Complaint Free February

Hey there! How was everyone’s hump day? Mine was just swell and jam-packed as always 😀

I stayed late at work to make up a little time, then headed to the gym with my friend, Missy. I just got back from the spin class we took and it was probably the BEST spin class I’ve ever been to! The instructor was awesome and the music was real techno-ish. I was a sweaty beast by the end of it, and lahhved it.


Thank you SO much for all the congrats on my big announcement yesterday. It really made me smile to see you guys have so much confidence in me! I’m a bit nervous, but I can’t wait to start!


February Challenge


I haven’t done a challenge in a really long time on the blog (whether my own or joining in on another blogger’s.) I figured this month, albeit being a few days in, would be a perfect month to have one since February’s a nice and short month.

Nope, not a weight loss challenge or a “get in shape” challenge. Not a healthy eating challenge, nor a workout challenge. This is more of a challenge of character.


Complaint Free February

Yesterday I was driving in my car listening to talk radio (nerd alert!) and there was a segment on talking about all of the negative effects about complaining. You know, Whining. Bi*ching and moaning. Griping.

I gotta say, I immediately felt ashamed, because I’ve been doing some unnecessary complaining of my own lately. We all do it. Some most do it a lot. It seems like any time I log on to Facebook, instead of status updates, I see gripe updates! It’s very annoying, and somewhat disheartening! In fact people complain on an average of 15-30 times each day, according to Will Bowen, creator of




Voicing our complaints not only affects the person doing the complaining, but it takes a huge toll to those who we are unloading all of our problems to.

I know some say to just “get it out!” or“go ahead and vent!” But studies have shown that complaining can actually be harmful to our health!

And have you ever thought about the real reason that we complain? Will listed off some reasons on the radio show, and a select few really struck me.

  • To get attention – we complain to get attention from our friends, a loved one, a boss, co-workers, however, the attention we’re getting is most likely more harmful than helpful. This one I begrudgingly admitted to myself that it was a reason that I complain, but it helped to have it right there in front of my face.
  • To transfer the responsibility – when we complain to someone, it’s almost as if we are dumping our problem on them, and now it’s theirs. Kind of like a game of hot potato. When I heard this, I realized, “oh my gosh! Yes, I do that!” And I didn’t even realize it. I immediately felt bad for those I’ve been complaining to lately (namely my mom and the hubski.)
  • To make ourselves look better/not be at fault– When we complain, it’s usually at the expense of someone or something else. Complaining about work because there’s too much on your plate… or complaining about traffic because of slow drivers. I’ve always said there’s three types of drivers: those who drive too slow, those who drive like maniacs, and those who drive like me, ha!

The website challenges others to be complaint-free for 21 days, but I’m challenging myself, and anyone else who wants to participate, to just try to not complain as much as possible for the month of February.

No starting over if you screw up, no losing or winning – just trying to enrich our lives and those that used to have to hear us whine and complain.

Some tips when you’re feeling like complaining:

  • Instead of whining about the current situation, immediately begin to think how you are going to change it.
  • If about to complain, think of something – anything! – that’s a positive about the situation. Sure, I had to get a crown the other day, but at least I’m ABLE to fix the problems I have with my teeth.
  • Wear a rubber band and snap it if you complain or are about to complain. Heheh

So the only rules to the challenge are to try and reduce your number of complaints each day, and by the end of February evaluate if you’re complaint free and happier! It’s even OK if you complain in your head. If you don’t formulate that feeling into words, you’re less likely to dwell on it and more likely to either determine how to fix it, or simply tell yourself to suck it up!

Hopefully my loved ones will notice the change too…February is all about the month of love you know 😉

I’m starting the challenge right now! Oh, and if I dare complain on the bloggy, call me out on it!! 😀

Do you consider yourself a complainer? Do you have certain friends/family who complain constantly?

I consider myself a pretty cheerful person, but I’m human, and get in moods where I just need want to whine about it to someone. However, I also know a few people who like all they do is complain, and they can be REAL downers at times. I don’t want to be one of those downers!