Long Run State of Mind

Hi there!! Happy Easter😀

Sorry I’ve been MIA the past few days. I’ve been trying to cram everything I can into this 48 hour weekend.

I’m currently mentally preparing myself for another 10 mile (perhaps 11) run. It’s Easter, and I have family stuff to do along with other weekend stuff to do later, so right now I’m pretty much forcing myself to be in the “long run state of mind.” I find that there’s a specific mindset required when I run longer distances. It’s almost like I need to say to myself, “OK Paige, you’re going to be running for a long time. Get over it and just enjoy it.” Know what I mean?

I physically prepared myself with a nice satiating breakfast of an Ezekiel sprouted muffin w/ Earth Balance and organic strawberry jam on one half and Naturally Nutty Vanilla Almond Butter on the other:


And a banana thrown in the mix, just because I find eating one helpful before a long run.


This weekend was a mix of many different states of mind. Along with cleaning, laundry, and training clients, fun was had, good food was eaten, and awesome workouts happened!

Friday after work I just did NOT feel like cooking anything. I tried getting in the mindset to cook and even debated just having a bowl of cereal for dinner. But then I remembered my new favorite vegan holy grail…the Coffeehouse!


I drove a couple miles and picked up a falafel wrap to go.


I could eat this beauty with anything on my mind. I also picked up some dinner for Shane. It’s funny…the Coffeehouse is attached to a deli sandwich shop! Naturally, I got Shane a meatball sub on a whole wheat hogey. He loved it!

And to answer everyone’s question about goat’s milk ice cream…


It’s pretty marvelous if you ask me.


Atop of a small piece of birthday cake, it was tangy, creamy, sweet, and satisfying. Will be buying this again for sure.

Saturday was a busy one for a weekend day. After waking up, I had to get in my productive state of mind, and  the husband and I got in about a 45 minute strength training session focusing on the “push muscles” (chest, triceps, shoulders, quads, calves.) Then I finished it out with 30 minutes on the elliptical at a moderate-intensity.

Post workout fuelage:


After working myself out, I had a few clients to train, including one new one:D

Sipped on a green monster when I got back home:


And one of these bad boys I picked up at Fresh Market:



Crunchy on the outside:

Soft, coconutty goodness on the inside:


The day went by in a flash, and with floors still unwashed, Shane and I decided life’s too short to spend the 30 minutes left of free time mopping floors and played Hit the Deck! instead.


There may have been a bloodymary involved;)


Then we were off to my girl Heidi’s house to meet up with some other friends before going to dinner:


We all went to Distihl, a microbrewery and restaurant here in town:


I got one beer, and it just might be the best beer I’ve ever tasted in my life:



And one beer was all I needed after the bloody mary to be in a different state of mind 😉 This is the Hawaii Five Ale. It’s their Normal Lager (named after the town, Normal) but it’s fermented with five different Hawaiian fruits. Simply amazing. And totally trumped Shane’s dark beer behind mine.

For dinner I ordered the portabella sandwich and chips:



Sorry about the dark picture. I played incognito blogger last night;)

We sat around and chatted until we got “the eye” from the staff, and then parted separate ways. Shane and I watched some Big Bang Theory and called it a night.

Today I woke up in somewhat of a crabby mood (which happens from time to time on Sundays) until I went into the kitchen and found this!


The hubski made an Easter basket for me!! How sweet. I instantly felt bad because I hadn’t even thought to get him a card…                    


He also hid confetti eggs throughout the main floor, and we had ourselves a little Easter egg hunt. Hehehe. We’re 12, and that’s just fine 😀

Well I’m off to go prepare for the 10/11 miler! Have a wonderful Easter (if you celebrate) guys!