Leftovers, Late Nights, Lost Spin Classes

*Warily opens eyes*


Oy. When my alarm clock went off this morning to meet my friend, Heidi at spin class, I wasn’t sure it was going to happen. I got up, I poured coffee, and then realized there was no way I was getting my butt to spin class, bags packed for the day, with breakfast + lunch and snacks in tote.

I planned to…

but then yesterday I got a call from a friend who happened to be coming in from Chicago to the train station here in town with no apparent way on how she would get home (an hour away) from there. A last minute call to me was her solution. I wasn’t ecstatic about cancelling off clients that I had last night, but I also didn’t want my friend to be stranded. So I picked her up at the train station and drove her home, and drove back. When I got home, I had some blog work to do and some clients to email – so it was a late one.

Needless to say, this guy will be my BFF for the day (sorry besties, I love you guys too 😉 )



Perhaps I’ll get in a run and lift session after my evening clients tonight, or perhaps I’ll take another rest day. My body’s been craving rest this week, it seems. I did get in a quick 20 minute power yoga podcast this morning, though!

Unsurprisingly, dinner was also eaten on the run last night – I reached into the depths of the fridge, and forgot all about the butternut squash lasagna that I’d made a couple months ago!


After making the judgment call that the green-ish tinge on the outside of the lasagna was freezer burn, not mold (I’d say I was 60% certain – LOL) I micro waved it up and inhaled it.



Added a little green for texture and good measure (the salad, not the “mold.” 😉 )



And hey, I’m not sick this morning, so I must have made the right call!

 How risky are you when it comes to deciding whether to eat food that may or may not have gone bad? I consider myself pretty risky, but I went with going ahead and eating the lasagna just because it had been in the freezer – can mold grow in temps that cold anyway??!

I’m off to work! Have a great Wednesday, guys 😀


Butternut Squash Lasagna & Sports Nutrition

When Shane took a look at this week’s meal plan over the weekend, he asked if I had plans of turning him into a vegetarian.



(excuse my chicken scratch – this is the Cliff Notes version of how I meal plan 😉 )

So I may have gotten carried away while looking through the vegetarian filter on Food and Wine. Is that so wrong? 🙂

He didn’t seem to think it was after last night’s dinner.




Before I went in to work to watch the gym (and read The Girl who Played with Fire) for the day, I prepared Giada’s Butternut Squash Lasagna.


All I had to do when I got home was stick it in the oven! And when you don’t get home until 7:30, that’s a good thing 😉

As I was preparing this lasagna, I wasn’t sure what to think. It was sweet, but savory. And the ingredients, prompting me to use whole milk and butter, were very indulgent.


But, it was love at first bite!


I was running low on mozzarella, so “my side” of the pan was made with mostly goat cheese – and it was amazing!IMG_9433

I used no boil lasagna noodles for the very first time with this recipe, and I gotta say, I’m very impressed! I wish they were whole wheat, but I’m sure it was a nice change for the husband eating pasta made from white flour.



However, next time I would add spinach and some ricotta cheese to down play the sweetness so much.

With a side of some tibouli:



Not done yet…


These chocolate chip cookies from Trader Joe’s rock my world dessert!

And for the record, I’m not forcing my husband to be a vegetarian as evidenced by the pepperoni on the other night’s homemade pizza 😉




A few weeks ago, I received some very, very exciting news in the mail.

I didn’t talk about it on the blog but over the summer, I was studying to become a sports nutritionist. About a month ago, I took the exam and found out I passed! I’m so excited that I can add Certified Sports Nutritionist to my credentials! 🙂

Since weight loss is a major goal of about 80% of my clients, and diet is a major component of that goal, I figured it would be beneficial to be able to advise on both fitness and nutrition.

A lot of you know that I train both in a gym and at my clients’ home. Since I’m technically self-employed, there’s a lot that goes in to “owning my own business.” I haven’t really shared much about my personal training business on the blog, because that’s not what I choose to focus the content, and I probably won’t mention it much again after this post. However, back when I formed an LLC for my business, I had to choose a business name.

That’s when Fitconomy was born (stimulate your fitness!)

Although it’s definitely still a work in progress, I’ve started another blog/website for Fitconomy – Fitconomy.com. While it serves as a means of resources for current and potential clients, I’ll also still be posting daily or near daily blog posts which will focus solely on fitness and health. So if you feel like learning a little about workouts, health trends, nutrition, and fitness, check it out! Also…if you know of any good blog design peeps, feel free to name drop them to me! I’m in the market!


Well I’m out! Have a terrific Tuesday, friends! 😀

Squash it into Soup!

Goood morning! Happy Thursday! I can’t believe we’re rounding the corner to the weekend already! Hooray:D

Last night after taking Niko for her nightly #2 walk, I started on dinner, while watching last season’s finale of Gossip Girl. I still haven’t watched my TiVo’d eppie of the new one, so I thought I’d take a refresher course. I’m glad I did because I forgot a lot of it! So while watching GG and finishing off the rest of my Pinot that I’d opened on Monday, I cooked a little din din.

On the Menu…

  • Stuffed Peppers
  • Squash

For my squash, I made this soup out of the Food You Crave Cookbook:

Here’s the ingredients all sweatin’ it out in the hot tub:

And all swirled together!

It was…OK. I think I put WAY too much curry powder in it, because it was a little overpowering. Light hand, Paige, light hand. I actually only ate about half of it. But that was OK, because I made stuffed peppers for Shane, and I made 3, while he only eats 1-2. Muhaha.


Mmm! They needed a bit more rice, though. I had a bit of a cooking disaster cooking this simple, 5 minute brown rice. I usually use Kraft but this time I used a different brand. Who knew they’d cook so differently? I burnt it a wee bit. Oopsie!

I still stuffed my face, though 😀

I saved the other half of the butternut squash to make butternut squash for Shane. It’s one of his favorites. I filled in the cavity with butter and brown sugar.

And he devoured it like the growing boy he is 😉

The work out didn’t get done last night. But that’s OK, it’s race week, and I need to be rested for my 10K. Though in the future, I need to make strength training a priority again!! I *can* be passionate about more than one thing, I can! Right now, it’s running, but I needs to pump ze iron!

After a little America’s Next Top Model and Real World, (and a few less brain cells) I called it a night. One good night’s sleep later, and I woke up feeling refreshed! I also woke up to a glorious surprise!

Shane: “Oh, I forgot to tell you! You got something yesterday!”

Me: Jumping off the couch, “I did?!!? What?!” (I love getting mail)

Shane: “Look in the fridge!”

Me: *stares then runs to fridge*

I couldn’t believe he forgot to tell me, as much as I looove getting packages! Though it made for an awesome Thursday morning 😀 Vitalicious sent me some of their products. I saw them on a number of blogs, namely Christina butter’s, and I knew I had to try them – they looked awesome. I’m so excited to try them out and let you know how they are. I even packed a couple in today’s lunch!

Ok, I must cut this post short so I’m not late today, but I hope you all have a wonderful Thursday!!

Question: What product have you seen floating around the blog world that you can’t get your hands on but are dying to try? I can’t wait until I find the new Chobani yogurt flavors!

Good Mood Monday after a Squash and Pepper Dinner

Get ready to fake it until you make it! At least that’s what I’m doing today. Since Mondays get such a bad rap, I’m forcing cheerfulness upon myself. One of the ways I do this, is to count what I’m thankful for today:

  • my coffee, as always
  • that even though I’ve been slacking in the going-to-church dept., God still lets me and loves when I pray
  • my staycation this past weekend, which is allowing me to be extra relaxed today
  • almost having the laundry done!

One thing I’m looking forward to is having dinner with my parents tonight! I haven’t seen them in a couple weeks (which is a long time for me!) and it will be nice to hang out.

Workout slackage

Well, I guess you could call it purposeful slackage. I decided to skip my workout this morning. Partly because I’m so sore, and partly because it was an elliptical workout, and I have an easier time skipping non-run workouts. No biggie 🙂 Tomorrow’s a run day, so I’ll get it then 😉


Last night’s dinner turned out to be AWESOME! I made stuffed peppers and butternut squash. Since I didn’t post play-by-play of how I made them, I’ll just post the couple pictures that I did take.

I stuffed the peppers with brown rice, lean ground beef (was going to do mine with turkey, but got lazy,) tomato sauce, jalapeno peppers, and onion. When they only had 15 minutes in the oven to go, I topped them each with habenero cheese.

They turned out SO good.

The squash was good, too, but didn’t turn out like spaghetti. I think I either roasted it too long or added too much water, but it just didn’t want to make noodles when I scraped it with a fork. Noodle form or not, it still turned out yummy! 😀

I hope everyone has a great day today. Try to be cheerful today even though it’s Monday. Try to spread your cheerfulness around to as many grumpy people as possible!

Question: What’s one way you pull yourself out of a foul mood?