Rolling Around

Hey there!! Happy Saturday 😀

I’m one of those twenty-somethings who calls her parents every single day. My brother’s the same way, I swear, so it’s not just me. It’s most convenient to call on my way to work, during which most of the time I’ll catch them as they’re drinking coffee. But every now and then, my mom, who is retired and teaches part time, will warily reach over from lying in her bed and answer the phone.


“mom, did I wake you?”

“oh no, I’ve been rolling around for about an hour. I need to get up.”

This morning, I physically woke up a little after 6:00, but I didn’t want to be awake. So I’ve spent the past hour and a half “rolling around.” Eventually I brought in my laptop and some coffee as I was getting restless:



But I was in good company.



That’s a Niko bump.



Sorry, kiddo.

Yesterday had I told the husband I planned on waking up and cleaning the house before my run this morning, so I had Clarabelle guard the door so I could make like I was making the bed instead of rolling around in it. 😉


I love lazy mornings:)

Besides – I needed the rest from the husband and my date night last night! I’m half way kidding. We managed to fit a bar, thai food, and a volleyball game into THREE hours! haha. A new take on speed dating 😉

We’d actually planned on bowling, but then when we saw that ISU was playing at home last night, we changed plans. (and sorry ahead of time for the blurry iPhone pics)



and I wasn’t hungry for dinner yet, and everyone knows you can’t eat on an empty stomach 😉

After a drink or two, we hit up a Thai restaurant, Nana Thai before the game.


I still wasn’t starving, so I got two smaller plates – the spring rolls:



Mmm 🙂

And the papaya salad/Som Tum



This was delicious but SO spicy. Me likey 🙂

Then, finally, we hit up the volleyball game.


IMG_1403 IMG_1402

It was bittersweet. It makes me wish I was willing to give more of myself to the sport when I played in college. Shoulda woulda coulda though, right??

Well I suppose I should do a load or two of laundry 😉 Then I’m meeting a girl friend for a  run! Sad to think that I would be running the Hot Chocolate 15k right now. Instead I’ll be running a much shorter distance…in Normal instead of Chicago.

Have a great weekend, everyone!

Saturday plans?? Besides the run, I have a few errands to do and then a benefit to go to tonight!

Do you ever “roll around” in bed, bringing in coffee, a laptop, or a book in the morning?



Happy Monday  long weekend to those who live in the US:)

Even though it’s a long weekend for most, I’m heading into the gym to work today. I have a couple clients, and I told the owner I’d watch the gym.

Saturday night Shane and I had plans of grilling out and heading to the dog park. Big night😉

This weekend was also the last weekend for home games for our town’s minor league baseball team. Just so happened that while working at the gym, I met one of the players from the opposing team to offered up two free box seat tickets for Shane and I! Instant (and cheap!) Saturday night plans!




Before heading to the game, it was grill time!

Snacks for pre-dinner + cocktails:


IMG_9268 IMG_9272






I’ll miss grilling out…



We’ve grilled out countless times this summer. At least once per week – that’s more than we ever have before!



Sourdough garlic bread, okra, veg burg w/ ‘cado + green tomato + pickle!


Okra beans. They’ll be the next new superfood, just you wait! haha

Around 7, we got out the bikes to ride to the game




Pump it up!

We grabbed a beer, and then our seats.


IMG_0365 IMG_0369


It was a pretty good game!


But we left early to get ice cream before it got too dark.



Unfortunately, September = too dark too early, so we didn’t beat the night sky which left us ffffrreeezing and not being able to see much on the way home.



But the fro yo was worth it! By the way, reason #42 why I want to move away from Illinois: instead of having fun places like “self serve frozen yogurt shops” we have ice cream shops where the cashiers give you the oogly eye if you ask for one flavor on top of another. Hence, the two cups above. When I asked if I could have a small bit of raspberry on top, she just shook her head slowly and said “no.” She was a joy.


I showed her!




Worth it;)


How much did you grill out this summer? See above:D

What’s your favorite thing to grill out? I loooove making veggie packs (as evidenced on the blog) with potatoes, carrots, and onions~ yum!


Only one more day to enter my Thermos giveaway!


Have a happy Labor Day to my US readers!!!

Saucy Summer Date Night

Heya 🙂 Happy weekend 😉

Holidays, sports games, birthdays, vacations, anniversaries. Books, TV shows, dates, shopping. We all like to look forward to things, big or small. Just knowing that something exciting will happen in the future – big or small- puts an extra hop in my step.

On any given day, I like to try to have two things to look forward to – one long term and one short term.

I’ll get to the long term event in another post, but yesterday, I had a skip to my step because I knew tonight was date night! (ok, Fridays tend to make me skip as well in general.)

Typically, the husband and I will choose either Friday or Saturday to go out to eat, hit up the town, or meet out with a few friends. Sticking to one night keeps it an exciting, out of the norm activity, and also keeps our wallets happy.

After the husband got home from work and I finished cleaning the house, we headed out. First, to buy a coffee maker. I love the French Press, however, the husband hates the process of using it, so I’m always the one who makes the morning French Press coffee. Since he’s been waking up before me lately, this means he typically doesn’t get coffee until he’s running out the door, if at all. heh That said, we decided to get a grind and brew coffee maker that we can program to have coffee ready when we he wakes up.



Where was I? Oh right, date night.

After the coffee maker + beans buying excursion, we headed to one of our favorite little pizza joints in town, Firehouse Grill:


It’s a modern looking fire house-type that serves pizza with the most amazing sauce.






Getting saucy!!



Mmm. This should really be called a salad pizza, no?

With our pizzas, we each had a beer:



Sad face because I got a summer shandy, soon to be a thing of the past. (until next summer…)



After pizza, we had a wild and rambunctious night of setting up our new coffee and brewing the first cup (despite it being 9 p.m…)


We know how to par-tay par-tay 😉 haha


      This morning, I did something I haven’t done in a loooong time.



I made bacon for the husband! I’m not a fan of bacon (even cooking it or looking at it.) I know that’s probably a sin to say considering how popular bacon is right now in America. Regardless, it’s true. It just never suited my fancy. Didn’t rock my boat. Plus it leaves you smelling like bacon perfume (I’m assuming this is real) the rest of the day. But I digress. My point is, I was a good wifey and cooked bacon for my husband for the first time in years.

I had some whole wheat protein pancakes! While reading Susan’s blog the other day, I saw that she just uses her same waffle recipe for her pancakes. I tried this, realized that mine were too dry for pancakes, and added more almond milk.


Maybe a little too much?



They were a little runny and crumbly. But the PB + Greek yog + smashed banana topping made up for it 😉




Now I’m tworkin’ it at the gym, training a few clients, and doing my weekend thang. Today’s a work day, but I’m planning for tomorrow to be 90% fun day! 🙂

What are your plans for the Labor Day weekend??

Have a fantastical Saturday, guys!! 🙂


Oh, and don’t forget to enter the Thermos giveaway 🙂

Jingle Bell Flop

Hey, hey, hey! How are we on this Monday? It’s cold and drizzly here, and I haven’t yet started sipping my coffee, so I have no clue how I am yet 😉 Before I get started, I wanted to check in with my back on track month.

The positives:

  • I’ve been eating my fruits and veggies
  • I’ve been utilizing my new cookbooks
  • I’ve been keeping up with yoga
  • I’ve been keeping up with laundry

The keep working at it’s:

  • I haven’t been running outside much
  • I haven’t been taking many exercise classes (this will get better once class is done)

Next up…

Jingle Bell Run Flop

IMG_2130 This is a about as far as my race got.

Well, I take that back, I did make my pre-race peanut butter and nanner wrap before the race using this PB:

IMG_2131 IMG_2132 IMG_2134

But then a couple of my girlfriends dropped out. I began to get a big headache from the night before ( I kinda had a bad night/morning, and didn’t sleep well,) and it looked like this outside:

  IMG_2135 IMG_2136

Cold, wet, and raining. Ick.  So I did something I never imagined myself doing, and called my friend who was picking me up to see if we could drop out. She agreed with no complaints, and it was done. I pretty much wimped out of a race. My main excuse was I didn’t want to get sick. We have a cruise to go on real soon afterall. But I still felt defeated and guilty.

So instead of moping, I headed to the nice, dry, warm gym. First I ran about 3.5 miles on the treadmill, while listening to Carrie Underwood, and watching Into the Blue.


intotheblue_walker_alba_1105732973 You don’t need sound when watching this movie. Clearly.

Then I got the channel changed on me, and decided to do weights. Did my whole upper body besides my chest in weights (bi’s, tri’s, lats, back, shoulders) and then jumped on the stepmill for another 10 minutes. I was dripping, and felt almost 100% detoxified. Almost. I came home and did a 20 minute twisty yoga practice, and then I felt detoxified. Ahh…glorious.

When I got done with my workout, I walked into the kitchen to find this:



The hubski decided to make pancakes and eggs for us for lunch! He is so thoughtful 😀


IMG_2138 He makes the best scrambled eggs EVER. The pancakes were great, too.

My New Toy:

I went to Dick’s the other day with the mindset that I wanted to purchase either a new stability ball or a BOSU ball. After looking at the BOSU pricetag (yikes,) I went with the stability ball. BOSU might be a good Christmas present.

IMG_2139 Yay!! It’s so much better than my old one!


I think I got my old one at Wal-Mart years ago. The new one’s bigger and firmer, and you can just tell the quality is better 😀

Back to the Basics

Lately, Shane and I have been SO busy with our own lives, we’ve noticed we hardly spend any fun, friendly time with each other. So we came up with the idea (actually, I partially borrowed this idea from Caitlin) that at least one night a week, we’re going to have a night of fun that doesn’t involve TV, computers, or iCrack.

Since we were both free last night, we decided to start it then. On the agenda:




We always used to play Wii together, and we haven’t in a long, long time. So last night, we got a new version of our all time favorite game – Raving Rabbids. Those Rabbids are SO hilarious! We were rolling in laughs the entire time we were playing. It was a blast.

Oh, and no cooking allowed on date night (unless cooking is the date,) so we ordered Monical’s pizza:


Half veggie half quarter meat lovers.


IMG_2145My plate, times 2.

Mmmm – Monicals is my favorite. Not too greasy, and it lets the ingredients do all the taste for it – you can tell there’s not much added oil or sodium.

And dessert was the Peanut Butter Bars I made on Friday.



All in all it was the perfect way to end a weekend! 😀 Now back to the grind!

How was your weekend? Do anything fun?

Do you have a “date night” with your significant other? If you are single, do you have a “girls night” with any girlfriends throughout the week?