It Happened…

It happened. Last night, around 7:30 pm, the inevitable came true. It snowed. OK, maybe flurried is a better word, but still!! The wet rain transformed into solid drops, and it happened. And I was just warming up (ha) to the idea of fall!!!

And I’m not the only one who’s not a fan of the cold, wet, snow you know.



What the bark, mom?! It’s barking cold out there!   

So that picture was from last winter, but ya get the point 😉 You’d think after 25 years of living in the Midwest you’d get used to it by now, right? I’m still waiting for that to happen.

One thing frigid temps are good for? Nice, hot, comforting breakfasts🙂 After I got back from training a client in the wee hours this morning, I wanted nothing but a hot breakfast to warm my soul. Waffles sounded nice, actually, but I needed to keep it a little lighter than waffles.




Hot spiced oatmeal in a Jif jar? Don’t mind if I do!




On top there? That’s my newest oatmeal topping obsession – Greek yogurt mixed with a bit of pumpkin butter. Unbelievable!

I had to keep it light because after I finish this post, I’m off to a spin class at my new old gym! I’m pretty amped up about this class. The energy is pretty intense from what I remember, and it’s a blast! And it’s inside 😉

Luckily, the temps are supposed to warm back up this weekend, though, so hopefully tomorrow I can get in a run (maybe? provided body parts cooperate with me?!) 🙂

That said, I have to tell you guys something.

I’m sure you’ve guessed by now, but I won’t be running in this weekend’s Hot Chocolate 15k.

Ouch. It hurt to write that 😦

I won’t be running for several reasons:

Number 1. My heel/arch of my left foot hates me.

Number 2. My right hip hates me too

Number 3. My cousin, who I was going to run it with, had to back out because of family obligations.

Number 4. One of my best friends is hosting a benefit for her mom because she has breast cancer, and there’s no way in hell that I’ll miss it.

So there. Call me a quitter, or not. I figured four reasons telling me not to drive to Chicago and run this race is a pretty big sign that I should cut my losses and fold my cards. So instead of wallowing, I’ll be proud of my decision, and proud of friends who are running the race, too! You girls have FUN! And good luck. Sorry I won’t be able to meet up…

Onward and upward -  I’m off to spin it out! Watch out nah!

Does it snow where you live? When do you usually have the first snow? There was no accumulation or anything last night, so I’m not sure if we Illinoisans can call it the “first snow.” Usually our first big snow happens in late November or early December!

**Makeup Brush Washing Tutorial coming in this afternoon’s post!!


When In Doubt, Wear Long Sleeves…

Well, guys, I had my first go around with the new Adidas’s this morning.


From what I can tell, they survived the 6 mile run just fine. But see, I was a little distracted (and still am) by the COLD COLD temps. I came in 45 minutes ago, and my left lower arm (where my Garmin sits) is still not right. Truth be told I’m a little worried. But I’m also over dramatic.

And foolish, apparently. Not knowing whether to wear warm weather clothes or cold weather clothes, I went half and half. Except I did it the wrong way. As you can see in the pic above, I wore running tights. With them, I wore short sleeves:


In 40 degree temps. Folks, if you’re not sure, always always go with long sleeves on top and shorts on bottom.



The legs are the working limbs, so they have blood flow to them regardless. The arms, that just hang out and pump a little, need the coverage.

Obviously, something hot was calling for breakfast (after a 20 minute HOT shower)



HOT oats in a nut butter jar.


Jar de jour:


And after all that heat, my wrist still isn’t right:(

I also tried out the Saucony’s yesterday on the treadmill for a 5 mile tempo run. They withstood the jaunt just fine:) They have a little less “beef” to them (as the running store owner said) and should be used for shorter runs, while the “beefier” Adidas’s should be worn on runs 6 miles or longer. Works for me!


And I enjoyed hearing everyone’s shoe stories. Congrats to those who have found “the ones,” and to those who haven’t, they’re out there somewhere. Don’t fret, everyone has a sole mate 😉 (pun intended, bahahaha I crack myself up!)

The sixth time’s a charm

A charm for a real, hot, home-cooked dinner!    IMG_9660          

I have tried consistently for the past five nights now to take this squash that’s been sitting on top of my fridge for the past week and turn it into something tasty (anyone else keep non-refrigerated produce ontop of the fridge?)

Last night was the sixth night that we would eat leftovers or frozen food in this house, and I’ll be darned if last night became the sixth.

I came across a recipe in Clean Eating for butternut squash bread pudding…


Now I’ve only had one bread pudding, and it definitely did not come from this kitchen. In fact, I declare it the best dessert ever. So why not try my hand at a savory version?

It turned out pretty good!


I didn’t have a couple of the spices it called for, like thyme and rosemary, alas didn’t taste as “herby” (hehe..herby, that’s a funny word) as it should have. But some extra pepper kicked it up a notch.

I was so enamored with making this bread pudding the I entirely forgot to make anything else for myself. Shane got chicken (which he said has been grossing him out lately! Possible conversion into vegetarianism coming soon?!!? 😉 ) and I just threw down the easiest salad known to [wo]man. Spinach+sliced tomater+balsamic vinegar. Done and Doner.


Bread pudding has always been one of those dishes that’s scared me. Like if I knew what went into it that I wouldn’t love it anymore. Alas, now that I know it’s not, I plan on trying my hand at a dessert bread pudding very very soon. The husband and I have already plotted it’s flavors muahaha. Anyone else feel that an evil laugh should come after the word “plot?” Yeah me too 🙂

Well it’s time to go get my work on! Ciao, friends!

Have you ever had a scare because of the cold? I should have known better. Really, I should have.

Baby It’s Cold Outside…Let’s Go Running!

Hi there bloggy friends! How has your Tuesday been so far? Pretty peachy here!

I was able to slip out of the office and write this post while enjoying a smooth, hot, vanilla rooibos tea latte:



And was also able to have a pick me up snack of some candy TJ’s dried mango!



It’s the small things, people!

So in this morning’s post, I mentioned that  I planned on writing a special article on fitness! Pretty broad, eh? Well, to narrow it down, I read a very educational segment in my ACE personal training manual on a subject that’s very relative – at least for those in the middle and northern part of the US.

Before I go any further, I just want to reiterate that I am not (yet) a personal trainer.


Don’t Let Cold Weather Keep you Indoors!

Each winter, when the weather turns cold and grey, most gyms around the country get a little more crowded, and most streets see a little less foot traffic. I have to admit, I typically spend my workouts at the gym or on my elliptical each winter to keep away from the cold.

However, this year, I’m planning to embrace the cold weather, and get outside and exercise! Getting moving outside has many benefits – especially in the winter!

Have you ever heard of Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD?) It’s a type of depression that occurs during the changing of seasons – mainly during the winter months. The leading treatment for SAD is light therapy. Well, think of exercising outdoors as your natural combative against SAD! Try getting out at least once a week, like Angela recommends for Project Snow.

I’m very excited to get out at least once a week this winter for a long run, however, there are some precautions that need to mentioned. Exercising outdoors throughout the winter is an excellent idea, but there are some safety measures you need to take.

Stay Safe (and warm!) in the Winter

While studying for my ACE Personal Training class the other night, I came across these tips and precautions you need to take if exercising outdoors in cold weather. As I mentioned above, there are so many benefits to getting outside – even when it’s cold out, but it can be dangerous if you don’t follow a few guidelines for keeping warm and staying safe.

  • It’s just as important to replenish body fluids in cold weather as it is in the summer. This one surprises many people, but just because we sweat more in hot weather, doesn’t mean we can skimp on our fluids in the cold. Fluids are lost through vapor when we exhale in addition to our kidneys producing more urine when it’s cold. So as a guideline, replenish your liquids like you would if you were a sweaty mess! 🙂


  • Even though the temperature drops in the cold weather, as long as we’re moving and working fairly hard, our bodies do a good job of heating themselves up. However, the trouble is when we stop exercising. When we stop working so hard, our body temperature will decrease, thus putting at risk for losing too much heat.

The manual also gave some ways to protect yourself against the dangers mentioned above:

  • Layers, layers, layers! Layers can always be peeled off, so when starting out, wear 2-3 layers, and as your body temperature increases, either take one off or unzip one. However, keep them on hand to put back on when you stop exercising.

Before my race on Sunday, I wore a coat over my long sleeved Lululemon shirt, over a lulu tank.


When it came time for the race, I shed the coat, because I knew running would increase my body temperature.

IMG_1221(the one in the pink!)


And after the race, the coat (and gloves!) went back on!

  • Also, be sure the layers are made out of fabric that wick moisture away. I’m sure we all know that wet workout clothes=cold body! This is especially true in the cold. Fabrics that are OK to wear are wool, polypropylene, or any of the moisture-wicking tech clothes.


  • For intense wind, make sure your outer layer is able to protect your body against the harsh winds.


  • Lastly, make sure to wear a cap, as a large amount of heat can be lost through the scalp. I use this Under Armour hat during the winter and summer. It’s ventilated and moisture wicking so it will fair well in all weather.


I also have a stocking cap and even a neck warmer to wear when the temperatures dip extremely low:



In my opinion, it’s also a good idea to wear something to cover your ears. I don’t know about you, but when I’m out running it harsh weathers, my ears get extremely cold.


I use this one from lululemon – but you can find ones that will suffice almost anywhere!

One winter safety precaution this chapter did not touch on was the dangers of snow and ice. In my opinion, if it’s icy out, just don’t run outside. This advice was actually passed down to me from my mother, the runner. The only time she skips a run is when it’s icy out – otherwise she’s out on the roads 365 days out of the year. If this woman skips a run/walk when it’s icy out, anyone should (in my opinion!)

I hope that not only helps encourage you all to get outdoors and get your body moving this winter, but also to protect yourself from the weather that comes along with the winter months.

Speaking of working out in cold weather…you know how I said the Frank Lloyd Wright 10K I ran in this past weekend was going to be my last race of the season? Well, I didn’t know it then, but I was lying to you! Just this morning, I dropped a form off in the mail for the Jingle Bell Run 5K on November 15th!! Just saying that date makes me shiver! Actually, as soon as I crossed the finish line of the FLW 10k, I knew that it wasn’t going to be my last race of the year if I could help it! Luckily, I’ve convinced 4 friends (possibly 5!) to run it with me! I love running races with friends:D


Do you have any additional advice for working out in frigid weather? I’d love to hear it!!