Cruise Ship Cuisine

So, I told you all about the beautiful beaches and exciting excursions on the cruise ship, now it’s time to talk about the abundance of FOOD they had on board!


(Buffet style dining for breakfast and lunch)

I gotta tell ya, I didn’t have very high expectations for the food selections on the cruise ship. I mean, how gourmet can it get on a big ass boat? Well, apparently very gourmet. Also, not only did they always have vegetarian options for every meal of the day, but they were both delicious and extremely unique! I actually loved it. This, and the abundance of fruity drinks, is the reason I brought back a couple extra lbs with me on the plane trip home 😉

So for the first couple of days, we kind of went all out, getting tons of food at each meal. For instance, take these breakfasts:



Very delicious, but just a wee bit too much. Now on a regular day, a banana and peanut butter, or the bowl of cereal and milk would be fine. But not this time! I had it all – plus french toast! haha

The last few breakfasts looked more like this:



Coffee, bananas, and yogurt. Much more logically and healthfully portioned breakfast, dontcha think?

For lunch, it was all buffet style. After the first day or so of trying different things, and ending with these:


I switched it up when I found a deliciously healthy salad bar, and opted for a lighter lunch, so I’d have plenty of energy after eating to enjoy the cruise ship!


Other cruise ship lunches:


Pickled spaghetti squash with almonds, with some zucchini.


Jicama salad (YUM!)

Copy of IMG_2637

Copy of IMG_2636

Portabello mushroom sandwich with a side salad.

You get the picture. It all looks really good, no? I had more pictures on my camera, but you know the story…camera = lost 😦

Dinner was all about the sit down dinner, and all about the divine, gourmet food:


Like a vegetarian Indian dish that will knock your socks off!


a lovely fruit plate:


Oh, you know there was Pinot Noir!


Eggplant and zucchini lasagna:


*dies for this dish*

French onion soup:



These are just a few of the many delicious meals we had.

Oh, and of course…can’t forget about the couple fourth meal’s we all had 😉


Mmm this goat cheese pizza about knocked my head off! Even if I was half-tipsy while consuming it!

Overall, I don’t think I did too bad, healthy-eating wise. Like I said before, if it’s a special occasion or a vacation, I’m going to indulge a bit. However, after indulging the first few days, and when the newness and excitement dissipates, it’s wise to tone it down a notch and get back to the healthy-eating mindset. It helps to give you more energy to enjoy the fun activities without making you feel like a slug, too! It’s also a good idea to kick up the fruits, veggies, food with detoxifying properties once you are back from vacation, or from the special occasion. If you haven’t noticed, I haven’t been posting many of my meals and snacks this week. I decided to split it up into during-cruise-food (this post) and post-cruise-food that gave my body a jump start back into normal eating/living mode.


Actually, thinking back about all of the massive amounts of food on the ship is somewhat… disturbing. Hopefully I don’t offend anyone who is reading, but the amount of overweight people on the cruise ship was very substantial, and 4 out of 5 people had trays of food that were triple or quadruple the size one meal probably should be. It was a little disheartening. And like I admitted, I, too, ate too much the first couple of days, but then backed down substantially.

Furthermore, the amount of food that is wasted on the cruise ship is very outrageous. The cruise ship did it’s best to have recycling every where you looked, and to have composts to dispose of the food, but just looking around at the tables, there were uneaten sandwiches, fruit, vegetables, and more that were just going to waste. It’s such a shame. People hear free food (it was an all inclusive – besides the booze – cruise ship) and they just stock up!


What are your thoughts on buffet-style, all inclusive cruise ships and resorts regarding food and meals?