A Trip Down Memory Lane…in Print

I wasn’t sure what I was going to do for my afternoon post today since I’d be away in Chicago, and until I can find a good way to blog from my iPhone (any suggestions?), I wouldn’t be able to blog about my day so far.

Have you ever searched your own name in Google? This is what I was doing while pondering the situation above (well, searching my maiden name that is,) and I came across all of my stories that I had written for the Daily Vidette back in my last year of college. This might be lame, but I thought I’d share a food review I’d written back then on a quant little Mexican Restaurant called, “El Porton.” I hope you enjoy!

Tagueria El Porton demonstrates authenticity

Issue date: 3/7/07 Section: Features

“The term “authentic” gets thrown around rather easily when applied to ethnic foods. It almost seems that if a restaurant serves a certain type of cuisine and is a sit-down restaurant, it gets labeled “authentic.”

However, a small cozy Mexican restaurant in Bloomington defies all other definitions of authentic Mexican food.

El Porton, which is located at 901 N. Main St. in a modest building, does not attract its diners with flashy signs and swanky architecture.

It is quite clear the Bloomington-Normal residents have discovered this hidden treasure through word of mouth.

Inside the restaurant, the appearance is about the same as the outside. However, its size and décor make the experience even more authentic.

Moreover, the majority of wait-staff is Hispanic and speaks little English but enough to accommodate a customer’s needs, which yet again creates a genuine Mexican atmosphere.

Nevertheless, the wait staff is very friendly and eager to greet its diners.

The tables are decorated with tablecloths and glass over the tablecloths to protect the material.

And on top of the table are assorted hot sauces and other condiments.

When the waitress brings out the chips and salsa, the authenticity continues. The salsa is a greenish color, but tastes amazing, with just the right amount of spice to it. The chips have a different color to them, too, but are just as tasty as the salsa that compliments them. The salsa and chips are endless, as the waitress brings out more when the basket empties.

However, one might want to go easy on the appetizers, because opposing the building and décor of El Porton, the portion sizes are far from modest.

Some of the choices on the menu are hard to describe, let alone pronounce. Consequently, El Porton’s menu has a middle section showing customers what the dishes look like. So seeing and pointing is all that is required for a delectable Mexican entrée to appear.

The menu is rather large and would clearly require a person to visit several times to acquire a favorite. However, with the point and choose method, what can go wrong?

The choices range from chilenos to fajitas to enchiladas to even the well-known and well-pronounced burrito. They even offer seafood.

However, if a person is not sure which dish to try, El Porton offers combination meals, where tacos, enchiladas and chalupas can exist on one dish as one meal.

In addition, most meals come with beans and rice and more than enough fixings.

Moreover, the dishes are very appealing to the eye, since the cooks decorate the meal with the colorful fixings to add to an even more pleasant dining experience.

El Porton also serves breakfast for those who crave a Mexican dish in the morning.

El Porton modifies traditional lunch and dinner items into breakfast choices. Most of these choices include some type of egg in the burrito, enchilada, taco or any other dish.

To wash the delicious meals down, El Porton offers a wide range of beverages.

Diners can choose from the more basic drinks, such as soda, juice, and domestic or imported beer or can select two different, special Mexican beverages El Porton serves up: the horacha and tamarindo.

Diners can expect a realistically priced bill at the end of their meal. Most of the entrées do not exceed $10 and the majority are less than that.

El Porton offers carryout for those who want authentic Mexican cuisine in a hurry.

El Porton is open everyday except Wednesday. Its hours are 9 a.m. until 9 p.m.”

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