A Fiesta to End a Hard Day’s Work

What a wonderful end to an utterly hectic day! My parents ended up coming to visit Shane and I tonight, and we went to a favorite little restaurante Mexicana of all ours here in town. Plus, they brought a surprise guest, my brother! Double bonus 😛 It was good food, good drink, and good company.

Yes, that was my beer. I’ll claim it. I stopped after one though 🙂 I got my usual chicken fajita taco salad, and as usual it was yum-topia. Tonight they really loaded it with red and green pepper. Mmm mm mm.

Afterwards, the gang came to our house where we proceeded to watch the Cubs winning against the Nationals!! YEAH! Go Cubs (although the Nationals are in last place, so that’s not saying much…ok I didn’t say that!)

Today I was much too busy. I couldn’t even leave my desk for lunch. Therefore, my good eats of the day, were fairly non eventful. This is about as exciting as it gets:

Get your party hats on… 😛 Nah, it was a tasty little sandwich. Mighty Maple PB (oh my deliciousness on whole wheat bread) with some nanners.

I’ll spare you the rest of the days eats – not bad, but just not exciting!

So as far as workouts go, today was a rest day for me, but I ended up doing Chalean Extreme’s, “I’ve Got Abs.” It’s a 12 minute video that will make you cry by the end of the 12 minutes! Is it weird that I’m actually looking forward to having sore abs? I really haven’t gotten in a good ab work out in a long time – just some crunches or planks here and there. If you haven’t tried this video, I recommend 😀

I intended on taking Niko for a little dusk walk, but that just didn’t happen tonight. Read: the gang came to our house after Mexican. No, just read: we ate Mexican 😛

Luckily, tomorrow is Friday, which means half day for me! Whoop whoop! Nine hour days can sure seem exhausting, but they are so worth it come Friday at 11:00. I’ll definitely be able to squeeze in a walk for her tomorrow.

To make up for my lack of food porn, here’s a picture of my Caladium. They are getting outta control! I swear, when I left for work, they were half the size as when I got home from work!

I also came home from work to find hubski tending to his second love:

Yep…he’s drying his car with a leaf blower…boys and their toys??

Well I’m going to go enjoy this satisfyingly full (not stuffed!) feeling horizontally. Have a fabulous night, everyone!!