – seems like it’s far and few between that we get together like this. Wish I woulda gotten a picture!

Well it’s already almost noon! The time’s a changin’ and it’s catching up with me! On the agenda for today:

  • gym with Heidi for a run and legs
  • grocery shopping
  • going through LLC and other self-employed business
  • laundry
  • floors

Yikes! It’s a busy one!! Better get crackin’ 😀

Have a beautiful Sunday, everyone!!

Which daylight savings do you prefer more? Springing ahead or falling back? I’m a HUGE fan of springing ahead. I hate when it gets dark so early! When it stays lighter later, it reminds me of barbeques, long evening walks, and SUMMER!

Hi, My Name’s Niko

Hiya Friday friends!

Super pumped it’s the weekend and I know I’m not alone 😀

Sorry I left ya hangin’ last night. I went straight from work to the gym to meet my friend for some cardio and an amazing power yoga class. Then right after that, we met a few other girlfriends over at Flat Top for dinner. It was a fabulous time involving TONS of chit chat and even some Shenanigans:



I wrote my name as Niko instead of Paige, just to be cute. I didn’t know our waitress, so she would never know 🙂 Little did I know, our waitress wouldn’t be bringing our food out! My ex-boss works there now apparently, and brought it out. When she called out Niko and I grabbed my plate she was like, “Um, your name isn’t Niko.” bahaha. You know, the usual 😉

Anyway, I didn’t get home until around 9:00, so I pretty much showered and went straight to bed. When I went to bed, I set my alarm for 4:45, planning to wake up and go to the gym before work, but I didn’t fully commit myself to whether I was going or not. Sometimes when the ol’ body doesn’t get a full 24 hrs between workouts, it rebels against. However this time, I woke up and felt wide awake, so I rolled with it. Goal was to run a 3 mile run at 5k pace, but needless to say, the leggies weren’t up for that, so it ended up being about a 9:20 pace.

Showered and dressed and it was time for a delicious Green Monster:


One frozen banana, handful of ice, almond milk, Amazing Grass Superfood, two mongo handfuls of spinach


Sipped on this until I finished getting ready, and then had a more substantial breakfast:


One egg + one egg white w/ a dash of sea salt and one piece of toasted rice flour bread w/ organic jam and coconut buttah

IMG_5881Tastes buds were lovin’ it. Fellow coconut butter loves – is it just me, or does coconut butter keep you hunger at bay for hours? Must be that healthy fat 🙂 Gotta lurve it!

Work was pretty slow, so I ended up taking off a few hours early to run some errands. I had to get a birthday gift for tonight (Bunco night!! Woot!!) a library card, and grab some groceries for my food contribution for the get together tonight.

My contribution:



Balls!! One side are Averie’s chocolate chip cookie dough balls, and the other side were my improvised peanut butter balls, which I based off of the former balls. Wow. I don’t think I’ve said balls that many times in one sentence ever! 🙂 Anyway, there are a couple girls who gave up chocolate for lent (I know…crazy, right?!) so I made the peanut butter version. Averie has a peanut butter ball recipe of her own, but I didn’t have the ingredients on hand to make hers, so I improvised:)

To make the peanut butter balls, I simply followed the directions for the choc. chip ones, and made some adaptations.

  • 3/4 c. raw cashews
  • 1/3 c. oats
  • 1/3 c. PB2
  • 2 T. agave nectar
  • 1 T. Maple syrup
  • 1 T. vanilla extract

Just put the first three ingredients in the food processor/blender and pulse a few seconds. Then add the rest of the ingredients, one at a time, and slowly add the vanilla extract while its processing. After a ball forms/consistency is thick and dough-like, make one big ball out of the dough, and then form little balls from the dough!


Gah. I LOVED this dough!!! So glad it turned out excellently!

I munched on some blueberries while I was “unbaking” so I didn’t munch on dough 😉



And was feeling very sleepy, so did something I never do, and put a kettle of coffee on at nearly 4:00!


Gave me the pick-me-up I needed, plus got rid of the headache I’d had all day (ohhh, addiction.)

Well, I’ve gotta get going! Got some bunco to play, some wine to drink, and some birthdays to celebrate!! :D           

Power Yoga Oatmeal

Happy Saturday!

I’m awake bright and early for the launch class of Power Yoga at 8:00. I’ve never been before, so I’m supah excited to try it out. Hope I like it!

Yesterday morning I woke up to look out the window and saw that it was light outside. First though: Hm, that’s nice. Second though: Crap! I’m late for work!!!

With all the snow day antics on Thursday, I must have turned off the alarm. Oh well, we were just an hour late for work, so we stayed an hour late (11:30 – more like 12, though.) Plus, I got a much needed extra two hours of sleep.

After work, I set off to do the usual gym time and grocery store stops. Got in a nice cardio work out at the gym, and then made a couple stops at a couple grocery stores, gathering all the necessities. However, I didn’t sit down and make a meal plan this week, so the groceries were kind of haphazard. I also had to make a stop by the Tarjay to pick up a baby gift for a neighbor’s daughter’s shower.


After getting home, I was finally able to eat some dinner. And I was craving nothing but a big as your house salad. I had picked up a bottle of Goddess dressing (finally!!) at the store, and couldn’t wait to use it on a salad:


 IMG_4742 IMG_4748


After devouring, I was off to Bunco with the girls. The night was FULL of laughs. It seemed like everyone brought out their inner rowdiness, which always makes for a good time. A few extra drinks doesn’t hurt either 😉 And the icing on the cake? I won!! It’s been a while since I won, so I thanked everyone and told them I had fun taking their money before we peaced out 😀


Which brings us to this morning. I woke up around 6:30, so I could make a nice big bowl of oats and have a big cup of coffee.

In the oats? This line up, right heah:



Oats, smashed nanner, Sun Crystals, flax meal, water:



With a blob of peanut butter and some TJ’s pumpkin butter = yummay in my tummay.

Have I told you I’ve stopped putting sweetener in my coffee? I just got sick of trying to decide if I should do cane sugar, stevia, a stevia blend, etc. So I just said screw it, and nixed it altogether. Problem solved, and with a few extra pennies in the piggy bank at that.


Well, friends, I need to go get ready for Power Yoga! The description says Be prepared to sweat! Exceeellllent😀

What type of sweetener do you put in your coffee/tea? I’ve gone from sweetened creamer (aka white, liquid chemicals ;)) to sweet n low (which made my upper stomach hurt – weird,) to cane sugar, to stevia, to NADA!

The Dessert of Yoga

Good morning! I’m still waking up – *yaawwwn.* I have to be at the gym from 8-12 today for class. I’m super pumped because today we’re actually diving head first into the equipment (not literally, ow) and doing some workouts! Hooray 😀

Like every other Friday spent running around like a crazy person, yesterday was no different. Right after I got off work, I had to go to Target to a gift for a baby shower I’m going to today after class. After Target, I just kept of driving to a couple other various stores…Sam’s, Von Maur, Fresh Market…

and came with this!


It’s more than it looks. Oh, and see that 3 pack of DiGornio pizzas? Well, ever since I’ve been busy and gone about every night, I don’t have time to cook dinner for Shane and I about 3 or 4 of the 5 nights. He always says, “oh, I’ll fix something myself.” However, “fix something” to my husband (God bless him) means either a.) sticking in microwave or b.) sticking in oven – aka frozen. Before I just had Amy’s burritos or veggie frozen veggie meals, but now he has himself three 3-meat pizzas to go to town on.

Some highlights of the haul:  IMG_2090 IMG_2091 After putting the groceries away, I made a wonderfully nutritious lunch:


IMG_2092 IMG_2093 IMG_2094  Zucchini, tomato, and carrots, which I then topped with Annie’s Goddess dressing. Yum yum 😀

It was my turn to bring dessert to Bunco that I had last night, and I decided to be brave, and try a recipe I haven’t tried before out of Vive le Vegan!’>Vive le Vegan!:


Peanut Butter Bars!!


Started with the dry, base layer:



And then made the middle peanut butter layer:

IMG_2097  And chilled, before adding…IMG_2100

the CHOCLATE layer!!!


While the bars were cooling, it was time for me to twek it out! I didn’t have much time to play with, so I did an easy breezy 35 minutes on the elliptical while watching Keeping Up with the Kardashians: Wedding Special, while I heated up my yoga studio of an office as high as the space heater would go. It was wonderous! It was the first time in a loooong time where I’ve felt that “outside of body experience” during yoga. I ended up with a heavenly shavasana, aka the dessert of yoga, and then got dinner ready before I left for Bunco night! (aka Wine-o night)

Part of dinner was a recipe from Dreena Burton’s Eat, Drink, and Be Vegan 😀 (Don’t expect to stop seeing her name soon by the way.)

Autumn Puree

I cooked a sweet potato until soft, and then put it in the food processor, along with Thursday night’s butternut squash,with some other secret ingredients you can access if you happen to own this cookbook.


Then I took out a portion for me, added brown sugar (Shane’s crack) and set it aside for Shane.


While the sweet potato was baking, I also had some cod baking in the oven, which I marinated in some Saucy Mamaaa sauce:


Perfect meal!! Delicioso to the max.



(Remember – I’m in a vegetarian transition – not quite 100% yet, but it’s the first time I’ve had fish in a long time.)

Then I left for Bunco, which I was late for, of course (can I ever leave the house not running towards the door?!) I didn’t win any money, but I did get an ab workout in from laughing so hard. While consuming Moscato d’Asti. Good times, good times. Oh, and the bars were a hit!! There were NONE left – NONE! I let on that they weren’t so bad for you, and the girls loved it. Plus, there was a vegan there who I got to introduce to Dreena Burton’s cookbooks! I said go to Borders, pick up off of shelf, buy, cook.

I’ll leave you with our first Christmas decoration put up today:




This is probably my favorite decoration of ours. Shane and I love Christmas, but we don’t have gobs upon gobs of decorations out every year. We are kind of minimalists when it comes to interior decorating.


Off to class! See you tomorrow with a recap of training, baby showers, and dinner out!

How was your start to the weekend? Have anything fun coming up today or tomorrow? I have a race on Sunday – a 5K, and I can’t decide if I want to run it for fun or run it to get a PR. I’m running it with a group of girlfriends, so I’m leaning towards fun, but I keep going back and forth! We’ll see 😀 Have a fab day!