Frank Lloyd Wright 10K Eve…Wiped!

Buenos dias chicas y chicos!

Kim and I are getting ready for the Frank Lloyd Wright 10k! This is an equally exciting race because of these factors:

  • Kim’s first race (in the US)
  • BFF Destiny will be cheering us on
  • Kim and I will be racing together!

And we are definitely ready for the race, too – after yesterday’s day go-go-go! We dined, we cried, we tried, we buy-ed (?,) and we dined.

























And so here we are today…bout to run a 10K!

Pre race breakfast is a normal one:


I ate this a little sooner before the race than I’d like, but hopefully my stomach still cooperates!

See you after the race to the finish!!

Describe your Saturday in three past-tense verbs – annnnnd go!


Homeboys at Dance Parties

Hi guys!! 🙂

I made it!IMG_0612

With a little help



from my friends!


This was right after Destiny gave me stop and go instructions to park in a tiny parallel spot. Yep…not good at that either. Shoot! And also insert a picture of all of you for your fab advice on big city drivin’ 😉

I got to Destiny’s house a couple hours before Kim, and our plans were to go to Trader Joe’s, but Kim didn’t want to miss that trip. So we just hung around for a few hours, talking, laughing, and waiting.

When Kim arrived, we were all gabbin’ it up in the kitchen. By this point, we were pretty hungry, and planned to go to dinner first. But then, Kim said she had a question for us – if we’d be her bridesmaids!!! Of course we screeched, jumped up and down, hugged, and then opened an obligatory glass of red:

IMG_0615  IMG_0616

By this time, we were starved! Destiny had never had Indian food, and she wanted to go with me since I have *some* knowledge. We went to Khyber pass




And there was a buffet – for dinner – on a Friday night! Awesome. This ensued:





Plus two big pieces of naan. If my stomach were a balloon, it would have popped guys. I was that full.

Contemplating what to do next, we were all too full to be in public, so we put on our jammies and headed back for a night of cards, dance parties, and tunes.




I had a Sam Adam’s Cherry Wheat – yum! But honestly nothing else would fit in my tummy!

The playlist of the night ranged anywhere from 112 to Lil Wayne to Glee, until Dest’s bf couldn’t take it anymore and added Country to that list. However, the theme song of the night remains, homeboy:

It doesn’t get old, does it?! … Don’t answer that 😉

I was pretty tired from running 8 miles, traveling, and being on the go, but I managed to stay up until 1 or so 😉


Now all the sudden I’m hungry past the point of no return again! I’m the only one up right now and I think I’m going to go find a plan for coffee and breakfast. Story of my life.

Today’s plan includes shopping, dress trying on (for Kim!) picking up race packets, and Trader Joe’s – since we didn’t make it yesterday 🙂 FUN day!

I hope you have a great Saturday!

What type of music do you listen to when you get together with your closest friends? It’s usually rap when I’m with my girls!

Detox to Retox

Morning! It’s Friday – heck yes 🙂

Thanks so much for all your tips on Chicago driving. Here are my takeaways (ew, office term):

I got this! 😀

One of my clients ended up cancelling on me last night, so I took it as a chance to sneak in another yoga session! I’m on a roll. This time just a 20 minute detox session – to cleanse the spine, so they say. I yoga’d while a yumtastic dinner was cookin’ away…



Actually, after yoga, I still had another 20 minutes of cooking, so it was time to re-tox 😉



And anti-ox? 😛

I was so excited when I found okra at the store the other day. The last couple times the husband’s asked me to pick it up, I came home with baby zucchini squashes! (oops!)



blech! This is NOT okra!

This time however, went over much nicer!



Okra, asparagus, sweet potato, and black beans in a tamari + apple cider + sea salt + stevia marinade.




Perfect dinner for a chili night!



I just gobbled down some toast and jam and now the plan is to get my long run in today. I’m actually going to start out on the treadmill and then take it to the streets when I deem it time. Then it’s time to hit the road to Chicago!! Weeee!! 😀


What’s on tap for your weekend? I have a bazillion things I need to get done before taking off – packing (yup, still need to do it,) errands, and cleaning!

Peace Out, Normal

We’re taking this party to Chi-town!

I’m on the Amtrak up to Chicago right now where my cousin will be picking me up. unfortunately I can’t participate in the HLS festivities until tomorrow morning since I don’t have a
hotel room until tomorrow 😉
Hey, I just think I’m lucky I found a couple awesome bloggers to share a room with at all!

See you from Chicago!! 🙂