From Where You Are to Where You Want to Be

Hi guys! Work today was pretty uneventful, which was actually fine with me today. I did have a couple yummy and new (to me) good eats though!

My first honey crisp apple of the season! Mmm I had forgotten how mouth-watering these puppies are!

Has anyone tried Siggi’s brand yogurt? It’s from Iceland and is lightly sweetened with Agave nectar and real fruit. It also has live cultures in the ingredients. It was so good! It was the perfect amount of sweet – which is just barely


At the company I work, we get a weekly email from a tip from Dr. Zimmerman. I’ve posted on Dr. Zimmerman before on the blog, and sometimes he has some very profound writings. Today’s tip really hit home for me.

As some of you may have seen from my Tweets lately, I’ve been trying to decide what to do with my life, to put it vaguely. My current occupation is as a Project Planner, and while I’m satisfied in this position, it really isn’t my passion. Not to say that I’m not thankful for my job or my company, as I’ve worked my way up here, but I want more.

More specifically, I want to work in the field of nutrition. I’m not 100% sure where or exactly what I want to do with it, but I know that’s a field I am passionate about. I’m basically trying to decide whether I want to just get certified or whether I want a full out degree in dietetics. Obviously getting certified would be easier to do, especially with a full time job, but getting a degree would open more opportunities for me (most likely.) Anyway, I was tweeting about which one I should do, when I read the Dr. Zimmerman email. It opened with this quote:

“Too many of us are waiting for someone to come along and tell us what to do next.”

And then this phrase:

“He slept beneath the moon,
he baked beneath the sun.
He lived a life of going-to-do;
and died with nothing done.”

It hit home. I do this a lot. I always ask people’s opinions, and most of the time, I take them to heart, but I end up just staying where I’m comfortable for probably too long.

Dr. Zimmerman went on to say how having initiative is one of the critical keys in getting what you want in life.

He lists the following as ways to fuel your initiative:
1. Let Go of Your Past – Love this. I think it’s important that we don’t let what has happened to you in the past be an anchor. Move forward with who you are now!

2. Stay Open to New Ideas

3. Keep On Reading –research, news, books, everything!
4. Do More Than is Expected- I love this one. It’s a great feeling to look haters in the face and say, “Look at me now.”

Is there something you’re mulling over right now in life? What initiatives do you need to take to get you from where you are to where you want to be?

©Dr. Alan R. Zimmerman, 20550 Lake Ridge Drive, Prior Lake, MN 55372. Reprinted with permission from Dr. Zimmerman’s “Tuesday Tip,” a weekly Internet newsletter. For your own personal subscription click here.


De-stressing in a Stressful World

It seems like the word “stress” is being used a lot in the blogging community lately. Whether it’s a tight work deadline, family or personal issues, or just having way too much on your plate, stress affects everyone.

I read Dr. Alan Zimmerman’s Tuesday Tips every Tuesday morning, and today he touched on some wonderful ways to de-stress when you live in a stressful world. Some of them really hit home for me, so I wanted to share them with you! After all, having too much stress in our lives doesn’t help us achieve that healthy balance we’re all striving to attain.

He talked about 50 ways to distress in his Tuesday Tip, which you can read more about his tips here, but I just wanted to focus on the ones that struck a chord with me and that I thought were most applicable to achieving balance in life. He focuses on several different aspects: your environment, body, happiness, actions/words, relationships, and spirit.

“Dr. Zimmerman’s…Ways to Get Unstressed in a Stressed-Out World”

• “Surround yourself with what you LOVE … whether it’s pets, plants, music, hobbies, or keepsakes. Make your home your refuge.”

• “Slow down. You’re never going to get it all done anyway.” – No one’s perfect, so we shouldn’t set the unnatainable goal of being perfect.

• “Spread big changes and difficult projects over time. Don’t lump all the hard things together.”

• “Cherish your health. If it is good, preserve it. If it is unstable, improve it. If it is beyond what you can improve, get help.”

• “Laugh. And then laugh some more — even if you have to fake it til you make it.”
• “Don’t take guilt trips. Take a trip to the mall, even to the next county or a foreign country … but not to Guilt City.”
• “Keep your words soft and sweet, just in case you have to eat them.” – this one was my favorite! So cute, yet so clever.
• “Be kind to unkind people. They probably need it the most. And if you can’t be kind, at least have the decency to be vague.”
• “Keep only cheerful friends. The grouches pull you down.” – Negative energy really is contageous, as is postive energy!
• “Write down every great thought that comes to you. Chances are you won’t remember them, and it may take you another 20 years to learn the lesson you just lost.” – I definitely need to work on this one!
• Write down one thing you’re grateful for. And then add one more thing to your list each and every day.


Circle three tips that you will focus on this week, and then consciously follow those tips for the next seven days. Let them become a habit in your life.

permission from Dr. Zimmerman’s “Tuesday Tip,” a weekly Internet newsletter. For your own personal subscription click here.
I hope this helps you see things in a different light like it did me!
What else do you do to de-stress in today’s stressed out world?