Fish Food Beans For Dinner

My, my, what a marathon of a Monday yesterday was! It was one of those days that seemed daunting in the days before, and then at the very end you’re left thinking, “wow, I made it through!” You know?

Not that it was a bad day – there was just a lot packed in. I was at the gym working from 11 until about 7, then I trained a new client out of her house from 7:30-8:30, and then had a volleyball game from 9-10:30! Go go go!

The volleyball game was a blast – and we won all three games!! I left a happy, sweaty mess. Much happier than after last week’s loss 😀

I did manage to somehow sneak in dinner in between my obligations:


Squash + black beans + feta = best combination ever.


Or so I thought they were black beans when I bought them…


When I opened the can, I noticed I actually got black soy beans! No wonder they were on sale…

I wasn’t too happy about that, since I’d already had soy at lunch, but this is what made me less happy:


FISH FOOD!! I had a bad seaweed experience last year (it tastes like fish food flakes!!) so I was extremely leery.

I enjoyed the squash ‘n beans with some Brussels Sprouts seasoned with TJ’s Every Day Seasoning:



But fortunately, they tasted like regular ol’ black beans!

Around 11:00, after playing volleyball and showering, I was hungry again. Playing vball works up an appetite!


Whole wheat bagel thins I loaded up with some homemade pumpkin cream cheese (3 parts cream cheese to 1 part pumpkin, 1 T pumpkin pie spice, 3 T. Maple Syrup – whipped up) and called it good.

I got these bagel thins at the store the other day as an impulse buy. And they sounded perfect for a nighttime snack since they weren’t too heavy!


Have you jumped on the “thins” bread train? I’m not one to be afraid of carbs, but sometimes you just don’t need all that bread! And bread with wholes in it is just more fun 😉

Well, actually, I sat and ate almost half the bag of these before calling it good…


…but that’s neither here nor there 😉


My day’s wide open today, but I have so much to do! I think I’ll start it off with a little yoga 🙂 I might try to run a little later today, too.

Are you working this week up until Thanksgiving?


And Now Peanut Butter Disgusts Me

Morning! Happy Thursday 😀 Can’t believe how fast the week has flown buy. I know I always say that, but I guess it’s always supah fast when things get busy. ahem.

Last night after training I client, I decided to try out running a four mile run. If my body wasn’t up to it, I’d stop. I’ve been going light on exercise this week just to give my body a bit of a break. However, I got through the four miles and called it done. I was at about a 9:15 pace – so an easy pace for my training, and it was just the heart pumping cardio I needed.

Once I left, it was already getting a bit late for dinner. So I flew in the door, begun slamming around pots, pans, knives, and ingredients and wound up with this:



This would be (never)homemaker’s peanut sauce over some brown rice and grilled, chopped portabello mushrooms:



it was ok. The sauce was just a little too much. Too … sweet? salty? flavory? I’m not sure what was off about it.

tofu marinated in EVOO, tamari, maple syrup, and apple cider vinegar:


tasty, as always

And sweet potato fries that I sweetened up with a marinade of honey, EVOO, water, and salt.


too. much. sweet.

These dishes were good, but not good all together, ya know?

Since tomorrow at the BIC we are celebrating November birthdays for the month, it’s encouraged that everyone bring in a dish to help the celebration.

So, i finally made Mama Pea’s dough balls.



And sampled the obligatory piece of dough or two before popping them in the oven.



Then it happened.

It came on all the sudden, like a bad cold.

I think I OD’d on peanut butter.

Even now, the thought of it repulses me. I know, I know. Blasphemy! What will this morning’s breakfast consist of?! I sure don’t know!!

What’s your favorite breakfast that doesn’t contain any nut butter?

It’s going to be a busy one at the BIC today. Deadlines! Deadlines! However, tonight is Power Yoga and then dinner with the girls! 😀

Consoling Enchiladas and Rest ‘Weeks’

Another sad moment for this statistics queen, my volleyball team received its first big “L” of the season last night.



We had a disadvantage of only playing with 5 players, but the other team was down right GOOD. I may or may not have left with the imprint of a volleyball on my chest. Erm, yeah…

It’s OK though – I drowned my sorrows in some enchiladas!!



I swear they’re not eggs. I just went a little overboard with the cheddar jack 😉

I based it on this recipe, but made two different batches. I switched it up big time though. I also made them vegetarian – and used just mushrooms, garlic, tomatoes, and cauliflower as the vegetable base. Then at the very end, I added black beans and lentils to the mixture.



Must. Use. This. Mixture again. If you guys are interested, I can post what I did and used exactly, because I switched it up pretty big time from the recipe.

On the sizzide:



I love refried beans, but whenever I make them from a can, they remind me WAY too much of Clarabelle’s wet food. Then I automatically think they taste bad too :-/



I topped my salad with ‘em anyway, along with some salsa. 🙂

It’s been quite a while since we’ve had an enchilada night! They’re so easy to make and great to prepare in advance, too. For example, today I had a client around 4:00, so I made the innards and stuffed the tortillas, “made their beds,” and packed ‘em away in the fridge. Then Shane just stuck them in the oven about 20 minutes before he knew I’d get home at 375 degrees. 


Wa. La.

It’s been a bit of a sweet tooth round these parts lately with all the baking and birthday goodies, so no dessert for me afterward. I’m going to attempt to go light on the sugar this week. We’ll see how that turns out 😉

Time to go get ready for that place called work! I skipped my workout today because I figured my body needs a rest – even though I took a day off a couple days ago. I’ve actually been planning to have a week that consists of more rest days than workout days soon. In my opinion, ever now and then (maybe once every three months) the body needs a rest week – not just a rest day – for various reasons. Anyone else out there follow this notion?

Oops…I “Forgot”

G’morning guys! 🙂 How we doin?

It feels like old times over here. I just got back from the gym where I did an awesome cardio and iron pumping workout! I’m finally beginning to ramp up my strength training again and it feels great. I have a feeling that if I didn’t let it slip so much as my mileage increased that I wouldn’t have the injuries I do now 😉 It’s easy sometimes to get ahead of ourselves and “forget” what’s good for us, am I right?

Anyway, today at the gym I worked legs, shoulders and abs with the following super sets:

  • Squat w/ olympic bar – 3×12
  • Arnold press – 3×12 – 10 lb dumbbells

  • step ups w/ 15 lb dumbbells – 3×12
  • hanging leg raises – body weight – 3×12

  • walking lunges w/ 15 lb dumbbells – 3×12
  • external shoulder rotation – 10 lbs – 3×12 each arm

  • single leg deadlifts w/ 35 lb kettlebell – 3×12 each leg
  • saxxon side bends – 5 lb dumbbells – 3×12



Another thing I’ve “forgotten” about? How amazing acorn squash is!!

Before leaving to train a client, I slow roasted a HUGE acorn squash at 275 degrees. That way, when I came home an hour and a half later, all I had to do was crank up the heat to 400, stick some veggies in the oven for my meal!

 IMG_0054  IMG_0056

A BIG bowl of kale and brussels sprouts. I promise there’s brussels under there 😉

I filled the acorn squash up with pumpkin butter tofu (cubed tofu marinated in coconut oil and pumpkin butter – got the idea from Averie) to round out the meal.


It was stupendous! However, I still think my tried and true maple black beans stuffing takes the cake gord.


Keeping up with the old times feelings, I had another memory inducing meal for breakfast:

Another old-time-feeling is looming…the end of daylight savings time! It’s happening this Sunday!! 😦 I’ve been savoring every droplet of light before dusk that I can.


Love that extra hour of sleep, but getting dark out at 5:00 p.m. is no bueno.

I have to get to work early this morning for a unit meeting – off I go! But when I “come back,” since so many of you said you never wash your makeup brushes, I’m going to post the quick and cheap way I wash mine – it takes 5 minutes and is NOTHING fancy!

Have a great Thursday!

What do you prefer – falling back or springing ahead? I’m TOTALLY all for springing ahead!

The Quarter-Mile Long-Run

Hi guuuys 🙂 Have a good Halloween? I sure did! It was quite the relaxing, yet productive day. After getting everything done for the day, Shane and I kicked off the holiday season (which starts on October 31st, didn’tchaknow?) with a bottle of spiced [spiked] cider and some Wii! For some reason, the Wii goes untouched until November hits, and then we’re all about it 🙂 I guess it’s our way staying sane during winter hibernation 😉

Speaking of the changing seasons, did you know that next weekend Day Light Savings Time ends? (I hear all you foodie photographers crying! 😦 ) Taking advantage of the last weekend with an extra hour of light, I did the ultimate act of summer – and grilled out! Or I should say the husband did the grilling.



I made Angela’s chickpea bites to go alongside brussels, broccoli, and fries I baked all in the oven.






Everything was delicious, but I really overcooked those chickpea bites. They were crispy all right. And crumbly. And dry 😦 The taste was spot on, but trust when Angela says to only leave them in for 35 minutes. Don’t accidentally leave them in for 50 minutes. Just sayin’…


Now, on a much more serious note, I have to tell you guys something. I did something yesterday I’ve never done before. I skipped my long run. But not just any long run – the last long run before THE race.

OK. Skipped might be the wrong word. Because I was there. I gave it an attempt.

Let me back up.

Saturday night after I cleaned the entire kitchen, I told the husband I wasn’t cooking because I didn’t want to dirty it up again (hello!) so we drove on over to Q’doba.



As soon as I stepped out of the car, I knew something wasn’t right. I walked it off until we were standing in line, where I turned to say, “Shane, my heel is really in pain right now. It hurts to stand here.” I almost shed a tear in line in fear of what was coming.




Maybe it’s just a spur, I thought as I ate. It won’t get in the way of my running. I’ll just start out on the treadmill tomorrow before taking it outside.

Low and behold, yesterday morning as I stepped onto the treadmill and started to run, I had to stop at .25 miles and was nearly in tears out of frustration and pain. What?! A week before the race? I stepped off the treadmill, called my mom to gain a little sympathy (thanks for dishing it out, mom!) and retreated to the bike and the weights room.

So what does that mean for running? I’m not sure. I’m sure I’ll attempt to run a short run around the neighborhood to see how it feels. Or perhaps I should rest it in anticipation of this Saturday’s race? Will this Saturday’s race even happen?

I’ll be sure to let you know when I know 😉

Have a great Monday everyone! I hope it’s a good one for you!!

How do you stay sane during winter hibernation??



I’ve updated this week’s seasonal recipes in the “seasonal recipes” tab! I found some good recipes this week! Like Allie’s 2 Minute Pumpkin Pie, Averie’s Pumpkin Honey Tofu, and much more! And be sure to let me know if I missed any good ones from your blog or another blog you saw this week so I can include it, too 😀

The Last Supper

Happy Friday! Weee!! Usually the weeks pass by at the speed of light for me, but for some reason this one seemed to take its time. That’s really OK by me though. It’s passing by too fast! 🙂

Yesterday when I got home for the day, I was reminded that there are more things that are guaranteed in life besides death and taxes.

For example, Illinoisans are guaranteed construction, corn…and giant breaded tenderloin…


And then they’re also guaranteed the day the thermostat switches from “off” to “heat.”


Yesterday was that day, my friends. Twas a sad day.

Have you had to turn on your heat yet? Or have you already had it turned on for a while now?

After shaking my fist in defiance, I retreated to the kitchen, stewing about what would make the-day-we-turned-on-the-heat a little better…


And by stewing, I mean I opened a pumpkin beer for Shane and I to try.


Favorite pumpkin beer alert!!! This one is from Trader Joe’s, and sadly, I only had this one in my fridge. My friend Destiny sent it home with me to try out. Winner winner! Although the husband said it was too pumpkiny and spicey. I say BLASPHEMY!

Thankfully, a coworker saved the day by bringing in the most delicious smelling organic green peppers into the office.


These pepper taunted me the whole day. Each time I’d turn around, I smell the fresh, spicy green pepper smell 🙂 I simply had to put these to use in the kitchen last night.

The Last Summer Supper


Stuffed peppers, no matter what’s in them, turn out great, don’t you think?! They’re pretty much the easiest recipe or un recipe ever! For these, I just cooked some brown rice, and then added in taco seasoning to the rice during the last 5 minutes. After hollowing and boiling the pepper, I stuffed it with the seasoned rice, some black beans, a chopped tomato, and salsa and popped ‘em in the oven! During the last 5 minutes of baking, I topped the peppers off with the spiciest cheese ever and called it good.


But it was more than good!


Stuffed peppers must be eaten in a bowl, too. Because once you cut open the first little pepper door, there’s no stopping the delicious mess that’s going to spill out.


And with that, summer, I bid you farewell.

Bring on the pumpkin scented candles, scarves, boots and hoodies!


Today’s mission: find a Halloween costume! We are so behind!! What are you all being for Halloween??

Have a great Friday, guys!!

Simple Standout Spaghetti

Afternoon! How’s your Wednesday going so far? Making it through the hump?

Can’t complain here. I’ve had a pretty uneventful morning so far – no complaints though because the rest of the day will be busy busy busy! I’m taking a class for work, training a client, and then making up that morning-run-that-was-worth-skipping this afternoon!

So last night I took on a last minute client, and thus got home a little later than anticipated. I still wanted to cook dinner, but I didn’t want it to involve anything to labor and time intensive.



It doesn’t get much simpler than spaghetti and "meat" sauce! Or in this case, brown rice fettucine noodles and ‘meat’ sauce 😉

While the noodles were boiling, I started browning the his and hers meat. The husband got organic lean beef, and I got some organic tempeh!

And while the meat was browning, the husband and I had some apps and wine:


Spiciest cheese evveerrrrr. I love the abuse!




Purple Moon!

Trader Joe, thank you for making this bottle of $3.99 shiraz taste like a $25 bottle of shiraz.



OK back to the meat.




I used to love meat sauce, and tempeh, when crumbled gives the sauce a little chew while adding an outstanding amount of protein at the same time 🙂

Instead of garlic toast, which is what we normally eat with spaghetti, we had garlic naan from Trader Joe’s. This naan is the guest star (ok fine – it’s a show stealer!) in many dinners this week because the last time we had a batch, we found out the hard way that it goes bad easily.



Not this time!! 😉


Alongside was a simple salad with Italian dressing which was a combination of olive oil, red wine vinegar, oregano, s+p, and a bit of mustard. Perfecto!


This dinner was *almost* worth missing Glee. But now I have it to look forward to watching tomorrow 😀 Was it a good one? Anyone see it?

Spaghetti makes a great leftover for lunch the next day, too. I like it a top a bed of fresh spinach:


Mmmmm:)             IMG_9848  


Well I’m outta here! Have a fantastic Wednesday, ladies and gents!

What’s your must-have side when eating spaghetti? Garlic bread and salad are must-haves in this household!

Back 2 Basics strength training session comin’ soon – I promise! 🙂 Also need to get on this week’s seasonal recipes!