Woke Up this Morning Feelin’ like a Yogini

Hiii bloggy friends! How’s the weekend been so far? Mine’s been fun and eventful, but has gone by fast!

I’m currently trying to decide which Dave Farmar podcast I want to do before going to visit my dear friend, Heidi and her new baby. Pumpkin oatmeal is helping me with the decision making process:

IMG_4584 IMG_4582

Mmm..ooziness. Contained 1 c. water, 1/2 c. oats, 1 T. agave nectar, 1 T. hemp powder, 1.5 T almond butter, >1 T. pumpkin butter. Perrrfecto. And I think I’ve chosen a podcast!

So yesterday went by incredibly too fast, starting with a kick-booty workout at the gym. Boy those New Years Resolution-ers were in full effect yesterday. Makes me SO happy that so many people are turning over a new leaf, but I just hope it stays turned over past the first of February for all of ‘em!

 While twerkin’ it, I did:

  • 5 min. warm up on treadmill
  • Upper body weights – it’d take a mile to list everything, because I covered every muscle group from my deltoids to my core – took about 40 minutes
  • 20 minutes on treadmill @ 4.2 w/ 9-11 incline
  • 15 minutes on step mill – KILLER

I was good and hungry when I left, and came home to make a big as a house salad and an open-faced veggie burger sandwich.

IMG_4569 IMG_4572 

It’s the overflowing bowl o’ veggies!! ahh!!


Love, love, love putting sliced avocado on a veggie burger.


And then I was stuffed.


After lunch, I hurried and got ready to go meet my mom for a mani and pedi. Oh man oh man did I need this. I always feel SO much better/prettier after a manicure or pedicure, and both together is like WOW. That took about three hours (they really take their time on you here!) Three hours of pure bliss 😀

I had to rush back home to get ready for a dinner party for one of the techy’s friends.


We ended up going to Alexander’s Steakhouse. Yeah. I had the salad bar, haha. It wasn’t the greatest of salad bars, but I made with do :)  However, the boys got their humungo steaks, and which they superbly enjoyed. And I didn’t mind, but I was kinda still hungry when we left…

When we did leave, we headed over to a comedy club, Bloomington’s finest, to join about 23 other show-go-ers in watching the act for the night. Seriously it was pathetic LOL. Even the comedian remarked several times about how a new low was performing at a 10:00 performance in front of 29 people. Where does he think he is, Chicago?! 😉 Alas, he was a riot and had us in tears the entire time! Twas a good evening indeed.


Well now that I’ve finished this post, I’ve had quite a few interruptions, phone calls, so I may be finding my inner yogini later on today. With that said, the rest of the day looks a little somethin’ like this:

  • Visit friend and baby Sophie
  • Visit another friend w/ the husband to pick up a late Christmas gifty
  • Elliptical, YOGA
  • Clean the floors

Sounds like a nice little Sunday to me!

Have a wonderful end to your weekend, everyone!