When in Wrigley


Hi guys!

Phew. After two days of indulgence, I’m ready to have a day free from any wine, beer, or cheese.



Or, in this case, something that resembles cheese 😉

But most importantly, CUBS WIN! CUBS WIN!




Let me start at the beginning. Our friends, Kevin and Carmody came to meet us at an early rising time of 7:45 to take off for the game. We had bleacher seats, and bleacher seats mean if you get there first, you get front row!



I actually like bleacher seats the best. They always have a fun atmosphere…






and I think it’s a great view of the park:







However, vegetarian fare at Wrigley is not the best.



Gotta have a ball park beer!



Ah well, when in Wrigley, right?

So around the third or fourth inning, the Cubs pulled ahead and stayed ahead to win the game!! Woohoo! I’ve never been to a Cubs game where they’ve lost 😀

We weren’t ready to pack up and call it a day after the game. We wanted to celebrate!




So we headed a couple blocks down to a bar called Sluggers to join the crowds.







Oops, I think I caught an intimate conversation. Or a drunken argument. I’ll let you interpret.

And then, headed across the street to Bar Louie to get some substance in our bellies before the trip home. They only had one option that was vegetarian, but it was a fabulous option:




Cucumber, warm pita, hummus, tebouleh, and tzatziki sauce. Not bad!

See? Two days of wine, indulgence, too much, and FUN.

So this morning I got back on track starting off with a 9 mile run. I have to admit, I did NOT want to go on this run. It was raining and not even 50 degrees out yet, and would be my first run with long sleeves this training season.

Then I thought: Race day could very well be like this, or worse. This is what your training is about, Paige.

And so I ran. The first couple of miles were rough. It was cold, I accidentally had my Garmin in “stop time” gear for 3/4 a mile, and it was sprinkling. But before I knew it, the sun was out, and I was at the half way point.

After about 6.5 miles, I took out my fuel I had packed.




Heather had mentioned in the fueling for fitness presentation at the Healthy Living Summit that she uses honey packets for some energy during long runs. What a great idea! Why hadn’t I thought of this before? I’m not sure about super long runs, but for distances 10 miles or less, honey works great! Gave me just enough energy to power through the last few miles.

Another thing I was worried about during this run was my feet. On Friday, in a moment of ill decision-making, I chose cuteness over comfort, which in return gave the backs of my heels two little love marks for their gratitude. I dug deep inside my “running" drawer” to find some Dr. Scholl’s moleskin. I’d bought this last year, but hadn’t had to use it yet. I wasn’t too sure about how well it’d work, but 9 miles later…



The bandages were still secure and my heels felt fine!


Total distance: 9 miles

Total time: 1:21:24

Average pace: 9:04

These are based on estimates and calculations since I lost about .75 miles when my Garmin was in “time stopped” mode.


Well today’s plans involve a little grocery shopping, a little blog and website maintenance, a little cleaning, and a lot of R&R.

Happy Sunday, all!!

Who’s your baseball team? I was born a Cubs fan. We Cubs fans are a rare breed, I know, but no matter what their season average is, I’ll be root, root, rooting for the Cubbies 😀


Hey Chicago, Whadya Say??

Cubs-are-gonna-win-today! And they did! It was a great game. I’m so glad Shane and I ran into last minute tickets.

Traffic was horrible on the way into the city. Construction+multiple off ramps+stupid drivers = traffic jam city. However, since it was at a stand still for a good 15 minutes, I was able to get a couple good shots of part of the skyline (Sears Tower part.)

We ended up parking about a mile away, so we got in some walking to help burn off what was consumed.

I did well on just eating what I had packed, but then Shane ordered a slice of Chicago style pizza when we got to the game, and I knew I had to have my own.

What I consumed during the game:

Plus another half of Shane’s beer. Worth it? Most definitely 😉

Hubski and I cheering on our team:

LOVE, love, love Wrigley Field.

When the game ended, we had planned on walking to Trader Joes, since I’ve never been to one before. But it was mad chaos in that direction, so instead we settled on the Whole Foods that was across the street from the lot we parked in. It was a quick stop since we wanted to get home to the Niko doggy.

The goods:

And I snacked on some of the chips on the way home (and then promptly slept half the way home:)

They were so good! A little strong in flavor, but the flavor was most definitely yummy! Great texture, too. Now I’d like to try other flavors.

Oh, I also wanted to say GREAT JOB to the Healthy Living Summit Committee. You girls did so awesome today. I wish I could have been there 😀

Did you all do anything fun today? We are planning on vegging for the rest of the night, and for that I am absolutely thrilled.

Have a great Saturday night!!