Running Confessions

Hi there, friends! Enjoying your week so far? It’s almost weekend time – again 😀

I have some confessions to make.

Yesterday, as I was starting out on my interval run, I was lacking some motivation. To compensate, I allowed myself to make my 3 mi. interval run a 5 mile regular run. However, once I got to the street to turn down to make it only four miles, I found myself taking that turn…because “it looked like rain.” Ever make those oh-so-convenient excuses, when the real excuse is, “I just don’t wannnaaaaa?” I was having that kind of moment.

Even more, I felt in that moment, that I just wanted to run for fun. I wanted to take a break from interval training, hill repeats, and training plans. I just wanted to go out on a four miler. I didn’t want to be gung-ho racer. In fact, the last time I felt gung-ho about my next race was this day. Wonder where that falls on Angela’s Race Desire chart? hehe

Biggest confession? The Steamboat Classic race in in a mere two weeks. I haven’t signed up yet. I’ve been blaming this on work. I told the owner of the gym at which I train a lot of my clients that I’d like to pick up some staffing shifts if available. Since I’m the newbie, I’ve been getting Saturday shifts (which one could presume are the least popular day to work.) What if I get a shift on this day? I’d really like the hours and the free trainer-promotion to members. Realistically,I could do both. But doesn’t it sound good as an excuse?

It sounds like I’m just stuck between rock and a hard place.


Baby Bun Bun (it’s name..duh:) ) was camping out in our new landscaping alllll day long. The hubski almost ran over it with the mower, and it took shelter behind this rock.

Around 10:00 p.m., I set some applesauce next to it in case it didn’t have any plans on leaving, but when I got back from my volleyball game, it was gone!


Her mother finally found her and now she’s safe and happy. That’s what happened and you can’t tell me otherwise!


Oh, right. Fooood!

After breakfast, I cleaned up the house, and then went for aforementioned run. Despite its bad reviews above, it was a pretty decent run!

-4.2 miles

-38:32  minutes

-Avg pace: 9:11

Post-run fuel:


I’m not sure what else I did during the day, but I was busy. I’ve become one of those people. You know, the ones who only work part-time but claim to be busy.


But it’s not just a claim! It’s true! I used to scowl at those people! But here I am, running at noon, getting my eye brows done at 1:00, and visiting AT&T and 2:00, and claiming to be busy! I would have killed to be able to do those three things at those times of the day when working full time.

I did break from my “business” to eat a snack:


IMG_7340 Mary’s twigs and sticks, broccoli, and hummus.



Super crunchy and satisfying. But I’m not so sure what the appeal is with Mary’s Gone Crackers.


Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE her crackers. But I just don’t know why. They don’t really taste much of anything. I can see why some of you claim it should just be called, “Mary’s Crack.” hehe

After a quick nap (busy me had been up training clients since 5:30,) I got ready, and headed to my last training session for the day, which was way across town, for one of my in-home clients.

When we finished up, I was famished. I had a volleyball game in a couple hours, and knew I couldn’t last until afterward.


IMG_7347Tempeh sandwich with a side of Niko 🙂


Tempeh, artichokes, hummus, portabella, and one sundried tomato.



We won our volleyball game! But I had to sacrifice my shoulder. I’m a horrible under hand server, but I started out doing so for the sake of my hurt shoulder. But after three botched serves, I’d had it! Started serving overhand like a champ, and now my shoulder’s paying me back. I know, I know, rest an injury. But it’s different when it comes to competitive (read: recreational bar sand vball league) sports. It’s different!!

Well, this post has proved to be wordy enough, I think!

Because of the late vball game (didn’t get home until almost midnight – way past my bedtime!) I scheduled all my morning clients to the afternoon. So I’m off to get in my own workout (hopefully the shoulder allows for some lifting,) and then get some things done that I’d been meaning to earlier this week (again, with the “business.”)


Do you get exercise ADD from time to time? It takes a lot of time to train for a race! It cuts into other forms of exercise time! 😉

When you have more free time than usual, do you know where it goes? Or on the other hand, do you tend to go stir crazy with more free time? I thought I wouldn’t know what to DO with myself with this extra free time. Apparently, that’s not the case.

Have a terrific Thursday, guys!