Jimmy Buffet Experience

If you follow me on twitter, you probably already know the whole Buffett concert experience was a blast! I really didn’t quite know what to expect. But it was crazyness for sure.

Before the concert, of course we tailgated.

Shane and my tailgating materials:

Also in that cooler are some Lara Bars and Super Charge me Cookies 😀
Of course, we had to rock the Land Shark beer 🙂

The whole groups tailgating materials:

Plus one more cooler and a whole lot more food. It was insane!

We actually ended up getting to the lot a whole lot later than planned. First of all, due to the race, and the nap that followed and then getting ready after that, we got up there about a half hour late. This wasn’t a huge deal since they weren’t in any huge rush then.

Secondly, and this part is kinda funny, our friend plugged the wrong address into the GPS for Toyota Park, so we went the complete opposite direction we were supposed to go. It honestly set us back an hour and a half at least because the traffic was so bad. We were on the north side of Chi-town, when we were supposed to be south! Ay ay ay. But we got a laugh from it, and we got to see the cute little towns/neighborhoods between Elmwood and Bridgeview LOL.

Once we finally arrived at the park, we knew we had some catching up to do.

Notice that I took all of your guys’ advice and wore the tee and jeans. However, I should have worn shorts instead. Oh, was it ever hot!!! It got to the point when I said screw it, and folded the lower part of my jeans over the top half as make-shift Bermuda shorts. haha– It was a lot of fun though.

We still got in a good 4 hours before the concert and just kicked it in the parking lot, drinking our beers, playing bags, and mingling with all the other JB concert-goers.

Then it was time for the actual concert. I was already pooped by then! I can’t believe some of these people were tailgating since 9:00 a.m!! How do they do it?!

The concert was great, and Jimmy Buffett rocked it. Would you expect any less?

I did get lost from Shane for a while, so I was a wee bit scared being drunk slightly intoxicated all by myself in a huge sea of people. Not a fan of that feeling.

After ward, madness ensued. Look at the sea of people rushing out of the venue!

Yikes! So we kicked it by the van again, this time drinking water, and met some more friendly concert goers who had the same idea as we did, and decided to wait it out until the parking lot wasn’t so outta control. They were actually some guys down from Canada for bachelor party. They were hilarious!! They went on and on aboot about how they liked Americans, but hockey more, and were Cubs fans! haha

Speaking of the Cubs, I believe the best part of the concert was at the very end, they played the Cubs Anthem (Cubs beat the Rockies) and everyone (except a few angry Cardinals and Socks fans) was singing “GO Cubs Gooo, Go Cubs Gooo, Hey Chicago whatdya say…” It was awesomeness.

On the way back to where we were staying, I snacked on whatever was closest to me, which happened to be trail mix. I ate way too much of it, and felt like crap afterward. At least it wasn’t the bite-sized brownies that were in closest reach though, hehe.

Needless to say, I woke up today feeling a bit like poo, and immediately went for this:

Then this:

Fortunately I was able to stop myself from making Shane stop at a fast food joint for breakfast (my former hangover cute) and made this when we got home:

A veggie omelet with goat cheese, bowl of fruit, and a pita with Mighty Maple PB. I couldn’t eat it all, but I feel better now.

Now I need to shower and head over to my mom’s for the day.
What’s the craziest/most fun concert you’ve ever been to?