Trumping for Charity


The weekend is once again coming to an end. Right before I started writing this post, I was thinking back to Friday afternoon before I left work. I said, “at least it’s Friday!!” to a co-worker when he said he was feeling kind of grumpy. And you know what he replied to me? “Yeah…two days closer to Monday.” At the time it made me frown upon his pessimism, but right about now, I’m starting to agree with him! haha – I kid, I kid 🙂

Seemed like this weekend went by in a fury, though! That tends to happen when they’re full of plans:) At least our Friday night plans got cancelled and we got to stay in and be lame relax 😀

Saturday after my lovely six miler I ran at the gym, I stopped by the local healthy food joint (Naturally Yours) and the big corporation taking over food joint (Wal-Mart) for the groceries for the week. Was stoked to see that Kombucha was still 2 for 5 at Natty Yours!



When I got home, I was about to chew my arm off from hunger, but decided on this instead:




A baked sweet potato and some lentils?? Well…kind of, but in wrap form!



I sautéed the lentils in maple syrup, tamari, and rice vinegar before smashing everything in a Flat Out wrap.

After wolfing my lunch down, I scrambled into the shower as the hubski was telling me we were going to be late for the euchre tourney we were in that day.

Got there to see there was tons of food and drinks to be served up!




I eventually had both, but stuck to my Kombucha until about the fourth game before popping open a brewski. I learned my lesson from starting too early during the last tournament 😉 Plus, apparently I had to be sober to serve up my mad skills, because I ended up getting third place! Not the big winner like last time, but ah well. Besides, this time, half the proceeds went to Big Brothers Big Sisters, a charity that I used to be a part of, and about which I’m very passionate.

Shane and I ended up staying and hanging out after the tournament ended. While the Euchre tournament started at 1:00, we didn’t end up leaving until almost 11:00! We were having too much fun playing drinking jenga:



And Rock band:IMG_1087      IMG_1085 



Love Rock Band 🙂

Anyway, we finally made it home and instantly crashed.


I woke up this morning having good intentions of making it a super productive day, but some things happened, and I didn’t get out of the house and to the gym until 11:00 (about 2.5 hrs later than I usually do.) I had a scheduled 3 mile recovery run, and I also did a quick run through of a training plan for a new client I’m meeting with tomorrow, and got out of there in a little over an hour.

Lunch was an exact replica on Saturday’s lunch, just not in wrap form, but equally delicious. It was also eaten in a fury, because I had plans of driving into my hometown today to visit family and friends. Unfortunately, I only got a little less than halfway before I decided the snow/ice/rain mixture wasn’t worth the risk of driving on the highway and turned around. That’s all right though – I had plenty to fill my day!!

So instead, I came home and worked on some paper work, got some training forms created, and procrastinated on Twitter, Facebook, and reading your blogs 🙂

Snacks a long the way:



Juicy Bartlett pear with cinnamon


crack in a container



Kashi and granola w/ coconut milk

Plus some pictured kale chips. It’s no2 7:00 p.m., and my appetite has yet to make another appearance, so those snacks just may have melded over into dinner territory.

Kitty Clarabelle joined me in feeding her face:



(We have to put her bowl on a chair when it’s time to eat, otherwise Niko steals it. She loves cat food!)

While Niko Kept up with the Kardashians.



(Second cushion to the left)

And the hubski worked on scripting and coding on his work laptop in the basement. I think in the past three days he’s put in 35 hours. Yikeesss.

Speaking of Shane, he just called up to me to see if I was ready to watch some 24 and I think I just may be. My brain needs a break. Feels like it’s friieeed. Ever have those days where something else is in the back of your mind, nagging at you, thus not allowing you to fully concentrate on anything else? *Raises hand* It’s one of those days.

Don’t forget to enter my THRIVE Fitness book and Banana Keeper giveaway! It ends tomorrow night!

What charities do you volunteer at or have volunteered/donated to in the past? If you don’t currently, what charities might you consider helping out in the future? I volunteered as a “big” for BBBS for a few years until it got to be too time-consuming, and unfortunately, I had to bow out. It was a tough decision, but the right one for me. Now I just volunteer/donate to the local humane society consistently, and inconsistently for other random charities throughout the year (St. Jude, BBBS, Haiti, etc)


Sushi Place, Euchre Face

Hi guys!

Having an awesome Sunday so far? I sure hope so 🙂

Yesterday morning I met my friend, Missy, at her gym for a 4.5 mile run and some legs. I was pretty happy I was easily able to finish the run, because I haven’t really been doing many runs over 3.5 miles lately. However, my training schedule for the half marathon starts calling for long runs every Saturday, so I better get used to that again 🙂

Around 11:00, I met another friend out for coffee, chit chat, and a little shopping, per our usual weekend tradition. I got there a little early, so I munched on half of a vegan oatmeal raisin cookie:


Which was consumed in its entirety by the day’s end. Yum!

Got home, cleaned, and just piddled around the house until it was time for some lunch 😀



Just a simple lunch of TJ’s Organic tomato soup and some kale chips


Mmm crunchy goodness.

Did a wee bit of laundry, and then when the hubski announced it was happy hour time, I certainly didn’t oblige.




It’s 5 o’clock somewhere, baby! Ok…maybe it was 5 o’clock here 😉

We had plans to go out to eat and play some euchre with another couple tonight, so when they got to our house, we all went out to Hyashi – a Japanese/sushi restaurant here in town.


I started out with some Plum wine, while everyone else ordered Japanese beer.


IMG_1591 Both were spectacular 😀

And for dinner, I got…



Seaweed salad!… which was all right..


Miso soup, which was bomb, and a mushroom vegetable roll, which was also bomb!

Also had a second glass of plum while I watched the chef grill it up for the men at the table:IMG_1594



Bunk volcano..which apparently turns into a choo choo train when it moves? Choo choo!!

They also served us each a complimentary dessert of coffee ice cream, which was delicious!

It was around 9 or so when we got back to the crib, so we got out euchre faces on. The girls let the boys win (poor boy egos ;)) and it was tons of fun! Another couple ended up coming over to join in the fun, too. We stayed up past 2:00, so I needed another meal. Clearly.

I destroyed this new-that-day salsa and some organic blue chips.




Best salsa EVER, by the way 🙂

So glad I only had one drink when we got back to the house, though. I knew I didn’t want to be hungover today, so I sipped on water the rest of the night. Good call!

Kim and Jason stayed the night, and after some reminiscing and chattin’ it up, it was time for some breakfast! My stomach was a-growlin’ and I knew just what to give it:



Oats and coffee! If there ever were a perfect pair…


The ushe – banana blueberry flax oats.

Now I’m on my second cup of coffee since the husband didn’t want any, and am about to go hit up the gym. Arms today! Then hopefully convincing the husband or some friends to go see Avatar. I still haven’t seen it and really just want to know what it’s all about.

If you stay up later than usual, do you typically feel the need to have a big snack or 4th meal? (whether accompanied by drinking or not;)) If I’ve been drinking, I’ll typically have a junky food (aka chips and salsa) before I go to bed, but if there’s no drinking involved, that fourth meal tends to be in the form of  a dessert 🙂

Have you seen Avatar? What’dya think?

Turkey Dinner and Two-Handed Euchre

Booo that the long weekend is over, but yay that it’s already Tuesday, right? Can’t kick with that! I hope all of your weekends were wonderful – long or not. Last night, the laziness continued, and it was the perfect way to end the Labor Day weekend. Hey it’s Labor Day – a day off from labor, right? Well, I did get some laundry done, and I got in two workout sessions, but apart from that, it was lazy town.

I did meander around to cooking dinner at some point. I made a turkey dinner in the slow cooker.

Mmm..I just cooked a turkey for about 8 hours atop of some shredded carrots and orange bell peppers, and then added some long grain rice, oregano, and an abundance of cheese. So good!

To compliment the dish, was a side of Dakota bread and a glass of the Pinot Gris I bought over the weekend.


Since the hubski and I were all TV, movie, and show-ed out, we decided to play some cards after dinner.

We played what we always play when it’s just us two – Two-Handed Eurchre. This game is SUCH a fun game.

(I spy a Niko under the table)

Shane kicked my butt. I have a feeling you’ll be hearing more about this game. It seems like we get on kicks with it, and play it into the ground, and then give it a break for a few months! haha We usually drink bloody mary’s while playing (and Shane carried on the tradition,) but since I was already drinking wine with my dinner, I didn’t think a bloody mary sounded too great, post-wine.

Now I sip on my coffee and my Green Monster as I’m almost ready for work. My GM was kinda blech today. All I did was throw in 2 c. spinach, 1 c. organic skim, 1/2 frozen banana:

It was a little frothy, and lacked much taste. I think I’ll need to go with the plethora of ingredients I usually add from now on.

Question: What’s your favorite card game? Can you play with just two people?