Booty on a Platter

Ouch! Looks like my body’s calling for another sore front today.

Yesterday between breakfast and my mid-morning client, I headed back to the new-to-me gym to try out another class: Group Power. This is a strength endurance class that utilizes a barbell and plates, a step w/ risers, dumbbells, and your own body weight. It’s similar to Body Pump, which I’ve done many a time before. However, I hadn’t done it in a LONG time. Holy slow twitch muscle fibers, I am SORE. After focusing so much on heavier weights/less reps for so long, I’ve forgotten how much a class like that can hand one its booty on a platter. In other words, it was glorious. 🙂

In fact, my limbs were shaking so much, that when I made this Vega Shake and Go protein shake:



Is it cheating if I use my Amazing Grass shaker to drink a Vega product?

…that I shook it right out of my hands, and all over the garage floor. So instead of getting the serving size suggestion of 25 grams, I estimate that I only drank about 15 grams. I just looked at my bicep and said, really bicep?! Giving out on me that easy, eh?!

I attempted to train a client after that, but it ended up being a combination of whimpering and training (ok, ok, now I’m being dramatic 😉 )

Once home, it was time for some real food!

I took the leftover baked falafel from the day before, and set it atop a salad of romaine, arugula, avocado, and a dressing of tahini + hummus + braggs amino acids seasoning sauce.

IMG_7459And a peacher!    


My next client wasn’t until prevening (too late to be afternoon and too early to be evening, for all  you non Big Bang Theory watchers) so I got a little desk work done, before having a quick snack prior to heading out again.

IMG_7489 My new fave…a TJ’s flattened banana with TJ’s raw almond butter, all wrapped up!



Perfect snack-to-go.

When I got home from my two training sessions, it was dinna time. Spicy spaghetti was on the menu, but while the water was boiling, the hubski and I sipped.


Pinot grigio has officially replaced chardonnay as my favorite summer time wine. And because I’m classy, I roll with an ice cube in my glass.


Actually this has nothing to do with class at all. It was all about trying to find the quickest way to get the wine to my lips at the right temperature. Wine chilling made easy, m’friends.

Dinner is served!


Fettuccine noodles with cayenne, olive oil, sea salt, garlic and onion powders, oregano, and red sauce – with a simple side salad.


In the sauce, I added some chopped artichokes. Delicious!

And for my Anti-Dessert, I have one single piece of 85% dark chocolate, courtesy of my bestie, Destiny.



Twork it out: Update

I still haven’t signed up for the Steamboat Classic race. I have a feeling when I do, it will only be for the 4 miler and not the 15K. For some reason, my heart just hasn’t been into training hardcore for races lately. I think I was so focused and hardcore about my half marathon, that my bod needs a change up. As I’ve mentioned in past posts, and as you’ve probably noticed, I’ve been partaking in all kinds of fitness activities lately (classes, biking, running, lifting, Insanity, etc.) I’m still running, but I’m taking a break from training plans. You might have also noticed I haven’t been mentioning Insanity much, either. Well, the husband really doesn’t have enough time for it, so we haven’t really been doing much of it. However, I’m hoping to change that up and actually follow the schedule this time around. He can join in when he can, but I’m hoping to stay on top of it:)


For those who strength train: do you typically work on endurance (more reps, less weight) or strength (more weight, less reps?) I like to switch it up, but sometimes I get in a rut and forget, case in point in this post! 😉

What’s your all time favorite pre-workout snack for a quick burst of energy?

I hope everyone has a happy humpday!

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Pure Peach and Dessert-Free Week

Hey there!

Ouuuchie! I am in pain this morning. I completely forgot how much cycling kick the booty – literally! But I got a reminder when I got up from the movie theatre seats last night and had a huge pain in the cheeks. Ouch! I commend you, hardcore cyclists, for your tolerance to pain in the lady bits.

Anyway. Yesterday was fabulous. After my outdoor extravaganza of a morning, I came back home and made lunch for the hubski and myself.

I wanted something light. All weekend long it felt like I was eating dense, carb and fat laden foods, and I needed something clean and green.


This would be a spinach, arugula, and avocado salad, topped with salsa, which was then topped with one egg yolk + two egg whites – over medium.


Delicious! However, I hadn’t fooled my stomach, and after devouring the salad, had an unpictured half Ezekiel muffin w/ jam. Ah well.

After lunch, I went to town on the cleaning front. I got out the Dyson and vacuumed the entire house. Actually, the Roomba took care of the upstairs, but that’s neither here nor there 😉

Later in the afternoon, a friend called to see if I wanted to get a pedicure. I practically leapt into her arms through the phone. It’s been a good 4 months since my last pedicure. This might not seem like a big deal, but IT IS. I get pedicures every. single. month. That’s my diva side talking, but it’s true! I felt like a brand new woman with massaged calves and hot pink toes (well, one black toe from the half marathon, with hot pink painted over it) afterward. Ahhhh 😀 We also worked on some wedding stuff for a friend.

When I got back, it was around dinner time, and since it was such a spectacular day outside, Shane suggested we grill out. Of course I said yes, because this means no cooking for me.

All I did was make the guacamole:



1 small avocado, 2 T. plain yogurt, half a lemon’s juice, hot sauce, cayenne, cumin, chili powder, and garlic salt. You can also add a chopped white onion and chopped tomatoes if your heart so desires.


Set out the chips (LOVE both of these flavors)

IMG_7408 And made the drinks! a Pure Peach Paradise drink to be exact.



Puree 5 just ripe peaches in a food processor. Transfer the puree into your blender, (or just do it all in your vitamix, you lucky people who have one!) add ice, 2 T. cane sugar (or stevia, or whatever.) Add rum. Or don’t. But we did 🙂

The hubski did the rest:


Veggie burger with pickles, ketchup, and a grilled portabella, garlic bread, and grilled veggies (broccoli, carrots, snap peas)


He kinda charred the veggies… oops.

Dessert was supposed to be this:



grilled bananas s’more.

But we were way. too. full.IMG_7410

Another day…

After dinner, I met a group of girls at the movies to see Sex And the City 2. Yes, this is the second time I’ve seen this in theatres. Gotta go once with eat set of girlfriends! Duh 🙂

This morning, I woke up bright and early to train a client, and then came back for a scrumptious old favorite:


Regular banana oats, with blueberries and Skippy Natural PB.

IMG_7417 Holler.

Busy day today! Got a few more clients, and lots o’ work to do!

Also, I’m having a dessert-free week this week if anyone wants to join me! The past few weeks, although a bit undocumented, I’ve been having some sort of junk before bed each night. Whether it be ice cream, chocolate covered banana chips, cookies, or whathaveyou, it’s been a lot, and it’s been making me feel pretty lethargic. Dessert-Free Week doesn’t mean no dessert, ever (that’s blasphemy!) It means no mindless eating of desserts just because it sounds like a cool thing to do. For me, dessert free week means just having a piece of dark chocolate after dinner. Not a whole mug of ice cream. Feel free to join me:D

Hope you have a lovely start to your week!